Changing seats on the Titanic.

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“Changing addictions is like changing seats on the Titanic,” was one of the first quotes I heard when I sobered up and the place busted out into laughter. I really didn’t understand this as I was fresh off the streets and in the beginning stages of the D.T.’s so you can see why I was the only one in the room not laughing. The speaker, however, did make a very good point, there’s no difference in one addiction to another.

I have seen many people try to substitute one for another and say their sober, well it doesn’t work that way. There’s more to being sober than being sober, we have to work hard at it everyday. One slight move and it can be all over for us drunks. Sobriety is living a different life than what we’re used to, and that means old ideas and even old friends have to go. The road to true success in sobriety is not the quantity of years that your sober, but the quality.

Too many people know they have a problem, but they don’t want to do anything about it, just for the fact that sobriety means complete abstinence. No booze, or drugs. But switching from booze to drugs or vice verse is only one of the ways I have seen people switch. Pornography to alcohol or the opposite is just the same. Not to mention obesity, gambling, or anything that takes your focus from God.

I know in my life i have struggled with pornography more than once. Late nights at the video store, running fast to the check out and driving frantically to get home. These were things I did even after I had sobered up, but I was switching from booze to porn, no difference. Then came the day I was asked if I wanted to serve God whole heatedly that things I used to do, had to go. I gave up porn for the fact it serves no justice to anyone. And today I’m grateful to God for seeing me through another addiction.

I’m not saying I’m perfect by no means, all I’m saying is sobriety consists of a new life found in Christ. Period. Without His gentleness and forgiveness, I wouldn’t be here telling my story. He has made everything possible in my life that I am doing now. Today, I have chosen to serve God and not any addiction the world says is O.K. But the most important thing is helping others who have the same problems.

Thats what we’re called to do in life after God has cleaned us up, were to share with others how He did it. It’s my mission in life to help as many addicts or alcoholics that I can. Thats one reason I started this blog with the hope of some poor soul on a late night binge or looking for the next fix, may come across this and have an experience like none other. There’s no better felling in the world than watch someone’s face light up when you tell them there is a way out.

Please blogger friends, if you know of anyone that is struggling, put this blog in front of them. If not this one, something else to help them, because everyday at least 156 people die of addiction, I really don’t want to see that number go any higher.

Thanks for reading!!!!! Be blessed!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Changing seats on the Titanic.

  1. Bless your heart. I’m not an alcohol nor a drug addict. But never forget that you are no worse than many around you who are labeled shining stars by man but not by God. The church does not condone alcoholism and drug addiction. But much of its action seems to condone gluttony, adultery, selfcenteredness, down n dirty party politics, and judging alcoholics and drug addicts. Sin is sin and wrong is wrong. God alone knows the intent and heart of each man. I am touched by your humilty and strength as you serve the one who loves us and desires our fellowship.


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