Spiritual Leaders we Need, Not Boys.

Screenshot of John Wayne from the trailer for ...

Screenshot of John Wayne from the trailer for the film Wake of the Red Witch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all!!! Its been a while since I have posted, I’ve had some much need Godtime, ya know, spending time with Him, and how awesome it is that He loves us!! Just a little update, I am finally working on my résumé and getting it out to some hopeful employers next week. When I was laid off in May I decided to take a couple of months off to just be still and listen to God, and boy has He been speaking. That’s always a wonderful thing when God speaks and we can actually hear Him, but the trick is to do what He says. I have followed the news lately, different news outlets and blogs and I have realized this important truth: This world of ours needs Jesus more than ever. The one thing I am passionate about as some of you may know is  learning how to be a Godly man, a courageous man and put those two together and hopefully a Godly, courageous husband and father.

We just finished up our 8 week courageous bible study and here’s a quote I want to share from the book The Resolution for Men: When you break it all down and track it all back, the key to any man’s success–as a husband, a father, and everything else—-is his own personal walk with God. 

This pathetic society tells us to work hard, go to school, get good grades and you will be a success. Those are all fine and dandy but the one truth that everyone needs to know and understand, if it’s not done for the glory of God, its worth nothing, period. Schools give us an education and training for a career, but who trains us to be a real man and a real father? Who teaches us to stand up for whats right and good and who shows us how to really treat a woman? In my opinion, only the one who created the heavens and the earth. I really get fired up about this topic because I see so many men, who thin their men, but in actuality their only a child still sucking their thumb. How in the hell can you lead your family if your on the couch playing video games all day? You can’t!

When the so-called men in this country, who are actually boys in a mans body decide to take a stand for Christ, and become the men they were called to be and develop their own walk with God, then and only then will we see change. A walk built on Christ, one that shouts out to all the world by your actions alone that you’re a Christian and you settle for nothing less than the best, that’s when we see change. The old “John Wayne” days are over, you cannot pull yourself up by your boot straps because you’re the only one pulling. We have to let Christ live in us and develop a strong walk with Him, then and only then do we go from pathetic sperm donors sitting on the couch playing video games to true “MEN OF HONOR.”

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Judge, I need a break.

Man in the water, "I wanna be alone..."

Man in the water, “I wanna be alone…” (Photo credit: Adib Roy)

The other day I read an article on-line about a “man” who had 30 kids by 11 woman and was asking the courts for a break on child support. Really? Yup, clear as day this guy was asking for a break in his responsibilities. As far as I’m concerned he stopped being a man after 1 child. No one in there right mind would have 30 kids with 11 woman but unfortunately this happens more and more every day.

I know I talk a lot about this subject and its because    I have a deep concern for men these days because their not really men. Actually I just want to enlighten men on their actions with hopes of them becoming better Godly men, that’s all. Ya see I am a firm believer in Biblical principles and if all men lived by them, the stuff we see on the streets these days would not be happening. To many men want to eat the cake and have it to and it just doesn’t work that way. I mean I see woman putting up with more than they should by their husbands or boyfriends and it saddens me.

True men don’t skate around on their wife’s and the old saying  “things happen,” just doesn’t cut it.  Of course that’s what this pathetic society we live in says anyways because they put the value on marriage right there with donkey flop. No one respects the covenant of marriage they took before God. It’s no wonder there’s so many broken homes because they have no idea what a biblical marriage or a biblical man looks like, because the churches aren’t teaching it anymore.

How is a Christian man supposed to learn how to be a man from a homo-sexual pastor? They can’t because the pastor and the church has lost their Lamp Stand by going against everything God says. I f we are to learn how to be a man, we need to learn from a man, bottom line.  I understand people may take offense to this and that’s O.K because this suffering that I endure for Christ will be rewarded one day.

These are things I have thought about the past few days and just wanted to share. I’m no expert, nor am I perfect, I just pray for men these days to stand up and take courage and stake their claim in the royal family of God. Christ teaches us to be men, and how to love the woman in our lives, so if you don’t know Him, I challenge you to find out how much He loves you. Your life will never be the same.

