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Good morning all! Its been a wonderful few days just hanging out with the family and maybe, just maybe, next week I’ll get into the job hunt once again. I’m not really concerned though because I know our heavenly father is taking care of every detail. I’m not independently wealth or anything like that, I have financial issues as well(not as bad as the governments) I’m just taking this time to get re-focused and energized for the next chapter in life.

The other day I received a message that my Twitter account had been hacked. I take a look and sure enough it was sending obscured links to everyone, so I had to delete my account. Unfortunately some of my readers also follow me on Twitter and I couldn’t save them. So, if you have a Twitter account and want to follow me @scottcraig76 go ahead, I would love to have you. It’s a secure account this time, which means I will have to approve the follow my self.

I do have a moral to the story though, I didn’t just write to tell about my account being hacked on twitter, it’s not that important to me, but the moral of the story is don’t we as Christians get hacked by the devil all the time? When I created my new account I used a secure network to create it, it has a password I can barely remember, and I have to give permission now to followers. The thing is,this is how God wants us to be with our lives as well, so we don’t get hacked by the devil.

Think of it this way: Prayer is the secure network, our lifeline to God. Prayer if you will, is our social network with God the Father and He accepts all friend requests. The bible, the very word of God is the instruction manual for us to live. The password to get into heaven no matter what Oprah says is Romans 10:9. We need these everyday so we don’t get hacked by the devil or the worlds pathetic philosophies and culture.

I know when I’m not praying and reading the word, or fellow-shipping with other believers, I become vulnerable to be hacked. When we get hacked, sometimes its like a virus that takes its time. Slowly corroding the thread of our very being until were doing something or saying something we shouldn’t. Other times when the devil hacks  us it can be immediate.

So for the Christians out there that don’t think going to church is a top priority, or reading scripture is just another Monday  book and prayer and fellowship are just ways of getting you out of trouble, think again. The devil uses these pathetic excuse to Hack you and your lively hood.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!!


The teacher is quiet during the test.

          My sister sent this to me on Facebook and it really hit me that God “IS” our teacher, and just because He doesn’t answer, doesn’t mean He’s not listening. We all go through times of difficulty and wonder where God is, at least I know I do, but when it’s all said and done, he was there the whole time. I know when I go through times or “seasons” however you want to call it, I feel very lonely and empty. Ya know, when those prayers seem like their bouncing off the wall and you try, and try to “BE” a Christian, but come up short. Ya, those times kinda sucks.

I must admit there are time’s were I forget I am a student. Not only am I a student in college, but I’m also a student of the Most High. He teaches me everyday, if I let Him. I know when I’m being stubborn and prideful, I don’t want to learn. It’s in these times that I need to learn, but my pride gets in the way, and I miss an opportunity to learn. Now this doesn’t mean it happens all the time, there has been many, many learning experiences in which Christ has taught me a great deal, but those times when I miss it, I look back and say “oh yea, that was a teaching moment.”

When were going through these quit times, when we don’t hear from God for what seems like days, were going through a test of some-sorts. What the test is I guess depends on us and our situation were in. Ya see, God tests us, to see were our heart really is. During the test, will we remain faithful and honest, or do we look for shortcuts, and, well, an easier way?

This is something I’m  meditating on this week as I prepare for this weekend. This weekend I have been called to give my testimony on an all youth Christian weekend called Deco-Tec. The talk I am giving is called the singles talk and its about being single in Christ. I also incorporate my testimony into the talk, and I’m a little nervous because this is the first time I have given my testimony in front of such a large crowd. So prayers are appreciated! I just hope and pray that the words I speak, breathed from God, will make an impact on  at least one teen on this weekend.

Thanks for reading!! Be blessed!!!!