What about Jesus? Oh, touchy subject huh? Ever think of Him that way? Other than being the one who brought me out of a straight living hell, and being the one I run to day and night for comfort, protection, wisdom, and love, I think of Jesus as the greatest phenomenon known to humanity. Why? Because after two thousand years His name is above all names and His name is the only name to send chills down the backs of men. The grave couldn’t hold Him that’s for sure. He was mocked, flogged, beaten and tortured all because He is the greatest love known to humanity.

He turned water into wine and walked on water, do you know anyone else that can do these things? Nope. He gave hope to a hopeless generation and loved the unlovely. His words heeled the sick and drove out demons. In three years this God Man named Jesus Christ caused more commotion and stirred the pot the pharisee’s and Sadducee call religion, that they tried to kill Him. No other man in history gave so much, only to receive so little, or did He? God put Him at the right hand and declared Him King of Kings, thats alot right?

But see, people don’t think of Him this way. No, their trying to get Him banned and kicked out like a criminal. Well, standing up for Jesus is criminal in some countries. Yet, when He said His way is the Only way, and Christians follow Him and are obedient to Him, people get offended. But pornography and homosexuality is O.K.? Hitting your wife, cheating on her, is OK, but don’t dare pray in public because its offensive?

Heck, you cannot even raise your son to be a son or your daughter to be a daughter now a days without upsetting the trans-gender movement. “Oh just let them be whatever they want to be”, Really? We get in trouble for disciplining our kids but its OK to show our children how to scam the welfare system and at the same time praise Jesus for the help. Really?  Just the other day I watched a lady spend 250 dollars in food stamps, only to drive off in a brand new Cadillac!

I know it seems like I’m ranting and raving, maybe I am or maybe I just want everyone to know the good news of Jesus Christ. He’s not going to hurt you, nor make fun of you just because you don’t have a last name that tops the town.  He’s not going to hurl insults at you because you drive a car that’s not fancy no He will let you ride in the best seat in town, in the back, while He drives. To the mother that had an abortion last night, He doesn’t condemn you,  He has mercy on you. To the drunkard or druggy just waking up from another battle, His recovery will make you whole. And to anyone that has lost their way, and finds life about as hopeless as the Cubs winning the World Series, Jesus gives you Hope.

The greatest Phenomenon to walk the planet, Jesus Christ, breathed the breath of life into me, will you let Him do the same?



5 thoughts on “Offensive?

  1. Hello Scott…what a great post! I think many do not realize the depth of the points you brought out! Thank you for your reflections! I am excited about what God is doing in your life…keep writing!

    Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. My hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

  2. Reading your blog I thought of the words to the song “How Great Thou Art”! What a mighty God He is and He is mighty to Save! Thank you for your words of encouragement and keep on Blogging my Brother!

  3. Hi Sebastian!!

    Thank you for following my blog, and yours is superb my friend, great ministry you have!
    I wanted to write this post to bring awareness of the Love Christ has for us, and He does love us very much. He wants a relationship with us more than anything and this is were alot of “Church Leaders” miss the point. Thats one reason He came was to abolish religion. Thank you Sebastian for your encouragement!!
    I see your from Hotlanta, or Atlanta, however you say it, im probably the biggest braves living in Michigan! Oh the 90’s was a great decade for the Braves, well I’ll post that on another blog. Anyways God bless!!

    In Christ,

  4. Thanks dear Scott, you bless me greatly, your message as always touched my heart, God is Love 100% and how can we hurt Him by our disobedience if we Love Him NO!NO!NO! we only have to ask and He will give us all the strength we need to overcome any temptation He promises He will and Jesus always keeps His promises!

    Christian Love – Annie Mum

  5. Thank you Scctt for a great message I really loved it you are so spot on,everything you said was correct, also to add to what you said, Jesus doesn`t tell us to blow up innocent people because our faith is different.
    I dont think you are ranting or raving , you are only verbalising what heaps of us think.

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