Problems of a Different Kind.

Problem Alert

Problem Alert (Photo credit: Krypto)

“I have problems in areas where I used to not have areas.” This is a little unknown quote that floats around Alcoholics Anonymous quietly, but subtle, and with much power. When I first heard it I really didn’t understand it until someone explained it to me. I was told that after we have been sober for a while, we have different problems than what we used to have, these are “High Class’ problems and they are a blessing. I know what your thinking “how can a problem be a blessing?” Well let me try to help you understand.

When we were drinking and being absurd people we threw a finger in the air and laughed at conviviality. We tipped our nose to people who didn’t do the things we do all the while  wishing we could do the things they were doing.   We strive to do the right thing only to come up short by way of the bottle. Our intentions are good but they only lead to hell.  Our problems are mainly all our making and taking responsibility for our own actions are just absurd. We love the “blame” game and will have nothing to do with integrity or values. We tip the bottle more in hopes of a new day only to wake to the same old thing. When I was drinking I had a job, (barely), I had an apartment, but got evicted, I had a cell phone with no minutes and I had a car, but no drivers license.

These are all problems due to excess selfishness and failure to be accountable to our responsibilities. They are preventable and sad and there is a way to change. Get sober, period. Today, my life is better than it has ever been and its a direct result of The Grace of God and I take no credit for anything. My problems now consist of running out of cat food or having the car fixed or making sure rent is payed on time. Today I don’t just have a job, which means Just-Over-Broke, I have a career and I go to school. My biggest problem today is making sure I get good grade. These are my problems today and I love them.

When I came to Christ, He changed me, and is continuing to change me in way I never thought possible. One thing I have to remember is the problems I have today, are a heck of a lot better than they used to be, and there not as big as God. I have to remember that we serve a big God and nothing is to big for God.  The only thing that stops us from giving our problems to God is when we give our problems to man. Big mistake I have found out, even though I love my friends I have today, they are still human and still let us down. I have to hand them over to a loving God before anything, then He guides me in the right way.

Today I still have problem, I am human, so I have them. But they are by far better problems than the life I lived before Christ. Today I don’t worry about going to jail, or for that fact, when I’m getting out of jail. Thats a problem I’m truly grateful for not having.

Thanks for reading!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Problems of a Different Kind.

  1. cool to meet another friend of Bill W who shares their experiences , strengths and hopes in an open forum . It has become one of my tools for my own recovery and hopefully if folks pop by my page that it gives food for thought .. I will be stopping by often .. till then take care

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