Love only One.

Psalm 118:5-6“When hard pressed, I cried to the LORD; he brought me into a spacious place. The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”

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Sorry my blogging friends for not posting in a couple of days I have had a busy week at work and just haven’t had a thought for a new blog so I needed to take a break. But, the Lord has rejuvenated me and given me a fresh set of   things to blog about so you’ll be hearing from me for a long time!! I do enjoy blogging and this has definitely been an experience meeting other bloggers on this crazy adventure the Lord has us on. The picture of the Easter lily was taken at my moms house, though I cannot remember when it was taken, I do no that this Easter Lily was actually growing out of season for some reason.

From this picture I have learned a few things about being single that I want to share. First off, I do enjoy being single just for the fact that this is were God wants me right now. (after years of meaningless sex and random affairs with woman, one could see why the Lord wants me to be single.) When I was growing up, all I ever wanted was to be with that “someone”, that girl that you would walk on water for and go through a wall of fire just to hold her hand. The one that you  can’t take your eyes off of because God broke the mold with her beauty and the one that you could walk a thousand miles for just a glimpse of her smile. (I’m a hopeless romantic, can you tell?)

When I came to the Lord, he took me and turned me upside down and cleaned me up from the inside out. The Easter Lily growing tall like it is tells me that I am a new creation and the way that I use to have relationships with woman could no longer exist. One night stands and casual encounters with random woman were not apart of the Christian life. That telling a girl that you love them just to sleep with them was not only demoralizing but unhindered stupidity. The Easter lily tells me that I have to stand tall, stand firm, and let my roots grow deep in Christ and He will provide the one I am to love on earth.

With the Easter lily growing at a random time tells me that you’ll never know when Gods going to send the one to share in His word and to multiply. You never no when she will appear or who she is, but I do believe, she is there, somewhere. This tells me to be the man God intended for me to be and to be the man a woman wants to be with. The Easter lily growing in all its beauty, tell me that beauty comes from the heart, which shines through the eyes. The Easter lily tells me that Christ is my one true love.

The Easter lily also tells me to be a true man of God, you can only love one woman and one woman only. (when I was drinking I loved several a week!) This is probably the biggest lesson learned since the times of endless encounters and strange woman is that you can only really love one. That’s it, one. Though my days of chasing woman are a thing of the past, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I would have done the right thing and actually loved one of them. If I would have only hung on to the doctor who told me she would be the queen and I could be the king. The nurse who only wanted to make me smile, or the marketing executive who just wanted to hold my hand. To these woman, I apologize for not loving you right. But I cannot think about the “what ifs” in life, just the “what is”.

I’m calling out all the “men” right now that still do these things, weather single or married. All the so called Men that abuse woman in a variety of different ways and the men who cheat. STOP!!!! God created us all for a reason and He created a woman just for each and every one of. He broke the mold with their beauty and kindness and they deserve to be respected more than your stupid xbox. They are they water that makes our river run and the perfect completeness of a beautiful picture. They are like they saying goes “our better half”.

So, “Men” lets stand up, suit up, shut up, and MAN UP and be the Man God created us to be!

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!


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