When i grow up,,,,,,,?

When i was growing up, i always admired the “old west” The cowboy hats, boots, spurs, the old town saloons, gun fights! And i always admired Billy the Kid. For the one known fact, that he was a leader. Ya, know, the guy everyone always wanted to be around. Great charisma and actually fairly intelligent. From the very first time i seen a Billy the kid movie, i knew thats what i wanted to be when i grew up. Not necessarily the killer cowboy, but the leader.

As i laid there in the middle of that ice covered road that night these are some of the things that flash before my eyes. “Well it doesn’t look like im gonna be any kind of leader, much less a cowboy” i thought to myself. All i wanted to do was be successful in life and i turned out to be just another drunk on the side of the road. Not very appealing to say the least, and this is what i thought my life was to be.

Boy was i wrong(for i’m sitting here 7 years later telling my story, and all the praise goes to my Lord Jesus Christ). God heard me when i cried out for help by simply increasing my body temperature just enough so i could stand. I adjusted my eyes and there before me was the most majestic of  a place! Lights lit up the night sky like the forth of July!!! It was a “HOTEL!” i screamed out of  desperation.

Now i know youre sitting there reading this and think ” Why in the world is this guy getting excited about a hotel?” And i can understand why one would think this, i know i would be! But, remember in my last blog(now this is the point were you go and read my last blog), were i said i was drunk, freezing, been kicked out of my apartment, broke back into my apartment, almost got arrested, and at this point had a full body ache from hitting the icy road? So yes i was extremely happy to see that good ole hotel.

Over a series of events over the next year, i found a new place to live, got kicked out again, went to jail 5 times in the matter of a month, and lost a job. The last time i was in the county hotel was my birthday weekend , November 20th 2004-November 24th 2004. And that was a great weekend!!!!! Now, for all of you who are interested in finding out how this could be such a great weekend,, well ,, ,,,, you’ll have to check next time!


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