Crab Legs, Shrimp, And Bowl Games,,,

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As the college bowl season gets closer, im reminded of what an exciting time of year this is. For one its Christmas time, which is my favorite time of year because its the birth of our Lord and Savior’s birthday. But also we gather around the dinner table on Christmas Day and enjoy Crab legs, and Shrimp, something we all look forward to all year long. My mother looks for sales all year, just for Christmas dinner! Its a very enjoyable time with family.

Now i am an avid football fan, (actually im kinda obsessed  about it) and i love watching the bowl games, all of them! With over 30 bowl games it can get a little overwhelming at times and i think sometimes why we need so many? This year they start on the 17th of December with Temple vs Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl. The last one is January 9th with LSU vs Alabama for the BCS national championship.

Me, personally, i like watching all of them, but i get a little more excited about the smaller bowl games than the bigger ones.(I am a die hard Michigan fan so I will be watching the Sugar Bowl with a smile). Now the reason I like the smaller bowl games is for one reason; The talent that these players possess is unreal at times, and allot of these tremendous athletes will be all but forgotten at the end of the season. Unfortunate, because allot of these athletes could go on to have unprecedented careers at the next level. But going to a smaller school without much advertisement like the bigger ones have, chances are, they get overlooked.

Now by no means am i an expert on this its just something that I’ve noticed over the years rooting for the underdogs. The teams that come from nothing and make something happen. For example Boise state and Houston this year. Two great teams, that have always been the underdog. I like the underdog, because their the ones that make people take notice. To look their way and say “hey, theirs something big happening their and we need to take notice.

Fortunately, with these two teams moving to the Big East next year, they will get noticed. Something thats been long overdue in my opinion. So this year lets not forget the “little guys” and just maybe, we may see the next Super Bowl QB, or running back.

And with that, lets crack a crab leg, peal some shrimp, and watch some football!! Happy Bowl Season!