Hooking up, Shacking up, Divorce, Part 2.

Rita and John's Marriage Certificate

Rita and John’s Marriage Certificate (Photo credit: mary hodder)

   The absolute best thing for kids is to see their parents humble themselves, repent of their selfishness, forgive one another, and recommit their marriage. The convenience of one no-fault divorce has come to an extremely high price. And millions of innocent kids are forced to pay that price every year.—-The Resolution for Men

This quote came from a new book called The Resolution for Men which was authored by the Kendrick brothers who created the movies: Courageous, Facing the Giants and Fireproof. In the book, which goes along with the courageous bible study they talk about standing up and being a man. Not just any man but a Godfearing courageous man  who has resolved to give everything they have to God. Standing for Christ and not backing down from the truth.

The quote up above plainly states that if men would just get over their selfish desires, let go of their pride and take the leadership role of the household and commit their marriage to Christ, there would be a lot less divorces and children on the streets. Statistics show that a child needs their dad, period. If couples would give their marriage a fighting chance, and the husbands did what they had to do to be a man, the divorce rate wouldn’t be higher than inflation. Fathers today have succumbed to the Hollywood way of life by putting on such a façade that they have lost heart.

I know when my father passed away when I was a child I was left empty and alone which set forth a life of self-destruction. This usually happens when the father is gone in any child’s life weather by death or divorce, the child usually goes awol and escapes into a world of flesh and pleasure. Now this doesn’t happen to every child that loses a father, I have met a lot of people who turned out to be great God-fearing men, but the studies today say it’s getting worse. Aside from death and adultery, there is no reason for a marriage to just fall apart. (Remember, porn is adultery as well.) I can guarantee if husbands and fathers set the example, children today would be better off.

I have a passion for this topic as you guys have noticed I have blogged about it several times and thats because I hope to be a husband and a father someday, and the only way I can do that is by learning to be a Godly man. I don’t want my children growing up without a father and having those feelings of loneliness and emptiness or living the self-destructive life this pathetic society says is acceptable. I want to leave a legacy for my children based on the love of God and what Christ did for us at Calvary. This is my hope and desire.

So let me call you out again men, WERE ARE YOU?? Were are all the men who will fight the good fight and run their race for the sake of Christ? Were are you men who claim to be men but are just plain cowards with your pants down with someone that’s not your wife? Were are you men who play more video game than your kids and leave black marks under mom’s eye? The adulterer, the drunkard, the sloth, the angry and proud, are you not tired of letting society run your family? Step up, shut up, pull your pants up and MAN UP, its time to get right with God and lead your families for Christ.

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Hooking Up, Shacking Up, Divorce….

Divorce Your Speed

Divorce Your Speed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I was 21 I fell madly in love with a young woman who made me feel complete. She had the bluest eyes and sweetest smile and had a way of loving me that I never knew before. After a month or so, we decided she should move in and it was all down hill after that. To make a long story short she left me for another man, but the good news is were both Christians and very good friends. The hurt I felt through that whole ordeal was more than I could bear, and it sent me into a month of drinking, drugging, sex, and violent behavior. It was only when I gave my heart to Christ, that the healing began.


This story sounds a lot like whats going on in our society today. people hooking up, shacking up, and in the end getting a divorce because they move to fast. Relationships and marriages mean little today because no one wants to fight for their love. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions and realize they cannot play the silly little games they once did. Marriage to me is serious business, and when the God blesses me with the one He wants me to be with, I will love and obey her. I will be the man she always wanted and whisper “sweet nothings” in her ear while eating ice cream. I will make a wish up to heaven and make her want to cry and I will pray with her everyday and every night.


These things can only happen through Christ, period. Without Christ there nothing but empty, hollow and meaningless enigmas looking for a way out. Society today says love is a feeling or some cosmic force that only happens to certain people. Love is a choice, not a feeling. Love is a call to action to love God, our wife’s and children and our fellow-man. Like Paul said,” When I became a man, I put childish things away,” and this means putting away the old self, the old pathetic womanizer and love like crazy with you wife, not the neighbors girlfriend or husband.


This pathetic society we live in has no courage anymore. When trouble hits the home front its get a divorce and try again with someone else. Try again with someone else, only to be left in the dust for another and another till the time comes when your empty and have nothing left. Domestic violence, same-sex marriage (yes I said it, get over it) adultery, unfaithfulness are running ramped today for one reason. No Christ. (Before I get attacked by the political correct police let me clear one thing up before I continue. I do not in any way accept or praise homosexuality or same-sex marriage, notice, I referenced the behavior not the person. I hate no one, I hate the sin, there’s a difference.)


No Christ, no love. Know Christ, then you’ll know love. You will find the greatest love know to mankind. A love that makes the water still and the winds calm, this is true love. When we put our lives and relationships in Christ, they will withstand any tide Satan sends. But we also have to be willing to work for that love as well. We have to be willing to sacrifice the ways of this world and   love Christ, and He will provide us with a marriage beyond our wildest dreams.


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