Scripture and Espresso…

175One thing I have loved doing since I came to the Lord is starting the day off with scripture and either coffee or espresso. In my opinion it sets the standard for the day when we get our thoughts fixed on Christ and let Him guide us.  Starting the day with God in the very fore front of our thoughts gets us focused on the days events and lets us relax and take it easy. I’ve found it rather important to do this for if I don’t that “old self” is highly assessable to waving his face again. And the old self is someone I don’t want around anymore.Annoyed

As you can see I’ve developed a fond taste for espresso. I drink it straight with no cream or sugar because I’m not a fan of those foo foo drinks. All that other stuff kind of waters down the flavor of the espresso. Of course us Americans over emphasize the caffeine rush it brings and miss the rich flavor of what is espresso. 

Espresso is a coffee beverage and brewing method, it is not a specific bean, bean blend, or roast level. So the only thing really special is that its steamed. Coffee pressed and steamed which produces the syrupy content of espresso. I my self enjoy it in the mornings when reading because for me it brings a whole knew experience. Actually it helps me to relax, but of course an over abundance can make one jittery. But what I’m really trying to hit on here is the “watering down” of this spectacular beverage and what it has in common with they way Gods word is watered down.

True is the fact that I do not like watered down “Fake” testimony of what God has done in peoples lives. To often we see this in the lives of Christians who want to put on their “church” face on Sunday when the rest of the week their giving in to the pleasure’s of the world.Angel I see it every day people who claim to be Christians, their at church religiously, but, their hearts are cold. Jesus tells us about these people in Mathew 15:8-9. Not very appealing if you ask me. These are what we call “two faced” in America and I’m sure it’s the same anywhere else for that fact. I myself try to stay away from these types of people because they bring more harm than good and considering the kind of life I use to live(this is the part were you go check out the rest of my blog to see what I mean) its better that way.

Now once upon a time in my life I would gravitate toward these kind of people so I could feel better about myself. Sick isn’t it. I loved hearing what they had to say because they sounded so loving and kind, but behind your back they could careless about you. Now something always  told me not to listen to some one preach the word of God while tipping back a fifth of Jack Daniels, but who was I to judge. I met many people like this during the years I spent in the bars. You no,the one claiming to be Christian, imposing a self-righteous holier than thou attitude, all the while falling down in a drunken stupor. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

Now I don’t judge people by no means, that’s not my job, but I do observe people allot and this is just my way of saying stay away from them at all costs. From personal experience they just lead you into a dark place and that’s not something I want to see happen to anyone. So by starting the day in Gods word, gives me the knowledge I need to stay away from these kind of people. My pastor once said if their not preaching from the bible, its not preaching at all. Today I’m grateful that I understand these things.

128So this is a little bit more about me. The once drunkard transformed by a loving God. Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!Smile


One thought on “Scripture and Espresso…

  1. So very True Scott and so very sad that it is that way it is with some, but others are genuine, since I started blogging I have met quiet a few who are very encouraging and uplifting and yes others who are all show and some that have really hurt me.

    I want to thank you for not giving up encouraging me, even though I got so overwelmed with trying to solve the problems with my blog, still am, but I missed visiting my friends, I will catch up with what I missed, no doubt you have shared more Hope, in the reality of your life.

    I also hope Scott you had a wonderful Christmas and New year, I was thinking that you might like to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, till I put together The Versatile Blogger Award, which I’m starting on now , there are a few rules to follow with the Liebster Blog Award but not as many and it’s also a great way to encourage and meet other Bloggers, congratulations on the Kreative Blogger Award, I too was nominated for this one and another one that I feel you very much deserve, but one at a time or like me you will be overwhelmed.

    Requirements are listed on my page –

    Christian Love Anne.

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