No More Tears.

Songs of Our Fathers

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     This post goes out to all that’s lost a loved one, especially a father. As we prepare for Fathers Day weekend we enjoy spending time with our fathers and honoring him, but for those of us that don’t have a father due to an early passing, neglect, divorce, or just have never been involved in your life, please let me take the time to honor you. The heartbreak and loneliness that a fatherless child endures is beyond anything in this world. Trying to understand the big question, “Why?”” Why has daddy died or left?”, or “why is daddy passed out on the couch all the time?” or” why does he work so much?”. Any of these familiar? I know for me my biggest question was “Why did daddy have to die?” 

       I have wrote about this before, when dad passed away when I was younger, but this time I want to take the time to thank all of you around the world who have made the choice, no matter what to succeed in the eyes of our heavenly father and lay your burdens at his feet. I have forgiven my father for passing at a young age, and I realize today it was because God loved me that this happened. Though I went to hell and back for about 10 years, living a life of self-destruction and  failure, I have now been sober and living in grace for almost 8 years, and today I truly believe that my earthly father is proud of me.

    I understand the hurt and pain that come along with losing a daddy, but I am here to tell you that you have a heavenly father that loves you more than you could ever understand. He has a love that goes deeper than the ocean and he not only loves us, but disciplines us as well. He carries us, walks with us, and talks with us on a cool morning with sun coming alive. He searches for us through the darkness and debris of this life until we come face to face with His omnipotent presence and says, “let me love you.” God loves us so much, he gave his one and only son to die on the cross for us, and that my friend is the greatest love known.

   He is the author of love and and His majestic presence in our lives is something we truly don’t deserve, so my friends, no more tears. No more tears on a lonely night thinking about “What if?” Or “Would life be different if daddy was around?” No more tears when were around our friends and their dad is a shining star of what a father is to be. No more tears, because this is were the healing begins, in the hands of Christ.  Its true that a fathers love for the son is like none other, and God, our heavenly father has a love for us that’s perfect.

    So my question is, “Will you let Him heal the hurt?” So you can say no more tears on a lonely night? Thanks for reading!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!

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The world we live in today is faker than a three dollar bill. Everyone is offended by something, whether its Pro-Abortion, Anti-Abortion, Homosexuality and same-sex marriage, oh, and did I mention the Cross is the biggest offender? Yup, out of everything that can be offensive and controversial, the Cross is the biggest offender, but why? The Cross represents what Christ did for us, the shedding of blood, the forgiveness of sins, and a one way ticket to our heavenly father. I could understand why these would be offensive, because they don’t lead to hell like everything else does.

The Cross brings so much heat these days everyone’s afraid of it because that would mean they would have to change, and no one wants to do that. You cannot keep having affairs, and getting drunk every night, no more porn or other perverted acts, no more selfishness and no more greed. Truly I can understand why one would not want to give these things up to come to Christ and receive eternal salvation and life abundant. I mean who would want to give up cheating on their wife or husband to come to know the forgiveness that Christ brings. Who would want to quit chasing after riches and material possessions to  worship a loving and righteous God?

Yes, all these things can be considered controversial, but when you mention The Good News of Jesus Christ, look out, your either getting banned or arrested. But abortion is O.K.? Me personally, I like to be the outcast that proclaims the Gospel, because in the end, I know where I’m going. I used to be the one cheating and scamming to get what I wanted and it only lead to hopelessness and emptiness, period. Think about it, if prayer and bible studies were allowed back in schools, would the world be a better place? Yes I believe so because these things that got kicked out of school and replaced with drag shows and fashion shows, are the ones that save your soul.

Prayer has been kicked out of just about every public place and we wonder why people’s hearts are turned from God. Yet, lets marry same-sex couples because it’s based on equality and everyone should have the right to marry. Well if that were the case God would have created Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve. Are these harsh words? Absolutely. God don’t play around when His commandments are broke, as you can see His favor isn’t seen that much anymore.

I’m not a hater by any means, please don’t think I am, I have a few homosexual friends, but I don’t believe in their lifestyle. I believe in them as human beings and I believe in the person they could become if they knew Christ. But to know Christ would mean giving up the pleasures of the flesh, and we couldn’t have that now could we. Nope, we want to sin and sin and say everything will be O.K. when it’s not. Times are changing, are you?

Oh and feelings, I can’t forget about those now can I. Everything hurts everyone’s feelings and its no different for the Cross. The Cross has been accused of hurt feelings and pain. I heard an atheist say one time “Just looking at the Cross makes me vomit.” Really? Let me fill you in on a little secret that I found out years ago. ABSOLUTELY nothing that comes out of ones mouth can hurt your feelings. If you little feelings get hurt, good! That just means God is pricking you heart and your out of line with what He want’s you to do. I worked with a woman years ago that was so sensitive, you couldn’t look at her wrong or she would start crying.

O.K. I know I have probably made some people mad or upset and honestly I don’t care. This world needs a Savior that’s why Christ died for us, bottom line. This is the reason I write this blog is to be honest. If I wasn’t being honest, then I have gone against everything I believe and have learned. My hope the message of Christ is received and what better way than a blog.

He brought me out of the pits of hell and put me on solid ground, that why I do this.

Thanks for reading!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!