The Man in the Mirror..

 Yup, this is me when i graduated from high school in 1995. Far cry from the attractiveness that you see today(haha joke). I show people this picture all the time just to prove that I had hair once upon a time. Their reaction, “really! Is that you!?” Yup, its me. Reminds me of a washed up 70’s disco king or even a used car salesman trying to sell wash machines! The point I’m trying to make is that guy in the picture, lets just say was always trying to be someone he wasn’t.

Today, I’m very happy with the man in the mirror for one plain fact: Christ lives in me, and he thinks im ok. So, if the King of Kings loves me and accepts me for who I am, than what the despicable nature of the human race thinks, doesn’t matter. Harsh?  Not really. Us humans are mean in spirit, and cold in nature. Only the Lord can turn us into descent human beings, because he’s the only one that see’ our heart.

This world of our’s says if you look like this or have this and that, your “someone”. With the over emphasized “Beauty Campaign” on television, and with Hollywood promoting the outward appearance like it’s the Super Bowl, we hardly stand a chance. I see so many “fake” people today its like shopping for a Barbie doll and the world is the shopping mall. No one actually wants to be their true authentic-self these days for fear of being a fool. Actually, if you took a poll to see where someones heart lye’s,  they would give you a hundred different answers, only to escape the real question at hand: Were has the man in the Mirror gone?

By no means am I an expert, but I observe, and these are just things I see today. Everyone wants to get caught up in the rat race of trying to be someone else, they have all but forgotten the reason God created them. He created us to have a relationship with Him, with other people, and to be ourselves. What a wonderful thing this is. But to often, people miss this and go into hiding, hence, being someone else. Trust me I know, look at the guy in the picture! I tried for years to be someone who I wasn’t only falling deeper into the myth that you need this, or you have to look this certain way, to succeed.

 As I have learned over several years what Hollywood says is successful and what God says is successful totally go against each other. Guess what? Gods right, and Hollywood is wrong, period. He designed us very intricately and with careful precision. He knows every hair on our head, and every thought that come from our mind, so why try to hide? Look at Adam and Eve for example: here was to promising works of art, wonderfully created and they almost blew the human races survival, because the were  ashamed of their nakedness, so they put on fig leaves. Well we all know what happened next and so started the decline of civilization.

Thats why God sent Jesus. To teach us its OK to be ourselves in Him. Because without Him, were just like the plastic figures walking the department stores. Today I’m ok with the Man in the Mirror for one simple reason: God said I was cool, so deal with it! I’m not arguing with Him, if you don’t like me, take it up with God, He created me, not a plastics factory.

So let me ask you my friend, will you let Christ turn you into your true authentic self? Or would you prefer the manikin in the window? The choice is yours.


2 thoughts on “The Man in the Mirror..

  1. Hi Scott to be honest I think you were quiet handsome in that picture almost Hollywood material perhaps because to me hair is a gift from God, it is how He created us and symbolises His understanding of us, although quiet a few years ago my husband being partially bald was not as impressed as me when he read the Scriptures that said God knows every hair on our head but I reassured Him at the time with the sand and how God’s thoughts each day about us outnumber it’s grains.

    You are probably wondering why I asked about moderating Scott, I can’t talk for others but as a Christian I feel hurt when I’m not trusted in my responses but perhaps this is because of the unkindness of some people who can’t accept correction, meaning God’s Truth and delete them without any confirmation of scriptures with what they believe. We are the body of Christ if there is no Trust there is no Unity we are to have the same focus and be of the same mind and when needed even to correct and rebuke each other when we are in error, if we care we will and if we have differances we need to reason together not argue, ignor or even agree to disagree.

    But then Scott you may have a very valid reason for moderating, some get abuse etc on their Blogs, yesterday I had a comment from an Atheist that was putting me down as a person of worth because I’m a Christian but I’m still praying about how to respond and have not approved or deleted her comment yet, this is because I feel everyone has a right to express how they feel as long as rude or abusive words are not used, so for me it’s more about having the right response.

    Kind Regards Anne.

    • HI Anne!!!!!

      Sorry it took me a bit to respond I have been doing laundry and had dinner with my sis and nephew. Once and a while i have to do laundry hahah! But as to being moderated i do it to keep spam out. Thats the only reason because unfortunately we can still get spammed on our blog and and when you moderate it, it keeps the spam out. I know when a comment is made because its sent to my e-mail and i also have e-mail on my phone. Usually I get them right away and approve the comments and yours is always the first one i look for. My phone is set up unfortunately for wii-fii so when im not at home our at work or somewere that has free wii-fii, i dont get the e-mails right away. I do apologize if this caused concern but i just dont want junk comments or spam on the blog. thats the only reason for the moderation. I’m going to try and change it so yours i dont have to moderate, im not sure if i can, but ill check it out.

      In Christ,


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