Dreaming A Dream.

Read this In silence!.. Thank you Lord for everything . Forgive me of all of my sins.. Heal me from the hurts from my past..I love You and need You!! Cover me with Your precious and Holy Blood, my family, my friends, my life projects.. .Give me Your dreams Lord. Bless and protect everyone that seeks You, needs You and believes In You. If you love God and you are not ashamed of Him, put this on your wall for a day and you will see what He will do.

I copied this prayer from a friends Facebook page, it really touched me and I wanted to share it on my blog. My favorite part of this is where it says “Give me your dreams Lord”.  I never really thought about this until now, but God wants us to have His dreams at the heart of our lives also. He has dreams for us that we could never quite imagine, so tonight I’m focusing on His dreams for me.

This is a powerful unique prayer because the author is holding nothing back, uncensored love and devotion for our Heavenly Father. If you were to tell me 7 years ago that I would be doing what I’m doing now, I would have laughed you out of the bar. Life, today is better than its ever been and its a direct result of Christ. Period.

So tonight friends as I have dinner and enjoy an evening with the Lord let me leave you with this thought:

What if we all came together and took a hold of the dreams the Lord has for us? Think about it.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!


5 thoughts on “Dreaming A Dream.

  1. Thank you Scott that was beautiful and yes our response should be based on Jesus’heart.

    I’m pleased you liked the my poem about God’s creation I had a sign and wonder with my potery I will do a post about it soon.

    Are you still having trouble attaching the King of Kings friendship Award another logger did but it was the wrong link let me know and I will send the new one if it is the same with you ..

    Christian Love Anne

    • Hi Anne!!

      I dont think I have the link for the king of kings friendship award. I checked my files but i don’t see it anywere. I did have it, but must have gotten lost cause i can’t find it. Also I do need the url code for the Liebster blog award. I have everything ready i just need the code now. By the way your last post was really awesome!!

      In Christ,

      • Hi Scott, my post was awesome ??? you inspired my with yours, I had forgotten I had written a poem that had a reference to the river. I’m really enjoying your posts, as I shared on my Blog you have eternal passion, in other words it’s not shallow your heart is 100% for the Lord and your messages bless me and others, they may not always comment but they do read them, one day I had over 500 clicks on my Blog but they did not all comment, God will draw those whose eyes are open and their hearts will be touched like mine was… that is why I’m your Annie Mum…..Ron was very touched by your welcome comment and the others it has inspired him to do a short post today, so thank you.

        King of Kings Friendship Award – http://freedomborn.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/love-endures.gif

        http://freedomborn.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/award21.jpg Liebster Blog Award

        Scott I do have other Awards your welcome to when you can handle them, seeking those to nominate takes time, so I will leave it up to you to let me know but there is another Award just started much like The King of Kings, you give it to anyone, anytime and less rules then most, I might post that one next, would you like to have it… it’s called Candle Lighting Award.

        Christian Love Anne

    • Thank you Sebastian, sometimes thats the best to try and reach the lost. I hope you check out the rest of my blog, I have checked out some of yours and i enjoy them very much. Thank you for providing a vision and thank you for following my blog!!

      In Christ,

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