Christianity: Religion or Relationship?

My check book is engraved with the Christian symbol and the verse “I will say it again, Rejoice!” Which is a way to remind me to be grateful for what I have. Recently i wrote a check to a local store and the cashier who knew me by coming into the store looked at it and then looked at me, her response: “I didn’t know you are religious” My response: “I’m not, I am a Christian, not religous, there is a difference.”

I tell people this all the time and the guy in this video really hits home with it. Today I’m grateful that God called me to be a Christian. Do you see what I’m saying here. I didn’t call God to be a Christian, He, by giving His one and only Son to die on the cross, has called me to be a Christian. Beautiful. So many people today miss this point. Christiantiy is a relationship with Christ, period. 

Religion is what Jesus came to abolish, remember the pharisees and saducees? They were the religous leaders in Jesus time, but they were cold and heartless. Jesus called them “White wash tombs”. They looked good on the outside, but the inside was empty, do you know anyone like that today? I’m not saying I’m perfect by know means, but I do serve a savour who has forgiven me and redeemed me. Jesus last words on the cross “It is Finished,” to me means no more bondage and no more religion. To grab a hold of His yoke and love abundantly, like He did.

I love going to church, but that is just a building. It’s the focus of your heart when you go into that building that matters. I have to remember I go to church for God and God only and to hear His word. The fellowship with other Christians is the cherry on top. I know when I go to church I have to remind myself “it’s not about me, It’s about God, and what He has done. Sadly, many people go to church today for the wrong reasons and in the end, come to their own demise.

When I was a drunkard, living the life of a rockstar on a cheeseburger budget, it was all about me, and only me. Selfishness flowed through my veins like oil in an engine. It gave me life. I would hurt people just to get what I wanted and then some. When the Lord called me from this lifestyle, I knew there was no room for this type of behaviour. I fail on a daily basis, trust me, but I don’t quit. I try to make it right through the grace given to me through Jesus Christ. 

So let me ask you my friend, are you religous, or Christian today?

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!


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