New Creation.

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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here! —2 Corinthians 5:17

I will be the first to tell you that living the Christian life is not always easy. Jesus said we would suffer for He suffered and let me just say this guy has had his share of suffering. Not all the time, but I have had my seasons for sure, and I’m so glad this scripture came across my lap this morning, more like hit me between the eyes. If Christians really lived by this verse, I think more unbelievers would want to come to the Lord.

When we come to Christ in all brokenness, we give Him our old life and He gives us a new one. From the inside out He starts creating Men and Woman that are capable of doing anything with His help. So my question is, why do so many Christians act like their not saved? Several reasons I’m sure but maybe the biggest reason I found out is they don’t learn to control their thoughts. This was something I was unaware of as a young Christian and still have trouble with sometimes is my thought life.

Sometimes the thoughts that run through my mind blows me away! They come in so unexpected and clever that sometimes I’m not sure whats going on. These thoughts are not terribly bad but I’m pretty sure not some that Christians should be having. I don’t get really upset when they creep in but concerned because if I’m a new creation, than why do these thoughts come in? Well, because I am human that’s the reason. It’s not so much the thoughts, but the actions behind those thoughts.

I have learned to toss those thoughts to the side because they are meaningless. It’s the actions those thoughts is when it becomes a problem. Like I can have thoughts about alcohol, sure, I used to be one, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to take a drink. Now if I let the thought consume my very being, then more and likely a drink is next. If I think through the tape, usually I can see the outcome and it’s not very good.

People don’t realize the impact our thought life has on us but the good news is we can control our thoughts. Basically, thinking about our thoughts. Sounds a little crazy but true. I we think about what were thinking about we can control these thoughts with prayer and scripture. Thats the only way, because like it says in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, without a total physic change, the same man will drink again.  This has been proven time and time again by recovering alcoholics everywhere by the way they live and behave.

I Know today my thought life is on a higher level than it used to be. I used to only think about getting drunk and having sex with the girl on the dance floor, today I think about things that are really important in life-like God, family, and friends. God has shown me how to control my thoughts and at the same time learn about Him through His word. Remembering that I am a new creation in Christ!

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!


3 thoughts on “New Creation.

  1. Awesome post .. I know for sure that if I hadn’t accepted that there was something bigger than me … of my understanding I would not be here clean/sober today . It also say’s in our literature that it needs to be a daily spiritual connection .. even if it is just “Thank You ” for my day or night ..

  2. I like your post 🙂 I would agree, I’ve struggled so much with my thoughts, especially thoughts of insecurity and low self worth. A pastor gave me a list of verses about our identity in Christ and I typed them up and added some of my own, that’s where I got my identity in Christ post from :0). Hope your day is blessed.

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