Self-Help is NO help.

Winfrey on the first national broadcast of The...

Winfrey on the first national broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This pathetic society we live in today has so many crazy ideas of self-improvement, it’s a wonder why there isn’t more productive people out there. The reason is every time some new quack comes up with something new, everyone rushes to try it, only to be left empty and irritated. This society will do anything to find happiness and joy and spend all kinds of money to do it. T.V. shows and books about improving one-self, all the while these cheap schemes are taking our money and soul.

Have you ever noticed these jokers don’t last long? They don’t last long because their preaching false information to people, and when you do that, your career will be short-lived. I used to work with a girl who tried just about ever motivation and self-help concept on the market, only to be unfulfilled and unhappy in a few short weeks. They all preach positive thoughts lead to a positive life, which is true if you do it the right way. Jesus said” self-help is no help at all”, and without Him, how can we even try to live a descent life? Truth is you can’t.

The reason these pathetic cures for life’s problems never work is because there not ordained by God. He is the only one that will heal an aching heart and wash away our sin. No motivation speaker, no matter how positive they are, can save your soul. It is by Him and through Him that anything is possible not Oprah. People always look to other ways of improvement when Christ is right there saying “Come unto me, you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”, that’s good news!!! He, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the majestic father wants to give us, rest! You have to be excited to know that, I no I am, and it gives me chills every time.

The only way we can improve, is by letting Christ into our filthy hearts. Come as you are, and He does the rest, just come.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!


5 thoughts on “Self-Help is NO help.

  1. I don’t mean to be a pain but

    /it’s a wonder why there isn’t more productive people out there./

    “isn’t” should be “aren’t”

    Other than that you make an excellent point. Self-help has gone off the deep end and we’ve forgotten the true source of our strength, the Blood of Jesus Christ.

  2. I’m glad you wrote this post as it brings up a topic that I often think about. There is a show on the Oprah channel this evening at 9pm about a school of enlightenment somewhere in Iowa. Apparently people have moved there for the sole purpose of attending this school to find a life of peace and happiness. There’s nothing wrong with bettering ourselves or finding ways to reduce our anxieties but Christ is the only way to true peace and joy in this life. Entering in to God’s rest is the only true lasting peace and happiness. I’ve pretty much tried everything else before I chose to look to Christ for the answer. But Christ is the answer, not self help or enlightenment gatherings. Great post and God bless!

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