Judgement Day.

You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgement do the same things.–Romans 2:1

Sitting here reading scripture this morning, these verse hit me between the eyes and I couldn’t help but to blog about it. What a way to start the morning off with an open heart conversation with my heavenly father and a cup of coffee. But most importantly how He told me not to judge. Now this is really something to here first thing in the morning but I listened. I listened to Him and I listened to my heart and I have been judgmental in more ways than one. Never even realizing it untill the Lord pointed it out this morning.

One way I can be judgmental is in my thoughts. My thoughts sometimes can really make me think “did I just think that?” Then I realize that I did and move on about my business.  But as Christians we are to repent of all wrong thinking and let the Lord direct our thinking; How do we do that? One way I have learned is that I remember way back when God saved me and He never judged me. He offered Grace and Mercy and we are expected to do the same. I still have these thoughts, and when I do I try to give them over to God.

I also have a way of judging myself based on other people’s material possessions.  This is called Envy and its one of the deadly sins. Sometimes I see what other people have and I start drifting down fairy tale land thinking “what it would be like if I had that car or house?” I have a tenancy sometimes of looking at the outside and not the inside.When these thoughts pop up I have to remember that God loves me right were I am. I cannot look at others treasure’s and dream about them because that is Idolatry and I’m not looking to replace God.

In the culture we live in if you don’t have the right last name or a big bank account, you mean nothing. Especially in school were judging people is as active as immoral sex.  I know in the high school I went to basically if your last name wasn’t what people wanted to hear, you were overlooked and rejected. I know I was because my last name didn’t match the cool kids in class and my parents were poor so I got overlooked many times. Though I tried to fit in, it just never happened because of who I was. In their eyes I wasn’t anything which was very hurtful. So out of rejection and despair I acted out in high school which in the end, I did get the attention, just not the right kind.

Today I don’t concern my self with who people are just whether or not they know Jesus, because in the end, that’s what its all about. Sure, I can still be judgmental, I am only human but I have the grace of Christ to see me through every situation. He loves me right were I am and with that, I have learned to love people right were there at today.


2 thoughts on “Judgement Day.

  1. Hi Scott, a Christian on another Blog had the same focus as you today and I have often written about judging, one good thing is when we stand before God as a Born again Christian it won’t be for punishment but just to give account for our rewards…how good is that.

    We all have weaknesses and shortcomings this is why we can’t judge them in others it’s like looking in a mirror but sin is differant God tells us to rebuke and warn those who sin in the Church without repentance and we will if we Love them, who wants to see anyone suffer for sin especially those in the Body of Christ our Brothers and Sisters but of course we don’t judge them with our own agenda but God’s.

    Scott with all your weaknesses and faults or warts as some call them, others call sin warts but I’m talking about shortcomings ? you have a great focus in your Love for God which is important as is our Love for others, your my Brother in the Lord and are honest and say it as you feel it and it is not a sin to feel and have emotions they are a gift from God, yes if they are negative we need to seek God not repress them, it is not a sin to be angry it’s what we do about it that’s important or what’s causing it needs to be resolved in others or ourselves…we remember Jesus got the whip out but why? it was for Love

    I’m still working on the Awards, I was going to explain how to attach them but noticed
    you have done this with the Kreativ Blogger Award but if you have forgotten let me know again.

    Christian Love Anne.

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