Spring and Ice Cream.


Spring (Photo credit: Chiot's Run)

It’s Almost SPRING!!!

          Its March!!! Which means, it’s almost SPRING!!! This is by far my favorite time of the year because this is when we see Gods artistic ability in full force. The changing of the leaves, the green grass, warmer temperature and of course, ice cream. As some of you already know, other than being a Christian, these are my two favorite things, spring and ice cream. God wasn’t messing around when He came up with these two, that’s for sure. Now living in Michigan sometimes plays games on us, because most of the time we don’t know what the weather will be like until we wake up, one day it can be 70 and beautiful, and the next day a full on sought blizzard.

      The Spring for me means a fresh start to get things right. Which I love because I often mess things up everyday, so I need a fresh start. Being a Christian allows me the opportunity for a fresh start everyday, true story, but for me, the change of weather helps out a great deal.Watching the leaves in the trees turn colors and people’s attitudes always seem to change when the weather changes as well. Like a woman in all her splendor and beauty, so is God in all His glory.

      This time of the year I love walking by the river in her majestic force, feeding the ducks, and sometimes, almost getting attacked by them, and yes there just happens to be an ice cream stand right around the corner. To me, ice cream says it all, and a lot of company’s unveil new kinds of ice cream in the spring as well. That’s my favorite, trying new kinds of ice cream, like the other night I had Chocolate covered cherry and chocolate ice cream, lets just say it made me tingle! Last year a well-known company in Michigan came out with a Blueberry Cobbler ice cream and lets just say I didn’t share with anyone.

        I love the way you can really smell spring, I mean come mid to late march, you can really start to feel it to. Not always is it nice though, sometime it rains and in good ol Michigan, its been known to snow all the way till April, but to me it’s still Spring. I enjoy these things because I can. Not just because I’m single, but because today, I am alive in Christ. He is the reason I can enjoy it because He saved me from the pit of hell I used to dance in. He took me by the hand and said “Come” and I haven’t looked back.

      Before I came to the Lord, i hated the warm weather because I would get dehydrated faster with all the alcohol I would put down my throat. After a night of hard-drinking and chasing woman, stepping out in the hot air was the last thing I wanted to do. Not today though. I love the warmer temps and the beauty that comes with it.

    Thanks for reading!!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Spring and Ice Cream.

  1. You have such a talent for descriptive words! Your metaphors are also so very beutiful especially this one:
    // Like a woman in all her splendor and beauty, so is God in all His glory.//

    It reminds me of when Jesus says that even Solomon in all his splendor was not as one of the lilies of the field. I love the Biblical language.

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