Footwork Arrows

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Man what a busy week, thank God it’s almost over. between work and school I haven’t had much time to blog, but its way better than the way I used to live.  Before I came to Christ I was just thankful to be able to get drunk, and that’s it. Today I am much more grateful than that and the Lord has been prodding me to do a blog on this and that’s “doing the footwork.” Now what do I mean by this and how can it be applied to everyday life? I’m glad you asked, let me explain.

When I first sobered up, it was amazing and exciting. The rush of going to church and bible studies and meetings with other alcoholics, and some of the experiences I had were just awesome. But I would not have been able to do any of this if I wasn’t willing to do the work it requires to stay sober and follow Jesus. This is where a lot of people mess up I believe because living “the good life” requires work. Yes the Lord loves us and yes He saved us by dying on the cross for my sins, now what? Thats the big question, what do you do after you come to Christ?

There’s more to being a Christian than just being a “Christian”. It requires a personal relationship with Christ, with other believers, studying the bible and going to church. I’ve heard it said many times that just because I’m a Christian, doesn’t mean I have to go to church everyday. Um, yes it does. It means that you need to go to church and learn God’s word now more than ever. Listen, the best quarterbacks in the NFL didn’t become the best by only going to practice once in a while, or only reading the play book when it fit their schedule. No, the have spent countless hours watching tape, reading play books, and practicing hard everyday. Being a Christian is no different. We have to study the word, not just read it, but study it like were studying for a test. We have to go to church and tithe and fellowship with other Christians, because this is how the spirit of God works.

The Christian life isn’t a bunch of peaches and roses all the time, sometimes it’s plain hard, but Jesus didn’t come to bring peace, he came with a sword. We have to work hard everyday at becoming a better Christian, better husband or wife, better children ect.. The point is we have to do the work. God gives us clear direction and its up to us to be courageous enough to follow Him and be obedient to Him, and that takes work.

One thing I have learned is just because I’m a Christian doesn’t entitle me to be lazy. It does, however, entitle me to the healing hand of God and redemption. Everyday I have to work to know God more and to love Him more, because if I don’t, I know where I’ll end up, and trust me, this side of the fence is a lot sweeter. Today is a day that I make this declaration; Christ is everything or he isn’t. Today I know He is everything. How about you?

Thanks for reading!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!



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