The BEST decision I ever made.

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Now at this point in my life things were kinda strange, in a good way. I didn’t understand really what was going on but i enjoyed it allot. I was sleeping well, my appetite was getting better, i was, in a sense getting healthier. I had only been sober a few months but thing were looking up! Not to mention I was making new friends along the way that actually cared about my well-being.  Emotionally I was getting better but it was pretty painstaking for I had never came alive in that way before. For years I had buried any sense of feelings or emotions I may have had, and for the beast to waken, was hurtful. I actually started to develop some sort of self-esteem, self-worth, and respect for myself. This didn’t come easy because I had never had any of these before.

My idea of respect for one’s self was not falling off the bar stool or not waking up in strange places with strange woman. That was respect that I knew. But in reality that was just a cop-out for the very thing I kept buried all those years. I didn’t want the real Scott to come back because he was the “ugly fat kid” that wasn’t very high on the social poll. But that’s the person I knew had to come back because he was real. He had a purpose and values, all the things i had drowned in Tequila and other things. Deep down, I wanted him back!

I kept going to meetings and at one particular meeting I would meet the man who eventually led me to Christ. He was my first sponsor and he was a no non-sense kinda guy. Definitely not someone, who if we were still drinking probably wouldn’t associate very well. But he was a kind man as well that took me under his wing and gave me a confidence that I had never had before. He told me if I wanted to stay sober that i had to develop a relationship with God. Now at this point i had prayed and God was answering so i didn’t understand the full concept of “relationship with God” But I would soon learn. My sponsor had something I wanted, but wasn’t really sure what it was.

He invited me to church which was really cool because i had been to my sisters church and I had been “touched” by Him. I was excited because I wanted to be “touched” again. We pulled into the parking lot and I could see there was a lot of people getting “touched” there for the parking lot was full. “WOW! There’s a lot of people here!” I yelled excitedly. As we approached the door their were people greeting us when we came in which i thought was weird because no one had ever greeted me going into a public place before! Usually, i was being escorted out so this was unusual, but I liked it.

When we made our way in, my heart almost skipped a beat. There were people singing and laughing and they all had a glow about them that would light up a dark sky. I was a little scared honestly because these people seemed crazier than me! I liked it! I wanted what these people had and i was bound and determined to find out what kinda drugs they were on. Because from my life, no one was ever this happy unless they were bellied up to the bar or passing a joint. So we head up to our seats and i was still a bit overwhelmed with all the excitement and energy that was in the air. I don’t really recall the message that morning or the ride home but I knew right then and their, i wanted what those people had.

We went to church a couple more time then my sponsor asked me the most important question anyone had ever asked; “Do you want to meet Jesus?” My jaw hit the floor and the sensation by this one simple question was like none other. “Yes!” I replied, “but does he want to meet me?” I responded. My sponsor kinda chuckled and hugged me and away we went. I was going to meet Jesus! We walk into the church on February 27th 2005 and that was the day i finally met the one I was looking for my whole life.

After the sermon the pastor gave an altar call. My sponsor looked at me and said ” Are you ready?’ I nodded and headed to the altar. This is something I had wanted all my life. I just wanted someone beautiful to touch me and it was going to finally happen. We knelt at the altar and the pastor started to pray like i had never heard before. He had a powerful but loving voice that still to this day shakes my inner being. “Say it Scott, say it”. my sponsor whispered in my ear.

What a thrill it is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ!! All i want to do is tell my story with one purpose: that you dear friend may come to find that “Someone Beautiful” known as Jesus Christ. He’s the reason I’m breathing today and all praise goes to Him.

So will you join me? Find Him, He is not lost, we are the ones that are lost. He held out His hand and said “Scott, let me love you”. Will you let Him love you too?

That was an amazing day for me, one that changed my life will you check back next time to hear my answer at the altar? Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!

That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.-Romans 10:9


9 thoughts on “The BEST decision I ever made.

  1. Wonderful message thank you my Brother Scott, to know Jesus as our Saviour, our Brother, our Friend is awesome as He is Awesome.

    I had searched for my 1/2 Brother most of my life, the last time I saw John was when I was 5 but it was not to be, I never found him, but when Jesus walked into my heart and told me He Loved me as a Brother I was greatly comforted, I can’t explain it but I felt I had found John somehow and I had Peace and knew it was in God’s hands if I was to met up with John again in this life and so I no longer frantically searched for him. John’s last words that I remember was when he put his arm around me and said to his mates this is my Sister and I Love her, wow he was only 7 at the time where did those words come from, but I will never forget them.

    Christian Love your Sister in The Lord Anne.

    • HI!!!!! Im sorry to hear about you brother but you are correct. When the Lord enters our heart something amazing happens and it so real!! He does calm us and guide us and loves us very much and im excited that you like my blog. Ive told many people my story before, i just thought this would reach more people also. I want everyone to know Jesus. With love, your brother in Christ Scott.

  2. Hi Scott well once again I have been asked to receive an Award which I’m grateful for because it was given in Love, it is called The Versatile Blogger Award, if you would also like to receive it and haven’t already, I would like to offer it to you as a thank you and in Christian Love for all your support and encouragement and also for your uplifting Blog that offers Hope for a new begining by having a Godly focus, your Blog has blessed me greatly.

    This award I’m finding is a wonderful way to connect to other Bloggers because the ones that I have been blogging with for some time all have this award so Í have been getting to know other Bloggers and their Blogs are wonderful like yours and all very differant and some I have been able to offer this award to even though others have it. Please let me know if you would like to receive it there is work envolved and rules etc but needed, so I can include your name on my Post when I put it all together next week .. I know we are rewarded by God but sometimes others like to say thanks too.

    Christian Love Anne.

  3. Hi Scott, thank you for all your support and encouragment on my Blog and I have enjoyed sharing with you and look forward to doing so again.

    I will be posting about the Versatile Blogger Award after Christmas as I’m still looking for some of my 15, most of those I had been sharing with since I started Blogging have already received it and as I like to know who I’m giving it to because it is a recomendation I thought it better not to rush it. What would be helpful for you is if you also have in mind the 15 you want to nominate for this award and the 7 points about you personally, I’m sure there will be many things you will be able to share you have had a very interesting life and your focus now is great.

    Blessings to you Scott and those you Love , may the Beauty of Christmas past and the Joy of Christmas present, fill your heart with Love that overflows all year.

    Christ – mas Love Anne.

  4. Hi Scott, Ho are you going with choosing your 15 to nominate and do you know how to attach a symbol I noticed you haven’t put the Kin of Kings friendship one on your Blog but that is ok because it is not compulsery even if it is indeed an honor though to be known as being part of the Body of Christ.

    Let me know because I have another Award that you only need 5 nominations for and another 7, Í have 33 to find and most people I blog with have them, I think I will see how I go in Australia, which reminds me, they don’t have many Christian Bloggers down there once I get going again, I will link you with them, I know they would be greatly blessed by your messages as I have been.

    Christian Love Anne

    • Hi Anne!! Im still working on the 15 to nominate I should be ready by saturday. I will send you a reply when im done. And I’m not to sure how to apply a badge or a button so ill need some help with that. Thank you for being supportive and encouraging and your posts are just incredible. Have fun in Australia!

      In Christ,

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