Just DO it.

Air Jordan 1, Blue & Black these are NOT nike ...

Air Jordan 1, Blue & Black these are NOT nike Air Force Ones. Air Jordan 1 was not based on the Nike DUNK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. -John 1:22 

    Nike shoes coined this phrase years ago, “just do it,” and when you put these three little words into perspective, it’s what John was talking about in scripture. Hear the word, listen to the word, drink it in, and then go do it, simple right? I fight tooth and nail with what God wants me to do all the time because I don’t feel worthy to tackle the tasks He has called me to do. The good thing is I’m not alone, but the bad thing is there is a lot of Christians that do the same thing I do.

     Sometimes when he calls me to do something I sit back and say “Me Lord?” and when I do that, I’ve missed an opportunity to serve in a greater capacity and I’m left empty-handed. When i miss an opportunity to serve it really bother me because that means God wanted me to say something to someone, or do something to further the Kingdom, but in my own selfishness and arrogance I knew better than God. To think, I knew better than God, how sad.

    A few years ago I passed a church and on the sign out front it said “When God speaks, you better listen.” Wow, what a concept, if we as Christians actually did everything God called us to do what kind of place would this be? But we as humans have this great of thinking we know whats best for us and we miss the boat all together. And so it goes another chance and another missed opportunity, only once in a while we get it right and do what He wants us to do and not our own selfish desires.

     Now I’m not saying this is all Christians, I know a few that a right on Que with what God wants them to do, and I strive to be like them, that’s why I hang out with them because it seems like every time they pray, God is right there answering them, these are the people I need in my life because I’m still learning how to live, the way He wants me too.

    Through all the pain and hurt, I have learned one thing; God knows best, I don’t, so today I’ll let Him. This is the way and the only way it s to be, for if I cannot live by the way faith, hope and love, than whats the point? This is what its all about and nothing more:


    Thanks for reading!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Just DO it.

  1. Hi Scott thanks for your encouragment on our Blog it’s very much appreciated.

    “When God speaks, you better listen.”

    When we Love someone we hang onto every word they say, no one has to tell us or make us, we want to listen to them.

    When we Love God no one has to tell us not to hurt Him, we don’t want to with all of our heart and we seek how not to do so, in other words we want to know what hurts Him so we don’t hurt Him and then we didcover the Truth …. we don’t hurt Him when we are in Christ Jesus because we can’t hurt Him, we no longer do the things that did Hurt Him, we have been perfected in Love.

    Christian Love and Blessings from both of us – Anne

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