Kreativ Blogger Award


Thank you Eric Alagan for nominating me for The Kreativ Blogger Award. Im very humbled and honored and what a way to start 2012!

So, as the rules go:

Share 10 things about me that no one knows (blogging community). Really!! OK here it goes:

  1. When I have a day off from work, I don’t shower.
  2. I like to go for walks to think.
  3. I love the water.
  4. I love ice cream.
  5. Burritos give me heartburn, but I still indulge.
  6. I’m 35 years old and single, with no kids. (Hint,Hint!)
  7. I have a endless need to people watch.
  8. I graduated high school by means of night school and regular school,
  9. I don’t like Bee’s
  10. I drive to fast in the snow.

Well that wasn’t so bad! Just a little side note, all of this is true!

And my nominees for The Kreativ Blogger Award:

  1. FreedomBorn 
  2. RelyingDailyOnJesus
  3. BlueEyesForChrist
  4. MusingsinMontage
  5. StuffthatsRelevant
  6. TheOceanFloor

2012 is going to be an amazing year and I look forward to reading and meeting new bloggers this year! happy Blogging!!


16 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Hi Scott your very kind but I have already been nominated for this Award and have accepted and it so it wouldn’t be fair to those who haven’t yet been nominated to accept it again or kind to the person who nominated me if I accepted yours instead of their’s but I’m very touched that you asked, you are indeed a special younger brother or perhaps I’m a Mum like Jesus said of older Christian woman or maybe both… if I’m a Mum you better make sure you clean up your room! or I will squirt you with water!!!!!

    To explain futher Scott as far as most of the Awards are concered and no one has advised me differantly in fact others have confirmed it, these awards are only to be accepted once, don’t you think that makes sense because it means as I shared before many more have a chance to receive it and be encouraged and also encourage others but I do know of two exceptions, one that I’m going to nominate you for after the V.B.A ??? and the other my King of Kings Friendship Award, you can receive both of these as often as they are offered …why because they are from the heart and focused on The Lord.

    Do you still need help attaching the symboles if so contact me on my e-mail address

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Hi Anne!!! I do understand so I’m going to have to find some one else to nominate now. And i do accept your awards but i think i got it figured out how to attach the symbols. Thank you for being such a great influence to continue blogging and spread the Good News.

      In Christ,

      • Great Scott it looks good, do you want to attach the King of Kings Award symbol
        I can give you the URL so it has animation. As for the other Christian Award would you like that first or the V.B.A , it has to do with perserverance in Christ Jesus it’s a bit differant then mine but good as it highlights your respect for others and then there is another one which is very interesting and a great way highlite your posts, so if not nominated by someone else I will nominate you for them all, after all I’m your Mum 😀 so have you cleaned up your room, I will make sure the water is chilled if you don’t!

        Guess what? I don’t like bees either, just their honey yum! but they keep biting me and I love to watch people too but I’m not bald! not by choice anyway, but I did notice a few stray hairs here and there!

        Christian Love Anne or Annie Mum 😀

      • I do appreciate it Mum, the URL would be nice so i can put it on my blog. And i have not been nominated for the other awards and it would be an honor to receive them from you. You have been so supportive and i do indeed appreciate it.
        I do like honey also, just not the Bee’s. I just don’t even like the noise they make, really annoying. haha.

        In Christ,

  2. Hello Scott,
    Thank you for accepting the award and wishing you a great start to blogging and the new year.
    All good cheers,
    P/s Take it easy on the road…be safe for family, self and others.

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