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Continue, continue, continue………….

A photo of a stalemate in chess, based off the...

A photo of a stalemate in chess, based off the image in said article on Wikipedia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scripture tells us that when we confess our sins we are free indeed, but that’s not a one time thing. A lot of people believe that when we accept Christ, confess our sins and everything’s fine and dandy right? Don’t get me wrong when we accept Christ into our hearts we are a new people, no question, but we have to continue. What do I mean by continue, well its the steps we take as a Christian to grow more Christ-like in everything we do and say. We have to have continue, or be subject to a stalemate.

Stalemate im sure you’ve heard before but let me give a different definition; Staying the same and doing nothing to grow as a Christian or a human. Sounds pretty harsh but isn’t it true? Think about it, every time we choose to go our own way and do things our way, it’s not only direct disobedience to God, but we also start slipping little by little back into that old life and old way of thinking. When we let the pleasures of the flesh  win out, we become stalemate.

I’ve had this happen several times since I have been a Christian and as I look back I’m saddened that I missed opportunities to serve our Lord in some capacity. When I think I know better and when I think I can handle it (which I can’t) I fall back into that old way of thinking and soon I can be doing things I don’t want to do. That’s why today I have to stay vigilant in my studies of the word and service because I don’t want to go back to that life again.

Ya see, that life I used to live is how the world lives today. It’s not how God wants us to live so today I choose to live for God because His ways are way better than anything I could come up with. Unfortunately there are a lot of Christian that still live in the world. Oh yea, they come to church and sing some songs and say a few Amen‘s,  but that’s the extent of the relationship with the Lord. For some Christians it’s all about popularity and being seen and not worshiping Christ and what He’s done for us.

Let me fill you in on a little secret; If you’re coming to church and proclaiming to be a Christian for social status and praise from men, your missing the boat! Church is who we are, not were we go. Church is everyday, 24/7/365 days of the year, the relationships that we form at church are just a bonus. The relationships we have with other Christians are God-ordained and meant for encouragement and prayers, not a popularity contest or a queen contest, stop being fake.

Thats another way we become stalemate is when were worried about what others think of us. I struggled with this for years when I realized that God loved me right were I was, so what difference did it matter what other thought? None. All I want to do is grow closer to my heavenly father today, and I cannot do that if I’m concerned about “what others think.”

Continue, continue, continue is how I want to live today. Continue in the faith, continue growing and becoming more Christ-like and becoming more of the man God wants me to be. How about you???

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Be Blessed!!!!!!!


Peer-pressure, Come at me Bro.

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I look around the society we live in I’m saddened by how many fake and plastic people there are. Every one wants to be someone else, or have something someone else has, so they strive and die trying to get it for the soul purpose they think they’re life means nothing without it. I mean take a look at that anti-Christian, pathetic place called Hollywood, basically if you don’t have what they have, and don’t look like they do, you don’t mean nothing.

If I may I’m going to be transparent, and if you have followed my blog, you guys know that I am real with the things I say. Hollywood is a joke, don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to the non-sense that comes from that place, the garbage they Heep upon people especially our youth. Our youth is more vulnerable to that garbage than ever before and we wonder why theirs so many teens having troubles these days. This past weekend I heard story after story from teens and how hard it is to fit in and be “cool.” I mean don’t get me wrong I feel to the pits of hell because of peer-pressure because I too, wanted to be someone else.

Peer-pressure has been around since the begging don’t get me wrong, from Adam and Eve all the way to Jesus, all were pressured, but Jesus is the only one who didn’t fall into the trap. We are to look upon Him when temptation and peer-pressure comes at us, because neither death nor hell could contain Him. When the curtain split on that dreadful, but beautiful day that meant He was the chosen one, the savior, the God-man known as Jesus Christ.

