I Wish, I Wish.

Screenshot from the trailer for the film King ...

Screenshot from the trailer for the film King of Kings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star that the one you loved, the one you lost, was standing next to you to venture into a life only ordained by God? How about skipping rocks on a river with that special someone, while the sunlight hits her hair just right, there’s sparkle all around? Longing for that first kiss, butterflies in the stomach, shakes, cold sweets and nervousness brought on by the true beauty of a woman, I know I have and its wonderful.

This longing we have as men, to be the warrior and fight for the beauty has all but alluded society and what we have is a society of weak boys. Men wishing they could do this or that, wishing they could fight for that one true love, but are to coward to do anything about it. The men I see today are nothing like were called to be, and I wish they were. I wish they leaders would lead, and I wish men would be men. I want to be the man God called me to be and I want to love wild and free like Christ loved us.

Please, understand I am not perfect nor do I want to be. I tried to pretend I was perfect once and it got me into a lot of trouble. But i will tell you that this life God has blessed me with, is by far better than it used to be. I’ve wrote a few posts about the men of this country and the severity of what is to come if they don’t change,if we don’t change. I include myself because I’m no different, the advantage I have is I try to follow Christ. I have a deep love for the King of Kings because He turned me into the man I am today. He took this dead man walking from the streets of hell and given me more than I could ever wish for.

We need more Godly men. We need more God fear, Christ following men instead of the punks we have today. Strong language? Probably. Truth? Absolutely. Take a look around, men pile up at the video store to grab the latest porn or video game instead of being home loving their wife and kids. Their falling off of bar stools and chasing woman other than the one they should be chasing all the while getting a phone call from another woman saying she has a baby on the way and its yours. These are the men that this country holds on a pedestal and says their just being men, and these are the things men do.

I wish more men read the bible and they would see that these types of behaviors are far from being a real man, in fact they give real men a bad name. But its not to late to change. Its never to late to accept what Christ has to offer and become the Godly man you were called to be. When He offered me the free gift of salvation, and He told me to give Him everything I had I was in awe! To think that the Majestic King of Kings, wanted me, it brought me to my knees with a tear in my eye.

So, I wish and I pray, this message pricks your heart and spark’s your mind because we need more Men of God.

Thanks for reading!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “I Wish, I Wish.

  1. we do need more Godly men!! Joseph from the Bible and the male saints are such good examples of what a man should be! (not to mention Jesus!) However unlike Jesus these men were not perfect and strove to walk in holiness and that is what makes their lives so inspiring.

    Oh and celibate men are very very manly!

  2. this is turning out to be a day of awesome reflections from men…this is the third wow! for today…thank you again, brother…this is so beautifully honest and such a BEAUTIFUL hope for men…God bless…

  3. I’m proud to say I have a few of those godly men in my life! It is my prayer that the men and fathers of this country rise up, be counted, and be a present-participle-active force in the lives of their wives, significant others, and their children. Hurray for your determination and courage to speak out on this subject. Sandy

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