Educated by a Carpenter.

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Anyone who is honestly trying to be a Christian will soon find his intelligence being sharpened; one of the reasons why it needs no special education to be a Christian is that Christianity is an education itself. —C. S. Lewis.

This author needs no introduction, one of the most renowned Christians sums it up best, Christianity is an education itself. Here, I believe a lot of people stumble because they don’t think of Christianity as an education as well as a relationship, just a Religion. I to thought these very same things, but of course that was when i was doing things they way the world does them. I was and still can be a fool, if I don’t hand the reigns over to Christ, and let Him teach me.

When i first sobered up everything I had learned about living life had to thrown out the window. Everything I new, was dead wrong. This bit of information scared me just for the fact i had to learn something knew and most importantly, I was wrong, and i didn’t like being wrong. But who was i to question anything seeing how if i didn’t sober up, I was looking at a long time in the prison system, which, was not very appealing. So I set on this journey to learn from the master Himself, and after years of unprecedented proof , Christ is the best teacher.

It all starts with our thought process. Dr. Silkworth, one of the leading researchers and doctor to alcoholics in the early 1900’s put it this way: “Without a complete psychic change, the same man will drink again”. And this is so true, i believe about life as well. We need to overhaul our thinking, by this i mean asking God to put right people in our life to kick that “stinking thinking”. Because if we hang out with the same people who think the way we did, then we will inevitably continue to do the same things. Thats why I had to surround myself with some very awesome Christians to help with the thought process. Of course, spending many hours in the Bible has worked better than anything.

 I have told a lot of people over the years that the biggest thing to staying sober is stop hanging with your friends that spend all day drinking. Most of the time they look at me crazy, all the while to come back two weeks later and wonder why they got drunk! Jesus gives us a different perspective on who are true friends are, and I’ll be the first to tell you there not the ones sitting on a bar stool. My true friends today teach me everyday how to be Christian and how to love Christ with everything I have. These are the people I love being around, not because their rich, or pretty, or the cool kids, but because they teach me how to be a Christian Man in a world full of God-haters and morally unsound people. Those are the people I used to hang out with, and they only brought me pain and misery.

Today, I am going to college, by the grace of God, and don’t get me wrong there are some great teachers and professors. The professors i have had have been very good and i have learned a ton. But there has been no greater teacher than Christ Himself. Christ has taught me how to love and forgive. He has taught me how to be a man and to have respect for woman. He’s also shown me that He is what life is all about.

So let me ask you my friend, who is your teacher today?

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!

If you are thinking of becoming a Christian, i warn you, you are embarking on something which is going to take the whole of you, brains and all.—– C. S. Lewis.


2 thoughts on “Educated by a Carpenter.

  1. So True Scott Jesus tells us He is our only Teacher and when we ask for God’s wisdom and really believe we have received it then the Scriptures tell us we will know the things of God 1 Corinthians 2 : 9-16

    This gives me an opportunity to let you know this week that I’m posting the rest of my Awards, I have already posted the Candle Lighting Award, thanks for the Like but even after I have posted them I can still add your name if wanted but most of them I have nominater you for but. I thought instead of just nominating the people I wanted I would give others a chance to choose the Awards they may want so I have left places in the ones that are limited or you can only receive once … just leave your name or a comment on any ones you want. or just enjoy reading them. Some of the Awards have rules some don’t there is even a fun one which I have nominated you for too, thank you for uplifting me, with your encouragment on my Blog

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. Hi Anne!!

    sorry it has taken me a bit to reply, i been busy with school and work that this weekend i didnt do much at all. Thank you for nominating me for the awards which i humbly accept, i do have a question, how do you install the awards on our blogs? I no i have to have the html code but not sure how to get that. You have been so encouraging to me and I just wanted to say thank you!! Tell Ron I said Hi!

    In Christ

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