Now let me pause for a second because this is serious stuff. When this society we live in stops worrying about what other people are doing, stop trying to be someone else, stop being plastic, fake Barbie doll wanna be’s and start respecting ourselves, other people and most importantly start living for Christ, then this thing called peer-pressure will be Satan‘s ratchet man sinking us into a deeper hell than we could imagine. When I say we need to live for Christ, that means everything we have, because the world and everything in it is a dirty place.

Now let me speak to the youth for a moment. Are you in that place? Are you in that place of darkness and despair trying to be someone God never intended you to be? If your friends are trying to get you to do things that are “uncomfortable” or “embarrassing”, please you don’t have to go down that road. You don’t have to walk in the pits of hell like I did to find love and happiness. You don’t have to spend countless hours trying to be, “cool”, or “someone else”.

Remember, the one who lives in you is greater than the one who lives in the world, so you have every authority to tell the devil and his band of peer-pressuring hound dogs “to come at me bro!”    Christ died for you and you are royalty. You have a destiny, claim it, speak it and embrace it, because what God has planned for you, is way better than any of those idiots in Hollywood could ever have for you.

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"Adolescence" (Photo credit: Ko:(char *)hook)

Hello blogging friends!! I haven’t posted in a while because I was getting ready for a Christian weekend for teens called Deco-Tec. I had the opportunity to serve alongside some of the most God fearing teens I have ever seen before. Our theme verse for the weekend was 1Timothy 4:12 “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to the believers in life, in speech, in love, in faith, in purity.” And boy did these teens live up to that verse and more!

I was called to give a talk on this weekend and though I have given my testimony before, this time it was different for it was in front of about 55 teens and the Holy Spirit moved in a big way. My talk was entitled “The Singles talk” explaining life of a single Christian man and the struggles. I felt lead though to divide my talk into two different worlds.” Before Christ” and” after Christ.” I was a little hesitant I must admit about giving full detail of the life before Christ, but as I was getting prayed in by the spiritual directors and lay leaders I heard the Holy Spirit say “pour it all out,” and that’s what I did, raw emotion, holding nothing back for God to be revealed in the life of his servant.

Teens these days struggle with everything from suicide, to drug and alcohol abuse, to sexual temptations and actions, all of which I have partaken in at some point in my life. With no hope they act on their emotions or the peer pressure from other teens and in the end realize theirs more to life than just living for the flesh or the desires of the world. If our teens today are our future, they need Godly people in their lives to mentor, love them, and guide them in the ways of Christ, not the world.

One thing I noticed was and it brought tears to my heart is how much pain in teens lives today. You read about, see it on T.V and hear about it from friends, but until you come face to face with it in the lives of teens, that’s when it becomes real and unquestionable with what they face. Their hurts and struggles are as real as it gets and brings tears to my eyes because I have put it off long enough working with teens.

God moved in me this past weekend like a great rushing wave and spoke to my heart speaking these words very clearly “they need you” and more times than not I heard it over the weekend and I have felt it for a long time but I feel that now is the time I started to work with the youth at our church. I feel they need to see the real life example of someone who went to the depths of hell and pulled out by Christ himself. They need to hear that there is hope, and that hope is in Christ.

God and the teens have humbled me over the past weekend because I never really thought my testimony, my story could turn the life of anyone, boy was I wrong! It was a great and humbling experience to be involved with so many wonderful and beautiful teens this weekend, hearing their story, their struggles, and just think, if this was just 50 or so teens that are hurting, that means our jobs as adults are only beginning, because theirs more teens out their in the world with no hope.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!

The teacher is quiet during the test.

          My sister sent this to me on Facebook and it really hit me that God “IS” our teacher, and just because He doesn’t answer, doesn’t mean He’s not listening. We all go through times of difficulty and wonder where God is, at least I know I do, but when it’s all said and done, he was there the whole time. I know when I go through times or “seasons” however you want to call it, I feel very lonely and empty. Ya know, when those prayers seem like their bouncing off the wall and you try, and try to “BE” a Christian, but come up short. Ya, those times kinda sucks.

