You were Saying?

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When I was a young Christian trying hard to walk with God, I came to  point when my prayers felt like they were bouncing off the walls. Every prayer I sent up, seemed like they were just coming back and hitting the floor.I cried out desperately to God, time and time again and I felt like He had just abandoned me. I felt as if I was back in the street living like a criminal again because He wasn’t listening or, in all possibility, had given up on me. Who could blame Him, everyone else in my life had given up on me so why wouldn’t God?

I kept faithful, kept praying and kept doing the things I felt were right, but I still sensed I wasn’t getting anywhere. This wasn’t the way I had expected sobriety, let alone the Christian Life. I was becoming doubtful and afraid and under it all, was down right mad.” How could this loving God that had brought me from the depths of hell, just hang me out to dry now?” These were the thoughts I had while walking on the river one morning.

As i walked the river that morning I never felt better. My eyes were clear and bright and out of the corner of my eye I seen the sun come up through the dew on the tree. The ducks were talking and the river was crystal clear. As I stopped for a second to look around at God’s wonderful creation, God spoke to me that morning “You were saying?” At that very moment as I stood in awe of His wonder, I realized that those prayers I felt were bouncing off the walls, those prayers I felt were just falling back to the floor, were all heard and received by God. I was just being to selfish and impatient to hear.

It wasn’t just a dream that I had that I woke up one morning and I wasn’t on the streets anymore. God did save me, He brought me from the hell on earth that I lived and put me on solid ground. So, when he said to me that morning “You were saying?’ reminded me of who’s in charge and He always has my back. God does here all of my prayers, it’s me that’s impatient with God and try to do things my way. I believe sometimes we go through seasons like this so God can see exactly were our heart is.

With this society as messed up as it is today, its easy to get distracted and go on our own. If there’s one thing I have learned its to take a step back and listen to whats going on around me. Usually God is trying to tell me something that I’m to ignorant to see. More times than often I fail and miss the opportunity God has for me. This is why I try to slow down and realize He is God. He knows exactly whats going on and He doesn’t need my help.

Oh what an amazing life it is today. Learning and experiencing things that I never did and its all by the direct result of a loving God. God did not bring me here to just drop me off and let me do things my way. Nope, not at all because my way is terrible. My way results in long nights in the local bar and random affairs with woman. This is my way. Gods way is so much better. An everlasting love and the promise of a lifetime, “I will not leave you, nor forsake you.” That’s a promise I have believe in to the bottom of my soul.

Thanks for reading!!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!


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