Someone Beautiful #2

Crucifixion Statue 4

Crucifixion Statue 4 (Photo credit: DrGBB)

Earlier in my blog I wrote a post called “Someone Beautiful,” and today I am going to expand on that a little. I like the title, so here is Someone Beautiful #2, enjoy!!

       When I was growing up I always tried to fit in. I wanted to hang out with the” cool kids,” because it seemed that all of them had something going for them. I mean they had nice rides, nice girlfriends, nice houses, and they always seemed happy. They were beautiful according to the worlds standards, but on the inside, the were shallow and heartless and  for some weird reason, I wanted to be just like them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right last name, I didn’t have parents with a lot of money, and I was the ugly fat kid standing in the corner feeling alone.

My whole life I wanted to be beautiful, and I wanted someone beautiful in my life to love and cherish, to respect, to fight for, and most importantly to hold on starlight night while watching the river flow downstream. I wanted to be the man of the house, be the one that my love would come home to and kiss,and tell me about her day. When I was a child I dreamed  of these things, I craved these things, and I chased these things into adult hood only to see  them stripped away by my own prison and selfishness.

This isn’t much different from society today, especially with our teens and in our schools. If you don’t have the right last name, parents with a lot of money, or  clothes that resemble Wal-Mart and not Hollywood, your chances of making it can be slim. This is what the world looks at and just this; your outside, period. Unfortunately, this even happens among Christians and in the church these days. If you’re not part of the “cool club” in church, you seem to get cast out like the demons that Jesus casted out and sent to the pigs. Strong language I understand, but isn’t it true? I have felt it at my church sometimes, inadequate to go to church because I didn’t fit in. Imagine that, trying to fit in at church!

One of the biggest lessons I have learned since I gave up chasing the pathetic things the world has to offer, and turned to the Lord is that He doesn’t want us to fit in. How amazing is that, I don’t have to fit in because Jesus didn’t fit in. In fact, He did everything the exact opposite of fitting in and was crucified on the Cross for it.  This is such a relief because it is foolishness chasing after things that don’t matter, but Jesus, He’s the reason for this life, period.

I have found “someone beautiful” and his name is Jesus Christ. He picked me up out of the ashes and loved me until I could love myself. He has shown me grace and mercy freely and catches the tears when I cry. He said to me”Scott, I don’t care if you’re the ugly fat kid, just come to me and let me love you.” Christ is compassionate and caring, majestic and Holy. he is the King of Kings, the Prince of Piece, He is that “someone beautiful” that I always wanted and always longed for.

    Are you chasing the things of this world today? Are you a teen or young adult who has all but given themselves to unprotected sex, drug addiction or alcoholism? Cutting or suicide? Please read these words I write as a love poem of life and salvation to you: Christ died for you! He loves you right were you are and is very, very interested in you. He loves you more than the mind can conceive and He longs for you  and cry’s for you and weeps for you. His love is passionate and amazing, He is that “Someone Beautiful” you’re looking for, will you let Him give you a Holy kiss today?



3 thoughts on “Someone Beautiful #2

  1. That’s awesome Scott! I know we went to school together, but I was so shy I never talked to anyone that didn’t talk to me first! I remember you though! You are someone beautiful to God and your sisters and brothers in Christ!

    Sincerely 🙂
    Kelli Bounds

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