Professionals built the Titanic, Amateurs built the Ark…

RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10,...

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Can you guess which one sunk? Yup, you guessed right, the mighty unsinkable ship built by thousands of men and a lot of money, hit the ice burg and split in half like a walnut. The Arc, built by Noah, with blueprints from God, loaded with every animal and all of Noah’s family, sailed the flood and made it safe. Noah restarted civilization as we know it guided by God; The Titanic, well it still lays at rest at the bottom of the sea with movies and songs being made about it.

This world we live in today is as fake as a three dollar bill. Everyone rushes around for no clear reason  trying to be something there not. I once applied to be a Kitchen Manager of a restaurant a few years back and they told me because I don’t have a degree, they couldn’t hire me. Even though my credentials speak for themselves and I know the restaurant business like the back of my hand, I didn’t have a piece of paper to prove I was smart, so I was denied. I’m not worried though because the college I work for now is such a great place, they seen my credentials and hired me. Not because of anything I did, but by the grace of God.

I’m going to college now, but not for the reasons a lot of people do. I have a great job, and when I do graduate, it’s not saying that I’m getting another job, its been a personal goal of mine since I was a child to get my bachelors degree. Plus it does look good on a résumé if I ever decide to look elsewhere for a career. God uses everyday, broke down, self-destructive, and on occasion temperamental people like me, to carry out His plan. I don’t argue, I just do it because in the end, I no it will be a success because it was ordained by God.

To many people in this world, even Christians get big-headed about life in general and they sink like the Titanic. People try to push Christianity down people’s throat claiming one thing and doing another. This is the world today and sad to say that theirs more hypocrisy in the church, than any other place on the planet. If you’re not part of the “it crowd” even in church, you get overlooked. Sometimes its like an adult high school.

      I try to live the best way I know how for Christ, and quite frankly, it has worked, because I have to do the foot work. I sank like the Titanic before, and I don’t want to do it again. I have to stay humble about every situation that is put before me and realize its a gift from God. I don’t prance around waiving the Jesus card in people faces only to do the exact opposite that some people do. Christ called us to love one another as He loved us, and if He called us to do this, why are their Christians that are cold and   without love? Probably because they really don’t have a relationship with Jesus would be my first guess.

    You can know Jesus, but not have a relationship with Him and this is the first of the Commandments. I used to be the one that new Jesus, but didn’t have a relationship with Him. Today, I can honestly say I have a relationship with Christ. Its deep, true, and pure and I absolutely love it. It’s  better than any relationship I have ever had, and that’s why its important to me to write this blog. Jesus loves us right were we are. I’m not going to find Him in the “it crowd” at church or the rituals a lot of people believe in today. I find Him in my heart and in the very book that was wrote about Him, the Bible. I go to church to hear God and listen to Him  and the fellowship with other believers is a blessing.

Today, I don’t want to sink like the Titanic, I want to be strong like the Ark. How about you my friend? Has life and the people in life beat you down with all the hypocrisy? Cast your care on Jesus and let Him give you strength.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!

“There is no fear of God before their eyes”– Romans 3:18


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