This is a blog from a very dear friend of mine. This post is authored by a friend of his who had the courage to write a little bit about her story of sexual assualt.

Accepting Responsibility

An indispensable part of my acceptance of responsibility is my apology to the victim of my poor choice. An indispensable part of my apology is my acknowledgement of the harm I caused my victim. And I can’t acknowledge the harm I caused unless I know what harm I caused.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. My sense is that most perpetrators have no clue about the nature, the extent and the longevity of the harm they cause those whom they choose to victimize. Perhaps the rest of us are equally clueless when it comes to responding to a friend who’s had the courage to open up to us and disclose. My friend Pauline agreed to guest-blog this piece for me to give voice to victims of sexual violence. And she’s brave enough to let me use her name. I’ve got nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of, she says. Pauline is right of…

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