Though I have been living in Michigan my whole life, I hate the winter time. I’m glad January is over and that means one thing, only a month and a half till spring and warm weather. This picture was taken in late spring a couple years ago outside my balcony. This is why I love spring. Love, love, love it! Spring is a time when new plant life begins and the salt on the car is polished away. Spring means shorts and flip flops, windows down and cruising until late at night. Its love like crazy and steaks on the grill. Oh how I miss the spring.

These winter months drive me crazy, though, fortunately this year our winter has not been that bad, but none the less they drag on. If anyone lives in the Midwest will know what I am talking about. The winter sometimes drags on until April with snow the first week and rain and coldness to the bones until may. I don’t pretend to enjoy this time because I am a warm weather type of guy. The snow and cold I could live without. No walks in the park, no ducks playing, no green grass or the ice cream man. Please oh spring hurry up!

The spring really brings me to great and utter happiness for one, just watching the pure wonder of Gods artistic side really comes to life in the spring. Not saying that He’s not artistic in the winter, because He is, but I believe the spring is where we witness the full impact of Gods creative design. Look at the trees giving life to green leaves, and that blade of grass everyone gets excited about cutting, is truly the work of the Master craftsmen Himself. Look at the flowers as they start to bloom and the beautiful colors they provide and the night sky with all its stars and galaxies. Mornings with the dew on the grass and the birds arriving back for another season.

The river has a different spark about it in the early spring as fisherman begin to pursue the one that got away and spring training produces the next all-American. The earth worm as he comes out of hibernation just to be picked up by a hungry bird fresh in from a 1,000 mile trip and the still of the day when that peace that’s beyond all understanding leads you in the way. The farmers starting their crops and flannels give way to tank tops and bikinis. The joy of cool air brushing against you as you stroll in the park with your lover, never taking your eyes of off her. Skipping rocks in the mud puddles and back woods bonfires.

These are the joys of spring that I long for all year long. Especially the walks in the early morning to spend some time with the Creator of all this wonder. So, today, forget about winter, I have my sights set on spring and all the adventures that come along. This is the season that dreams are made of and my dream is to take a deep breath and take it all in, before once again, its spring no more.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “SPRING TIME BLUES!

  1. Thanks Scott it is good to be remined to always give thanks, God bless you for doing so regardless of the season, you are planting seeds for eternity.

    I created a Power point from a very old story about the seasons I will publish it again you and link this message.

    Christian Love Anne

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