I’ve always heard it said that a dog is man’s best friend and I really found that out for the first time when I sobered up and moved back home. I do believe dogs have a way of connecting to the broken. Connecting so much that they can sense our every move and heal our hearts. My nephew has Pumpkin. She”s half beagle and half lab and not afraid to let you know who runs the show. She is and always will be the most beautiful dog I have ever seen.

Now at this point in my life things were changing for the good. One of the best decisions i had ever made was accepting Christ into my heart. That was about as good as you can get. Nothing is better than the saving grace of our Lord. But a close second would be the long walks that pumpkin and I would go on. Every afternoon for a few months straight i would come home after a meeting and grab Pumpkin and take off. We had some pretty cool adventures to say the least. Like the time when she went walking through a big mud puddle,then decided to try to walk in the house with dirty paws. If anyone knows my sister that wasnt going to fly. I did manage to clean her up good before she went in so me and the dog could still have a place to live.

I do believe God placed Pumpkin in our family for a lot of reasons but one reason I know, to comfort and love me. And she did it very well. Ya see when I came home from an 8 year alcohol endued life, I was so beat up physically,  mentally, and emotionally, that my insides were gone. No feelings, no emotions, nothing. When Christ entered my heart and I started to live for Him, he changed all that, and Pumpkin had a hand in it as well. Every night when I went to bed she would jump up at the end of my feet and laid there for some time.   She was a sense of security for me, that everything was going to be OK. Every time i came home, she was their waiting for me so i could rub her stomach and when I would leave, you could tell she was sad, even though she does this with everyone in the family, but to me, it was special.

God was using her to help heal some of the wounds I had, and what a wonderful thing it was. Then came the ice cream. Usually every night i would have a nice bowl of ice cream. One night Pumpkin was staring at me so I put the bowl on the floor so she could lick it. And so started our nightly tradition of eating ice cream, well I had the ice cream and she got the bowl. Just this simple little thing like letting the dog have ice cream brought joy to my heart like never before. I love watching her just flip her tongue around the bowl to enjoy the sweetness of it.

This was the transformation that God had started in my life. Through Pumpkin, He was teaching me to love, to respect, and to care. These are 3 things that I never gave attention to. Pumpkin who I love dearly, is one of the intricate pieces that God used to bring me to Jesus, and I’m truly grateful for the love of Christ, and Pumpkin.

I had to tell a little about Pumpkin because it’s very important to know this one fact about God; He will do whatever it takes to bring us to him, to bow and praise Him, even if he has to use a dog. Scripture says that one day every knee will bow and every tongue   confess and how true it is.

So let me ask you dear friend, do you have a Pumpkin in your life?

So this was Pumpkin, the mighty dogs of dogs who helped me to love again. I no in the last post I told you about a weekend that would forever change my life, but I had to share Pumpkin. So find me next time to see about this BIG weekend.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!

On the contrary: “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”—Romans 12:20


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