I had to go to that place, to get to this place.

Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery

Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With eye’s full of adultery, they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable; they are experts in greed–an accursed brood! 2 Peter 2:14

        While reading this morning this scripture came to me like a thief in the night. It reminds of the times before Christ when I was running the streets and being a whore.( Yes, men can be whore’s too.) It reminded me of all the times I spent chasing after things that never really mattered anyways and in all honestly, could careless about. I chose to live that life because that’s what I felt comfortable doing, I felt safe and wanted in a room full of people who didn’t want me.

         I had eyes full of adultery and I never stopped sinning because it’s what I wanted to do. Deep down, I really wanted to do good, but never knew how until I came to the Lord. The part that really strikes me is “an accursed brood!” and Peter used an exclamation point here for a reason to show the seriousness of it. How many people are out there now that are “an accursed brood?” Something to think about isn’t it?

       The society we live in today is full of ego’s clashing and false humility; false God‘s, unwed pregnancies and homosexuality, heck even the president is a crook. So how are we to live in a society full of greed and hate and such disrespect for one another? Well the answer is to be taken out of this world, not physically, but spiritually. When we come to Christ, we are no longer apart of the world nor do we chase what the world has to offer. Nope, Christ has better things for us. He has treasures in heaven for us and what a privilege it is to be called a “child of God.”

       I can hear the footsteps of my King, I can hear His heart beating and see the things He see’s for he has given me new life, and that my friends cannot be bought.

    Thanks for reading!! be Blessed!!!!!


2 thoughts on “I had to go to that place, to get to this place.

  1. No truer words have ever been spoken. Sometimes I almost allow myself to get pulled into the memory of old sins, but God doesn’t even know what I’m talking about because He’s forgiven me and wiped my slate clean. You always preach a good word! Sandy

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