Place of Comfort.

As you have come to know me, you can see that I love the water. I live by water, and I also work by water. Not necessarily do I do much in the water, but I do enjoy it. Running water in a river tells me to keep going and never give up. Still water reminds me that its Christs peace that lives resides in me. To me water is the symbol of life well lived.

This picture was taken about a year ago right down the road from my apartment. In early spring when it first starts to warm up I love walking by this river. Its very calming and peaceful and gives me a chance to reflect and pour my heart out to God. Sometimes I feel as if I’m closer to God on the river.

When I first sobered up and came to the Lord I spent many days down at the river. Crying out to Him to understand what life is all about. This was a great and important time in my life because this is where I learned to communicate with God other than just in the Church at “prayer time”. I love walking and talking with my Heavenly Father on these cool spring mornings because it brings me bake to reality and it reminds me that God is a very good artist. As i look around at the dew on the grass and the colors of the leaves, I’m reminded once again that He loves us so much, He created all this for us.

  When I’m walking on the river I feel completely at peace which to me, I truly love. Coming from a life of turmoil and raking havoc on friends and family for many years, having a peace that is beyond all understanding is truly a gift from God. Jesus said “I will give you my peace”, and He has. I don’t have the churning in the stomach anymore from not knowing what I did the night before and I no longer worry about any of the silly little “high school” games that this world wants you to believe in. No, Christ has done for me what no human could ever do and thats a an undying love for me.

The river I love so much is His way of telling me how much He loves me and that theirs no comfort in anything other than Him. No love greater than His. He reminds me of this every time I go to the place of comfort that keeps me check when I want to go my way.

So may ask you my friend, where is your place of comfort?

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!


3 thoughts on “Place of Comfort.

  1. That was so beautiful Scott as I reading your word picture I felt those emotions you expressed and could identify with the churning tummy the sinking feeling in the morning but now for me it’s an incredible urge to call out to my God and tell Him how much I Love Him and I feel I’m going to burst with the Joy that is welling up in me and yet as I continued reading I realised although I have experienced times of peace with so much hurt over the last month or so I need to talk to my Lord more and be at peace.

    I love the water too Scott but for me it is the Ocean that stirs my passions, not to swim but reflecting on it’s beauty. I wrote a poem about the Ocean I will post it for you in the near future but for now thank you so much, your message this morning had a profound impact on me and was a wonderful way to start my Devotions and my day.

    Christian Love Anne

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