Heart of a Champion.


Christ (Photo credit: npatterson)

   I had to go there to get here. I had to go to the depths of hell to stand on the mountain. I had to fall to the wayside, to find the true gift of life that Christ offers. Uncompromising, compassionate, majestic, and the most controversial figure known to humanity, Jesus, has given me a heart of a champion.

     Have you ever watched a great athlete during at the top of their game? Watching them just gives you chills because nothing phases them. Their the one’s that keep getting better, day in and day out their game is better. After watching them you realize the amount of practice and hard work they put into being the best. Blood, sweet, and tears are what they are made of all the while be reduced to a loaf of bread when they fail.

     Now, if these athletes work that hard to be the best, then as a Christian, shouldn’t we work even harder to be the best? Absolutely. Christian, we need to pray more, read more, and be more like Christ everyday. Christ gave us a new heart, a heart of a champion for Christ was the greatest champion ever. Today, i try to live like a champion, like Christ, and I will not succumb to anything this world has to offer. “He is Risen” will be chanted among Christians next Sunday and the real question is, has Christ risen in you and given you a heart of a champion, or are you just a “two a year Christian?”

   You know, the ones that only come to church on Easter and Christmas because it’s the right thing to do. The ones that come and make an appearance, sit in the back and say “Amen” while their skin is crawling because they had too much to drink the night before. Yes, many people world-wide, only celebrate twice a year. Sad to think that people only celebrate what Christ did for us two days out of the year and sadly, many Christians do too.

      Why? Because it’s not cool to be a Christian. It’s not popular to live by a set of morals given by our heavenly father. It’s not cool to have a heart for God and people and it sure isn’t cool to go to church more than twice a year. Sad. When to think God gave his only Son to die on that Cross so we could have a relationship with Him, and people only want to spend two days with Him.

    To have a heart of a champion it requires work and that means going to church more than twice a year. It means being the unpopular and criticized for doing whats right and standing up for what you believe in. Yes it even means to praise God through thick and thin, during the storms and the silence, and unwavering faith in Christ Jesus. He was and always is and ever will be Jesus, and we as Christians need to have the heart of a champion that He gave us.

     Thanks for reading!!!!

    Be Blessed!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Heart of a Champion.

  1. It’s really sad because in some countries people have to walk miles to get to church or even risk death for their beliefs…but here in America its a terrible inconvenience to have to get out of bed on Sunday morning.

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