Two Woman’s Love,,

They say “behind every good man, is a better woman.” Now I’m not married, and relationships with women have all been a bust. Every relationship i was ever in always ended up the same; “it’s not you, its me”. Which is woman’s way of saying you’re a looser, in my opinion. And who could blame them!! I was nothing but a bar fly looking for the next fix, and the next girl to show that im their prince charming while falling off the bar stool.

However, God has blessed me with two woman who have stood by my side through it all. My mother and my sister. Two woman i know for a fact are Godly woman because they need his strength to put up with me all these years! My mother has a kind spirit, one of those woman you can sit and have coffee with all day long. And my sister, she’s the rock. Solid, patient, prudent, kind, basically everything i want to be when I grow up.

So, the day came when my mom came and bailed me out, for the last time. They called my name through the intercom system, and my heart skipped a beat! I was free!! I gathered my stuff (when you’re in the county jail they give you a bag. it consists of: 1 spoon, 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 mat to put on the steel bed, 1 sheet, and a jail handbook. And all these items have to be turned in when you get out or you have to pay a fine, or something like that.) and i headed to the door.

When you get out of jail you go through processing and man they couldn’t process fast enough! I’m escorted by the guard down the hall to the lobby and their she was. The most wonderful, beautiful woman in the world, my mom! She had that look in her eye that every mother gives her son. That look that says “boy you better straighten up, cause I’m getting tired of bailing you out!” I ran to her and we hugged. She grabbed a hold of me not wanting to let me go, and whispered in my ear “Scott, i love you, let’s go home”, and for the hundredth time in 3 days, i broke down crying. This time it was of joy that my mother still loved me, when i thought she had all but given up on me.

It was a cold morning when I was released, and when we stepped outside i just was overwhelmed with the feeling i had. The air was crisp, and the sun was bright, and I had a feeling like something never before.(after a few months i realized God was working on me at that very moment, but didn’t realize it just yet). The ride home was calm. I stretched my legs and just sat there in awe. Mom and I had a great conversation about everyone in the family and I sensed she was fixing to ask and she did. “Scott, what are you going to do?” Like every concerned mother would ask, but at that point in my life I wasn’t really sure. All i knew was i was going home, and at that time it was OK with me.

So I’m finally on my way home and what a joy it was, but that’s not the end though for God has had his hand on me ever since i was born and I’m glad i know this today. I rejoice daily over the fact that God has found me useful to help build his kingdom, and you can too!! His love is never-ending and when Christ stretched out his arms on that old rugged cross, he was saying “I love you this much””

Well it was almost Thanksgiving that year but you’ll have to join me next time because you’ll meet my sister. Thanks for reading, be blessed!!

A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke-Proverbs 13:1 


2 thoughts on “Two Woman’s Love,,

  1. A beautiful heart touching message of Hope and Love that comes from our Father above flowing into yours and my heart, thank you so much Scott for sharing.

    What a wonderful Loving Mum and Sister God bless them greatly and you too Scott my dear Brother in The Lord.

    Christian Love Anne.

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