A Sense of Belonging.

Hollywood Tower Apartments

Hollywood Tower Apartments (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

The society we live in today is all about Big Cars, Big Houses, Big Hair, and too much make up and not enough face. We take great pride in trying to be someone were not because “Hollywood” says its O.K. I think it’s rather funny when one of the Hollywood starlets starts a new trend and the next thing you that new trend is seen all over the place. I remember when Paris Hilton coined the phrase “that’s hot” just simply meaning something was cool, and the next thing you know the world was saying. I hate that phrase with a passion! How about when those cheesy sunglasses that Brittany Spears started to wear? Man within a few seconds it seemed like, they were on the faces of every teenage girl in the country.

This is the problem today; No one wants to be themselves anymore. No one wants to get real and stop being fake. Being fake today is “cool” and “hip”, so that way no one really gets to know the real you. How sad. We strive so hard to be someone else when were missing the most beautiful person, you. We are the most beautiful people we will ever meet. No one else can be you, God created you wonderfully and beautiful for no other reason to serve Him.

Before I came to the Lord I had a bad sense of belonging. I belonged to the bars and hookers. Cops and lawyers and the judges were my master. Alcohol consumed me like poison from a viper and I couldn’t stop. My sense of belonging was shattered and hopeless and I tried to fit in, but failed. Time and time again I turned to “booze” and “the woman who understood” to fit in, because they were the only ones that knew what I was talking about. The woman of the night and the snakes poison had me, engulfed in a life of nothingness, looking for nothing, and living for nothing. Sadly, this is the way many people live today.

I have found there is good news. Good news for life and salvation, and His name is Jesus Christ. He has done more for me than any human could ever possibly think about and I’m so grateful today. Today I have a sense of belonging, and that belonging is in Christ Jesus. He loves me for me and teaches me everyday how to be a true Man of God. When Christ took a hold of me and put me on solid ground and he breathed the breath of life into me, that was the first time I ever felt “comfortable in my own skin,” and has it been awesome.

So many people, beautiful people in the world today, and they don’t even know how beautiful they are. There is one who knows. There is one how can love you more than you could ever imagine. There is one who will give you the strength to proceed and  the strength to believe, that one is Christ. Will you let Him love you today?

Thanks for reading!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!


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