Making friends, eating good, and nailing my sins to the cross,,

I’ve learned many things since that day I met the Lord and let him live in this useless body of mine, and he’s done great works in me sense, but the one thing that I live by is Christ died for our sins. Now coming from a life of not-so-adequate decisions and floundering from one woman to another, and just living for the moment, learning that Christ died for my sins was something that I absolutely cherish because I had many. But one of the biggest things is that Christianity isn’t a religion, but a relationship. My own personal relationship with the King of Kings! And developing right relationships with other people.

This is one thing I learned when I went on this weekend retreat, but most importantly that I was a Christian. Let me explain: When I accepted the Lord into my heart I knew it was an amazing experience but I did not realize that when I said that prayer, it meant I was Christian, period. Now this was exiting news to me because I had always thought you had to go through some hoopla non-sense  to be a Christian but the prayer is all it takes. Of course attending church and bible studies are also a very important aspect too.

So that weekend was the first of many that I would attend. I met a lot of amazing people and the food was outstanding! We ate three times a day with a snack before bed. Now three meals a day was far different from the one every two days or when the alcohol would permit, so I was loving it! I met people who came from the same thing I did, who understood my language. These men prayed for me and encouraged me the whole weekend. We sang a lot of songs and prayer was the focal point of the weekend. But on the second night is where Jesus grabbed a hold of my heart and whispered in my ear “I love you Scott”.

The second night we gathered in a room and listened to a talk. The subject of the talk was piety and the speaker was on fire for God to the point you could practically see Jesus on this mans face.(Now were not supposed to tell about what goes on, on these weekends but this event was just to big of a part of my life that I have to share.)  I can’t really recall much from this mans testimony other than there wasn’t a dry eye in that room. I was overwhelmed with emotion at that point because I just wanted what that man had. You could clearly see that he was walking hand in hand with the creator of the universe.

After we dried our face and took a short break, we all gathered into the sanctuary for what I thought was the nightly meditation. When I walked in there was an old wooden cross standing in the middle of the sanctuary and the speaker was standing next to it. “looks like were not meditating tonight” I thought to myself as my eyes were fixed on the cross. When everyone settled in they passed around a piece of paper and told us to write the sins we wanted to nail to the cross, then we would go outside and burn the papers. Now when I heard this tears started to well in my eyes because this was something so big, so amazing, the emotions flooded out. One by one we started for the cross to nail our sins to it. I filled mine up on both sides of the paper and ran to the cross. I never felt anything like this and never have since. I was being released from the bondage of alcohol that night and I couldn’t wait!

Ya see, that’s what Christ does for us, when we can’t take it anymore. When the life we had lived just wasn’t working anymore. When were our “bottom” that’s when Jesus can does His work. He turns us into a new and loves us, and casts our sins into the sea of forgetfulness. So let me ask you a question my friend:

Will you let Jesus cast your sins into the sea of forgetfulness?

So, I had just nailed my sins to the cross and the Lord was delivering me from the bondage of alcohol, check back next time to see what happens in the parking lot on that amazing night. Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!

You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.-James 5:8


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