Honor begins at Home.

father son

father son (Photo credit: alandberning)

I’ve heard it said before that “Honor begins at Home,” which is great, but who do you learn this from? In most families it starts with the father, he is the provider and protector of the family. The spiritual leader in the home and the one the kids go to when mom says no. Now my question is this; Who do the kids go to if there is no father around? Ouch, hard question but one that’s necessary in today’s society. I was raised without a father not because he jumped ship on my mother, but because he passed away when I was only 11.

I was mad at him for years and by my way of thinking he did “jump ship,” because he left me all alone with no answers. My mother God bless her, did the best she could raising me, but I was by no means any help as I was in a rage and the beginning stages of alcoholism. These are things I still wonder about sometimes; what would my life be like now if dad would have been alive even for just a few more years? I have forgiven him and know that he sits with Christ in heaven, and I do understand I had to go through what I had to, to get to the place I am today. But sometimes that thought does cross my mind.

Now let’s get down to more pressing issues like the dads that leave, or the ones that have a one night stand only to find out 9 months later the have a child and pretend it never happened.  Society wonders why there are so many stressed out moms these days, it’s because the dead beat dads are no were to be found. Even if they are around, a lot of them don’t have that intimate relationship with their child that the child is craving. If more fathers were involved with there children, led them in the way of scripture and ministering to there needs, there would probably be less violence and gangs. Am I wrong, maybe but studies have shown that children with a father that nurtures them and loves them are more likely to succeed than those without.

There is good news though and his name is Jesus Christ. When I came to Christ I realized that though I do miss my earthly father, my heavenly father will never let me down. He takes care of my every need and loves me more than I could ever dream. So if your out there struggling without a father, someone to pitch the baseball to you or go camping with, lift your head high, because God has great things planned for you!


3 thoughts on “Honor begins at Home.

  1. Thank you for this…will you please pray for my boys, as a spiritual father, so to speak, since their dad is not around? They will need all the help they can get. God bless, brother!

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