This is were the healing begins.

The main cellblock taken by ghostieguide dec 2...

The main cellblock taken by ghostieguide dec 22 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Broken, tired, beat down from my own prison, I escaped into a world of complete darkness. I was hurting; hurting to the very core of my soul and the only thing that ever made it feel better was the bottle on the floor, or the mistress of the night. Lurking around every corner I searched for these things like a treasure hunter looking for lost treasure at the bottom of the ocean. I was all but forgotten in my little world and I had forgotten myself.

Traveling through bars and alleys, taverns and brothels, I tried to find this one thing, but I was unsure of what this one thing was. In my heart of hearts I knew, but couldn’t admit it, because I had lost all hope, so I figured He had lost hope in me also. Through the darkness and pain, I remain. I remain because He never lost faith in me. He never stopped believing in me and He never stopped loving me. He’s loved me, blessed me, anointed me, and breathed the breath of life into me. His name is like honey on my lips and like a beautiful woman, brings me to my knees.

This is where the healing begins; this is where the broken become whole and the sinners become royalty. When I came to Christ, he unlocked me from my own prison and set me free; free indeed. I no longer chase hallow dreams and whitewashed fantasies because those only lead to misery and despair. The only true freedom a man can know, is the freedom in Christ. Heck, I have met inmates that are freer than those on the outside, why? Because they know Christ.

Ya see, He is the only one that can mend the broken, and heal the sick. He”s jealous for us, loves us, cares for us, and nurtures us. This is where the healing begins, this is where your weakness becomes strength, and you hurt becomes love. He cleans us from the inside out and strengthens us to do extra-ordinary things. The God-man Jesus Christ has set us free, free indeed.

So, if you’re hurting today, or maybe the bottle or the needle has you doing things you wouldn’t do. Maybe its sex, or porn, or unfaithfulness, whatever it is, Christ can heal you. Christ can take those things and forget them as far as the east is to the west, he just ask, “Come, follow me.” Will you?


4 thoughts on “This is were the healing begins.

  1. Thank you Scott for your brutal honesty, in sharing your journey with us . As you say there is none other who can heal free and restore ,as like Jesus


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