New Stuff!!!!

These are Rocky Mountain Horses, which apparen...

These are Rocky Mountain Horses, which apparently have a different gait than normal ones. I really couldn't tell, since this was my first time horseback riding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all! OK so I have done some redecorating to my blog. I added two very special awards that I received from two special people, Ann and Ron. They nominated me for more awards and hopefully I’ll have them up in a couple weeks. One is the Candlelight Award and the other is the Genuine Blogger award and i accept them humbly and very thankfully. Anne and Ron have been very supportive of my blog since the beginning and I just want to say thank you Anne and Ron!

This brings me to the second thing i have added which is in my blog roll. There you will find a new link called Ranch of Hope. The Ranch of Hope is a new ministry my church has started designed to teach children the love of Christ, and horseback riding. We will be posting at least one to two times a week and I say we because theres 3 of us in charge of the blog. They asked me because I have just a little bit of experience in blogging, and they kinda like it!

I have also added another link called TAYA, which stands for teens and young adults. This is another great ministry started by a wonderful couple at my church. The purpose: To support and teach teens and young adults the very truth of Christ, dealing with some hot topics that teens and young adults face today like sex, homosexuality, dating ect. So check it out and see whats going on!

I have been so richly blessed blogging over the past few months and hopefully, you guys have enjoyed it also. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post!!!

Thanks for reading!!! be Blessed!!!!


2 thoughts on “New Stuff!!!!

  1. Dear Scott you too have been a blessing to us and what we would like to do is Reblog one of your messages, to Spotlight you and your Ministry,we would normally select one but if you are like us there is sure to be a message of yours close to your heart that you would like to encourage and uplift others with which we would be happy to Reblog for you.

    The message I was very touched by, was the Love you showed to your Sister, it reminded me of the Love my brother Johnny showed me as a little girl, I haven’t seen him since I was five but he told all of his friends like you did in regards to your Sister that he Loved me and I have held onto those words for many years and now Jesus my Spiritual Brother tells me all the time I LOVE YOU! How good is that!

    Below is a link for you that expresses my respect for your as your Spiritual Sister in the Lord thank you Brother for His Light that shines through you.

    Blog Post –

    We Love you in The Lord or as I mainly say… Christian Love Anne and many Blessings from both of us.

    • Hi Anne!!
      That would be great!! You can reblog that one you were talking about, and I would also like to reblog one of yours to. You have so many good ones so ill have to figure out witch one.

      In Christ

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