The Passion.

This is by far my favorite time of the year, its Passion week!! This is the week our Lord made his triumphal entry and handed everything over to be crucified for us. having to carry his own cross, getting mocked and beaten, then hoisted to the cross to die an agonizing death  for the human race. This was His purpose, this was His passion; us. How often do we forget this one important thing, through all the playing church, putting on the Sunday masks and theological debates we forget that Jesus passion was us.

Through all the miracles Jesus performed, all the teachings, they were for us, to learn and then to share the words Jesus shared with us, to other people. Pretty simple huh? I mean think about it, we come to our bottom, ask Jesus into our hearts, confess our sins, go to church and bible studies, get involved with all sorts of other activities, and then we wonder why were flailing around after a few months, taken back by the “old self.”

Our Lord did the unthinkable by human standards, he died for us.

            He has also Risen!! How exciting is that, to know our God, sent His one and only son, to die for us, that tells me that God takes great joy in us, and loves us unconditionally. So why do we go on in our lives forgetting this one important truth? Why do we let Satan and His army attack us and drive us into temptation? Because we forget that no matter what we have done, nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ.

I know when I sin, I flounder around in self-pity for days, weeping and crying. I pray and it feels like an empty tomb and I read Gods word only to get more confused. Then I come to my senses like the prodigal son that I am, realize that self-pity is the Devils trap, confess my sins, and then I’m refreshed again. Sound familiar?

So during Passion week, don’t let the devil tear you down. Don’t let self-pity ruin your passion.

Thanks for reading!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Passion.

  1. Have you ever seen them do the passion reflection in Rome at the Colosseum? It is beautiful. You can’t ever forget what Jesus did and how many of the early Christians followed him.

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