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Hello blogging friends!! I haven’t posted in a while because I was getting ready for a Christian weekend for teens called Deco-Tec. I had the opportunity to serve alongside some of the most God fearing teens I have ever seen before. Our theme verse for the weekend was 1Timothy 4:12 “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to the believers in life, in speech, in love, in faith, in purity.” And boy did these teens live up to that verse and more!

I was called to give a talk on this weekend and though I have given my testimony before, this time it was different for it was in front of about 55 teens and the Holy Spirit moved in a big way. My talk was entitled “The Singles talk” explaining life of a single Christian man and the struggles. I felt lead though to divide my talk into two different worlds.” Before Christ” and” after Christ.” I was a little hesitant I must admit about giving full detail of the life before Christ, but as I was getting prayed in by the spiritual directors and lay leaders I heard the Holy Spirit say “pour it all out,” and that’s what I did, raw emotion, holding nothing back for God to be revealed in the life of his servant.

Teens these days struggle with everything from suicide, to drug and alcohol abuse, to sexual temptations and actions, all of which I have partaken in at some point in my life. With no hope they act on their emotions or the peer pressure from other teens and in the end realize theirs more to life than just living for the flesh or the desires of the world. If our teens today are our future, they need Godly people in their lives to mentor, love them, and guide them in the ways of Christ, not the world.

One thing I noticed was and it brought tears to my heart is how much pain in teens lives today. You read about, see it on T.V and hear about it from friends, but until you come face to face with it in the lives of teens, that’s when it becomes real and unquestionable with what they face. Their hurts and struggles are as real as it gets and brings tears to my eyes because I have put it off long enough working with teens.

God moved in me this past weekend like a great rushing wave and spoke to my heart speaking these words very clearly “they need you” and more times than not I heard it over the weekend and I have felt it for a long time but I feel that now is the time I started to work with the youth at our church. I feel they need to see the real life example of someone who went to the depths of hell and pulled out by Christ himself. They need to hear that there is hope, and that hope is in Christ.

God and the teens have humbled me over the past weekend because I never really thought my testimony, my story could turn the life of anyone, boy was I wrong! It was a great and humbling experience to be involved with so many wonderful and beautiful teens this weekend, hearing their story, their struggles, and just think, if this was just 50 or so teens that are hurting, that means our jobs as adults are only beginning, because theirs more teens out their in the world with no hope.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Humbled.

  1. It never ceases to amaze me and I do hope it never stops being amazing in “when the student is ready the teacher will appear “. I to recently felt humbled when I went to the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada to support my friends ,encourage them to speak their personal truths as survivors of residential schools little did I know how much my own story had in common before recovery .. miracles can happen …

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