Heart of a Champion.


Christ (Photo credit: npatterson)

   I had to go there to get here. I had to go to the depths of hell to stand on the mountain. I had to fall to the wayside, to find the true gift of life that Christ offers. Uncompromising, compassionate, majestic, and the most controversial figure known to humanity, Jesus, has given me a heart of a champion.

     Have you ever watched a great athlete during at the top of their game? Watching them just gives you chills because nothing phases them. Their the one’s that keep getting better, day in and day out their game is better. After watching them you realize the amount of practice and hard work they put into being the best. Blood, sweet, and tears are what they are made of all the while be reduced to a loaf of bread when they fail.

     Now, if these athletes work that hard to be the best, then as a Christian, shouldn’t we work even harder to be the best? Absolutely. Christian, we need to pray more, read more, and be more like Christ everyday. Christ gave us a new heart, a heart of a champion for Christ was the greatest champion ever. Today, i try to live like a champion, like Christ, and I will not succumb to anything this world has to offer. “He is Risen” will be chanted among Christians next Sunday and the real question is, has Christ risen in you and given you a heart of a champion, or are you just a “two a year Christian?”

   You know, the ones that only come to church on Easter and Christmas because it’s the right thing to do. The ones that come and make an appearance, sit in the back and say “Amen” while their skin is crawling because they had too much to drink the night before. Yes, many people world-wide, only celebrate twice a year. Sad to think that people only celebrate what Christ did for us two days out of the year and sadly, many Christians do too.

      Why? Because it’s not cool to be a Christian. It’s not popular to live by a set of morals given by our heavenly father. It’s not cool to have a heart for God and people and it sure isn’t cool to go to church more than twice a year. Sad. When to think God gave his only Son to die on that Cross so we could have a relationship with Him, and people only want to spend two days with Him.

    To have a heart of a champion it requires work and that means going to church more than twice a year. It means being the unpopular and criticized for doing whats right and standing up for what you believe in. Yes it even means to praise God through thick and thin, during the storms and the silence, and unwavering faith in Christ Jesus. He was and always is and ever will be Jesus, and we as Christians need to have the heart of a champion that He gave us.

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    Be Blessed!!!!!!!!


Hooking Up, Shacking Up, Divorce….

Divorce Your Speed

Divorce Your Speed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I was 21 I fell madly in love with a young woman who made me feel complete. She had the bluest eyes and sweetest smile and had a way of loving me that I never knew before. After a month or so, we decided she should move in and it was all down hill after that. To make a long story short she left me for another man, but the good news is were both Christians and very good friends. The hurt I felt through that whole ordeal was more than I could bear, and it sent me into a month of drinking, drugging, sex, and violent behavior. It was only when I gave my heart to Christ, that the healing began.


This story sounds a lot like whats going on in our society today. people hooking up, shacking up, and in the end getting a divorce because they move to fast. Relationships and marriages mean little today because no one wants to fight for their love. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions and realize they cannot play the silly little games they once did. Marriage to me is serious business, and when the God blesses me with the one He wants me to be with, I will love and obey her. I will be the man she always wanted and whisper “sweet nothings” in her ear while eating ice cream. I will make a wish up to heaven and make her want to cry and I will pray with her everyday and every night.


These things can only happen through Christ, period. Without Christ there nothing but empty, hollow and meaningless enigmas looking for a way out. Society today says love is a feeling or some cosmic force that only happens to certain people. Love is a choice, not a feeling. Love is a call to action to love God, our wife’s and children and our fellow-man. Like Paul said,” When I became a man, I put childish things away,” and this means putting away the old self, the old pathetic womanizer and love like crazy with you wife, not the neighbors girlfriend or husband.


This pathetic society we live in has no courage anymore. When trouble hits the home front its get a divorce and try again with someone else. Try again with someone else, only to be left in the dust for another and another till the time comes when your empty and have nothing left. Domestic violence, same-sex marriage (yes I said it, get over it) adultery, unfaithfulness are running ramped today for one reason. No Christ. (Before I get attacked by the political correct police let me clear one thing up before I continue. I do not in any way accept or praise homosexuality or same-sex marriage, notice, I referenced the behavior not the person. I hate no one, I hate the sin, there’s a difference.)


No Christ, no love. Know Christ, then you’ll know love. You will find the greatest love know to mankind. A love that makes the water still and the winds calm, this is true love. When we put our lives and relationships in Christ, they will withstand any tide Satan sends. But we also have to be willing to work for that love as well. We have to be willing to sacrifice the ways of this world and   love Christ, and He will provide us with a marriage beyond our wildest dreams.


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I Wish, I Wish.

Screenshot from the trailer for the film King ...

Screenshot from the trailer for the film King of Kings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star that the one you loved, the one you lost, was standing next to you to venture into a life only ordained by God? How about skipping rocks on a river with that special someone, while the sunlight hits her hair just right, there’s sparkle all around? Longing for that first kiss, butterflies in the stomach, shakes, cold sweets and nervousness brought on by the true beauty of a woman, I know I have and its wonderful.