I must admit there are time’s were I forget I am a student. Not only am I a student in college, but I’m also a student of the Most High. He teaches me everyday, if I let Him. I know when I’m being stubborn and prideful, I don’t want to learn. It’s in these times that I need to learn, but my pride gets in the way, and I miss an opportunity to learn. Now this doesn’t mean it happens all the time, there has been many, many learning experiences in which Christ has taught me a great deal, but those times when I miss it, I look back and say “oh yea, that was a teaching moment.”

When were going through these quit times, when we don’t hear from God for what seems like days, were going through a test of some-sorts. What the test is I guess depends on us and our situation were in. Ya see, God tests us, to see were our heart really is. During the test, will we remain faithful and honest, or do we look for shortcuts, and, well, an easier way?

This is something I’m  meditating on this week as I prepare for this weekend. This weekend I have been called to give my testimony on an all youth Christian weekend called Deco-Tec. The talk I am giving is called the singles talk and its about being single in Christ. I also incorporate my testimony into the talk, and I’m a little nervous because this is the first time I have given my testimony in front of such a large crowd. So prayers are appreciated! I just hope and pray that the words I speak, breathed from God, will make an impact on  at least one teen on this weekend.

Thanks for reading!! Be blessed!!!!


Eternal Hope.

Cristo Redentor, statue on Corcovado mountain ...

Cristo Redentor, statue on Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been asked to share how I am no longer the “Old man” and how Christ has changed me into a new man, and with no hesitation I agreed. I thought that my blogs were really self-explanatory and have told much of my life, but I’m glad to write some more on this. When we go through the life transformation of salvation and becoming a Christian, at first it’s really overwhelming for the fact I had no idea what was going on. All I knew is that it was going to be one heck of a journey.

Growing up I was rebellious, hot  headed, arrogant, and conceded and life didn’t mean much after my father passed. When he passed, it shook my world to the core and with no regards to anything or anyone, I embarked on a 15 year living hell of drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, masturbation, and pretty much anything that was self-destructive I did, because I had lost all hope. I had seen the dark and I liked it because I felt safe and no one could see what I was doing. My existence was hopeless and meaningless, and when I passed out on main street I was ready for it to be over.

I had to go to that place to get here. I had to go to the point of no return and emptiness to understand that life is about choices, good and bad, and I had made some bad choices. My whole life I was looking for that one thing that left when my father passed; love. Wondering every bar and brothel, drug houses and alleys, looking for that one thing I had longed for my whole life; a fathers love. I would sit a wonder sometimes what life would be like if he had not passed, would I have been the same drunk and womanizer? Probably.

If there’s one thing I have learned is that God gives us free will. My will was free that’s for sure because I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and no one was going to tell me any different.  I was the” essential loser”, and in all honestly, thought that the way I was living was normal. I was weak, and being a man was not apart of my life. I was a boy caught in a life of staggering events and perplexing things.

When I cried, and when I say cried, it was a river flowing from my face in the middle of main street and God met me were I was. He whispered to my heart “I am what you have looked for,” and I felt a flood of emotions rush through my veins like the alcohol rushing to my head. Christ picked me up, set me on new ground, and breathed the true breath of life into me.

Now, how am I the new man? Well I’m glad you asked. I no longer search high and low in places of exotic woman and drug dealers for love. I no longer have a temper to destroy, nor an attitude like Billy the Kid.  Having sex every night with a different woman and watching porn are a thing of the past, for these things have no place in my life. Yes I’ve dated a few woman over the past 8 years, but haven’t had sex with any of them. That right there is how I know Christ has changed me.

Eternal Hope is what I have today, not because of anything I did, but because of what He did. He paid the price, by death on a cross, so I can tell my testimony and share the gift of eternal hope with others. My life today is simple, well in the eyes of the world its simple, but in all honesty, its a lot more crazy now than it ever was, just for the fact I’m doing something to make an impact. I’m doing something to touch, hopefully, at least on of the lost, and share eternal hope who is in Christ.

I had to go there to get here, take my hand and we will walk this road together, because I’m not afraid anymore.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!