Me, an Inspiration?

Now one never really knows when that day will come when someone important in your life tells you you’re an inspiration. After the life that i had lived chasing woman, meandering around at the local taverns till early in the mornings and breaking out into handcuffs every other day, one could see why I wasn’t the greatest role model, needless to say an inspiration.

At this point in my life i was a little over 2 years sober and been on a couple of the Christian retreat weekends like I had mentioned in earlier posts. I was learning allot about myself and my walk with Christ had grown deeper. My mind was finally starting to clear and I was back working at a place that I worked at Pryor to my sobriety. So the life of this once drunk, beat down, broke, shell of a human was starting to show some life. In essence is because now I was living for Christ and not the world and I loved it.

I had tried to get my sister on one of the retreats  a couple of times but it just wasn’t time. I loved my sister and have a deep respect for my sister and I wanted her to experience what I did on that weekend. Because let me tell ya, after you have a Jesus experience like I had, everyone should go. Then the day came when she said it was time for her to go on a weekend and boy I was excited! I made the arrangements and when the next weekend came we packed her up and I drove her to the church.

We arrived at the church unaware of anything that was about to happen over the next 4 days, all she knew was she had to sleep on a cot. Which that in itself was enough to make me chuckle, but she outwitted the cot and brought an air mattress! I was sort of disappointed because I figured if I had to sleep on a cot then she should to. But we all know that woman are very much smarter than men in the area of being comfortable, so the air mattress stayed. We said our goodbyes and i could see she was a little hesitant but we both knew this was what she needed.

The next couple days went by really quick and I was getting excited to see how the Lord was working in my sister’s life.    My sister is a wonderful woman of God already but I knew this weekend was going to make her walk that much stronger. Well the last day of the weekend came and it was all I could do not to race to the church to see her. I attended church service that morning in the church were the weekend was and my sister looked refreshed and ready. She had a “glow” about her that looked all to familiar because I had the same glow when I came home from mine. These weekends are very draining emotionally but she had a relief about her that could only come from the hand of God.

The closing ceremony’s of these weekends are my favorite because this is where everyone gets a chance to stand up in front of the community and family of God and give a bit of a testimony how God changed them over the weekend. No this weekend was a womans weekend so obviously there was a lot of tears. A couple of friends and I shuffled in and found a seat. The ceremony started with some praise and offerings then the candidates made their way to the podium to speak. One after another woman were standing up retiring the “old” self and “putting on the new self in Christ Jesus“.

Then came my sister. With every step she took I knew she was taking for God. She had a bounce in her step and a freshness about her like she had vacationed in Florida(sleeping on an air mattress may have had something to do with that!). I was excited to hear how the Lord worked in her life over the past 4 days but nothing could prepare me for what she said. “I want to thank my brother for bringing me to this weekend”. With tears of joy streaming down her face out came these words that brought me to my knees and tears to my eyes, “My brother has been such an inspiration to me and the rest of the family, I love you Scott”.  Yup, right there on stage in front of 200+ people she said that “I” was an inspiration. Forever more I knew we were both changing into soldiers for Christ, brother and sister with a bond that Satan himself was no match for.

So these were my sisters words that I still hold in my heart to this day. Everyday is a day that we can inspire, encourage, support, and love people to Christ. Why? Because He first loved us! he loved us before we could ever love ourselves or anyone. He is the perfecter of peace, the author of love, the King of Kings, his name is Jesus Christ.

So, let me ask you my friend, will you let Jesus inspire you?

Wow!! Im enjoying telling my story and how God has worked in my life, but check back next time to hear about some of the people i’ve met along the way. Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.-Proverbs 11:25


10 thoughts on “Me, an Inspiration?

  1. What a beautiful post! I smiled the whole time I read it. I felt it right in my heart. Thank you for starting my day with such an nice story. Happy New Year and many blessings to you!

  2. Wow Scott I’m crying what a beautiful Sister you have and what a wonderful Brother you are, God bless you both greatly as you reach out to others with all the Love you have in your hearts.

    But just so you know you are indeed an Inspiration to me even though I’m your role model ! ….. I feel like I have a younger brother which I do have and one that I’m proud to have in my family, we are indeed Children of The King.

    Christian Love Anne

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