This longing we have as men, to be the warrior and fight for the beauty has all but alluded society and what we have is a society of weak boys. Men wishing they could do this or that, wishing they could fight for that one true love, but are to coward to do anything about it. The men I see today are nothing like were called to be, and I wish they were. I wish they leaders would lead, and I wish men would be men. I want to be the man God called me to be and I want to love wild and free like Christ loved us.

Please, understand I am not perfect nor do I want to be. I tried to pretend I was perfect once and it got me into a lot of trouble. But i will tell you that this life God has blessed me with, is by far better than it used to be. I’ve wrote a few posts about the men of this country and the severity of what is to come if they don’t change,if we don’t change. I include myself because I’m no different, the advantage I have is I try to follow Christ. I have a deep love for the King of Kings because He turned me into the man I am today. He took this dead man walking from the streets of hell and given me more than I could ever wish for.

We need more Godly men. We need more God fear, Christ following men instead of the punks we have today. Strong language? Probably. Truth? Absolutely. Take a look around, men pile up at the video store to grab the latest porn or video game instead of being home loving their wife and kids. Their falling off of bar stools and chasing woman other than the one they should be chasing all the while getting a phone call from another woman saying she has a baby on the way and its yours. These are the men that this country holds on a pedestal and says their just being men, and these are the things men do.

I wish more men read the bible and they would see that these types of behaviors are far from being a real man, in fact they give real men a bad name. But its not to late to change. Its never to late to accept what Christ has to offer and become the Godly man you were called to be. When He offered me the free gift of salvation, and He told me to give Him everything I had I was in awe! To think that the Majestic King of Kings, wanted me, it brought me to my knees with a tear in my eye.

So, I wish and I pray, this message pricks your heart and spark’s your mind because we need more Men of God.

Thanks for reading!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!

Self-Help is NO help.

Winfrey on the first national broadcast of The...

Winfrey on the first national broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This pathetic society we live in today has so many crazy ideas of self-improvement, it’s a wonder why there isn’t more productive people out there. The reason is every time some new quack comes up with something new, everyone rushes to try it, only to be left empty and irritated. This society will do anything to find happiness and joy and spend all kinds of money to do it. T.V. shows and books about improving one-self, all the while these cheap schemes are taking our money and soul.

Have you ever noticed these jokers don’t last long? They don’t last long because their preaching false information to people, and when you do that, your career will be short-lived. I used to work with a girl who tried just about ever motivation and self-help concept on the market, only to be unfulfilled and unhappy in a few short weeks. They all preach positive thoughts lead to a positive life, which is true if you do it the right way. Jesus said” self-help is no help at all”, and without Him, how can we even try to live a descent life? Truth is you can’t.

The reason these pathetic cures for life’s problems never work is because there not ordained by God. He is the only one that will heal an aching heart and wash away our sin. No motivation speaker, no matter how positive they are, can save your soul. It is by Him and through Him that anything is possible not Oprah. People always look to other ways of improvement when Christ is right there saying “Come unto me, you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”, that’s good news!!! He, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the majestic father wants to give us, rest! You have to be excited to know that, I no I am, and it gives me chills every time.

The only way we can improve, is by letting Christ into our filthy hearts. Come as you are, and He does the rest, just come.

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New Stuff!!!!

These are Rocky Mountain Horses, which apparen...

These are Rocky Mountain Horses, which apparently have a different gait than normal ones. I really couldn't tell, since this was my first time horseback riding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all! OK so I have done some redecorating to my blog. I added two very special awards that I received from two special people, Ann and Ron. They nominated me for more awards and hopefully I’ll have them up in a couple weeks. One is the Candlelight Award and the other is the Genuine Blogger award and i accept them humbly and very thankfully. Anne and Ron have been very supportive of my blog since the beginning and I just want to say thank you Anne and Ron!

This brings me to the second thing i have added which is in my blog roll. There you will find a new link called Ranch of Hope. The Ranch of Hope is a new ministry my church has started designed to teach children the love of Christ, and horseback riding. We will be posting at least one to two times a week and I say we because theres 3 of us in charge of the blog. They asked me because I have just a little bit of experience in blogging, and they kinda like it!

I have also added another link called TAYA, which stands for teens and young adults. This is another great ministry started by a wonderful couple at my church. The purpose: To support and teach teens and young adults the very truth of Christ, dealing with some hot topics that teens and young adults face today like sex, homosexuality, dating ect. So check it out and see whats going on!

I have been so richly blessed blogging over the past few months and hopefully, you guys have enjoyed it also. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post!!!

Thanks for reading!!! be Blessed!!!!

Someone Beautiful #2

Crucifixion Statue 4

Crucifixion Statue 4 (Photo credit: DrGBB)

Earlier in my blog I wrote a post called “Someone Beautiful,” and today I am going to expand on that a little. I like the title, so here is Someone Beautiful #2, enjoy!!

       When I was growing up I always tried to fit in. I wanted to hang out with the” cool kids,” because it seemed that all of them had something going for them. I mean they had nice rides, nice girlfriends, nice houses, and they always seemed happy. They were beautiful according to the worlds standards, but on the inside, the were shallow and heartless and  for some weird reason, I wanted to be just like them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right last name, I didn’t have parents with a lot of money, and I was the ugly fat kid standing in the corner feeling alone.

My whole life I wanted to be beautiful, and I wanted someone beautiful in my life to love and cherish, to respect, to fight for, and most importantly to hold on starlight night while watching the river flow downstream. I wanted to be the man of the house, be the one that my love would come home to and kiss,and tell me about her day. When I was a child I dreamed  of these things, I craved these things, and I chased these things into adult hood only to see  them stripped away by my own prison and selfishness.

This isn’t much different from society today, especially with our teens and in our schools. If you don’t have the right last name, parents with a lot of money, or  clothes that resemble Wal-Mart and not Hollywood, your chances of making it can be slim. This is what the world looks at and just this; your outside, period. Unfortunately, this even happens among Christians and in the church these days. If you’re not part of the “cool club” in church, you seem to get cast out like the demons that Jesus casted out and sent to the pigs. Strong language I understand, but isn’t it true? I have felt it at my church sometimes, inadequate to go to church because I didn’t fit in. Imagine that, trying to fit in at church!

One of the biggest lessons I have learned since I gave up chasing the pathetic things the world has to offer, and turned to the Lord is that He doesn’t want us to fit in. How amazing is that, I don’t have to fit in because Jesus didn’t fit in. In fact, He did everything the exact opposite of fitting in and was crucified on the Cross for it.  This is such a relief because it is foolishness chasing after things that don’t matter, but Jesus, He’s the reason for this life, period.

I have found “someone beautiful” and his name is Jesus Christ. He picked me up out of the ashes and loved me until I could love myself. He has shown me grace and mercy freely and catches the tears when I cry. He said to me”Scott, I don’t care if you’re the ugly fat kid, just come to me and let me love you.” Christ is compassionate and caring, majestic and Holy. he is the King of Kings, the Prince of Piece, He is that “someone beautiful” that I always wanted and always longed for.

    Are you chasing the things of this world today? Are you a teen or young adult who has all but given themselves to unprotected sex, drug addiction or alcoholism? Cutting or suicide? Please read these words I write as a love poem of life and salvation to you: Christ died for you! He loves you right were you are and is very, very interested in you. He loves you more than the mind can conceive and He longs for you  and cry’s for you and weeps for you. His love is passionate and amazing, He is that “Someone Beautiful” you’re looking for, will you let Him give you a Holy kiss today?


You Are More.


Jesus (Photo credit: madam3181)

The unproductive, disillusioned society we live in today has a way of really hurting people. The biggest weapon is the words that come out of people’s mouths, used by that nasty muscle in our face, the tongue. The tongue has brought more disaster to this world than a nuclear attack, just for the fact the tongue, and the garbage we spew, hits to the soul and the heart of civilization. So many bad things has been brought about by the tongue and no one even seems to care.

Growing up, I was always told that I wouldn’t amount too much in life. Not by mom or sister, but other people in my life, including some friends that I insisted on hanging out with because they were “the cool kids”, it didn’t matter if they called me fat or dumb or ugly, I just wanted to hang out with them for the satisfaction in a weird way, I was wanted. I felt wanted by these jokers and that was all that matter. It didn’t matter if the words they were speaking were destroying my life and turning my soul into a hollow pit, what mattered is I felt wanted. How sad.

But is it? In these days we live in, especially our teens, go through more turmoil and hatred in school than ever before. They are pear pressured to do things they normally wouldn’t do and in the end, have succumbed to the idea that they are worthless, loveless and unwanted and nothing else matters other than emptiness for the soul purpose that it feels good. How can emptiness feel so good in a land of abundance, or are we really abundant at all? Jesus says, “He provides the abundant life,” and if that’s the case, why is their so many not living to the abundance that Jesus talks of?

The abundance Jesus talks about is a life based on Him and only Him and He provides everything we need. It may not be popular or cool, but that’s the beauty of it, its not supposed to be popular or cool!! Jesus was by far the the unpopular guy, and by His death on the cross, He became the most popular, period. We don’t have to be concerned with what the “cool kids” say because Jesus died for us. Yes the words and things people do can be very hurtful, but when we get into the word and listen to what God says about us, we can solidify the fact that He is for us. If He is for us, then who could be against us?

America the beautiful, but how can we be beautiful if Christ has been removed from everything? How can we be the land of the free if people don’t know the only one who can set us free. Prayer has been taken out of our schools and our government, one could understand why theres such turmoil in the country we live in. just the other day I heard about an atheist group trying to remove the cross from “ground zero” in New York because the cross was causing them to have headaches and nausea. Good!!! That just means the cross that Christ died for is working!

You are more than what this world says. You don’t have to have a pocket full of money or nice cars to prove anything. God loves you just were you are and thats the most important thing. He loves you more than you can even imagine and wants the best for you. Yes it may not be popular or cool, but who cares, being popular and cool only brings emptiness and shallowness. In Christ we are royalty and privileged and called to run our race.

So, dear friend, are you royalty today? Come to know the true King and the world and everything in it will fall to the wayside and no longer have to worry about what cool or popular things. Remember, you are more.

Thanks for reading!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!