Root Canals and Unemployement.

Root Canal Illustration Molar

Root Canal Illustration Molar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello blogging friends! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have had some stressful times, and I’m praying that there over for a bit. The other day as I was enjoying some leftover brats from a Memorial Day cookout I had a tooth start to throb. As the evening went on, so did the throbbing tooth and the headache that went along with it. The next morning I get to work and a swished some salt water in my mouth, because that usually helps with a tooth ache and it did, but I still made an appointment to see the dentist.

The next morning I get to the dentist and I was just expecting to get the tooth pulled, but after the dentist told me I would eventually run out of teeth if I keep getting them pulled, I agreed to the root canal. I wait patiently and the assistant comes to get me and we head for the “Chair.” If you have ever had a root canal, you will no what I mean. Within an hour or so we were done and I was headed to work. Now, the day before at work they laid off about 11 employees, most of them long-standing employees with multiple years in. I kinda, deep down had a feeling I would be let go, just for the fact that I had only been there for a few months, but I was hoping not.

After I had the root canal I head into work and I had a certain peace about everything, ya know, that peace beyond all understanding that only comes from Christ.  When I arrive at work, I sit down to have lunch with the others then after lunch my boss comes to me and says, “we need to go over to human resources.” My jaw dropped and my head fell sluggishly for I knew what was in store. We get the HR office and sure enough, I was the next one on the chopping block. A feeling I knew oh so well crept back in, that feeling of uselessness and emptiness started to surpass that peace I had. For a slight moment, walking back to the kitchen to get my things, that feeling of utter failure I knew for so long crept in. I didn’t enjoy this feeling nor was I going to stick around to see the outcome. I collected my things and told everyone good-by, and like a flash of lighting I was gone.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and Gods plan is way better than anything I could come up with. Driving home that day I was replaying the past 8 months in my head. Did I do something wrong? Did I not work hard enough? Several other questions like this were racing through my mind as I tried driving with tears running down my face. Tears of frustration because I really enjoyed this job and the people I work with and through the tears I heard a voice I was very familiar with, “Let me love you Scott.”

When the tears dried, I couldn’t help but to laugh because not many people can say they got a root canal and lost their job in the same day! Two of the more agonizing things that could happen to someone, and I had the pleasure of both, in the same day. Through scripture I have learned that when one door closes God opens another one way better. Though today I sit here unemployed and broke, I still praise God for everything because if it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t have a testimony to how good He is. I do believe that He will provide, because he always has.

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Live and let Live.

Cover of "Forgive and Forget"

Cover of Forgive and Forget

“One great piece of mischief has been done by the modern restriction of the word Temperance to the question of drink. It helps people to forget that you can be just as intemperate about lots of other things.” C.S. Lewis.

C.S. Lewis even understood the importance of alcoholism, saying basically we forget about anything else other than alcohol. I know I did when I was running the streets and parting like a rock star on a McDonald’s budget. I didn’t have one notion of what was good or what was wrong. When i came into AA this phrase really hit me, live and let live. I really didn’t understand what it meant, so me being the inquisitive person I was, I asked my sponsor and what he told me still holds true today.

He said in effect “It gives us permission to be respectable humans and not hold grudges, and let go of resentments and bitterness.” This was good news because I had many resentments at the time and I was bitter. I was bitter because I still couldn’t understand how my life had turned into such a mess. I had a lot of resentments toward a lot of people, my father being one of them, for leaving this world when I was a boy. My resentments defined me and I had no intention of letting them go. But I knew, deep down, I had to if I was to stay sober.

Live and let Live has taught me to forgive and forget and to move on with life. Alcoholics pride themselves on remembering everyone in our past who has wronged us, only to realize, we are the only ones that still remember the wrong done in very precise detail, all the while the one who harmed us has long forgotten the silly incident. That’s insanity if you ask me! Alcoholics have a very special way of hurting themselves with only the memory of a wrong. We think about it night and day, grind our teeth when that person id mentioned and go to unspeakable heights to bring agony to this person that could careless that they hurt us.

Today, I don’t let the little things bother me, nor the big things, I have learned to live and let live. I no longer run circles chasing my tail or chasing anyone else’s tail. Christ has taught me that forgiveness starts with myself. I have to forgive myself as well as other people seeing how that was the biggest message He sent went He died on the cross for our sins. He forgave me so I have to forgive others as well. Because resentment cuts me off from God and I don’t want that to happen anymore seeing how I was cut off for so long.

Today, Live and let Live provides me with the ability to move on with my life and not to replay the tapes in my head(Alcoholics everywhere should know what that means.),  to let go of resentments and hurts and let the Grace of God begin. I strive everyday to become a better person through scripture and other books I read, but nothing gives me more enjoyment than giving up those old resentments. When I did my 5th step of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous I was elated because I let God have all my baggage and misfortunes, and He has turned them into priceless jewels that I can share with others.

I hope you have gained some understanding about the harm of resentments and letting go. It’s not easy I understand this, that’s why we ask a loving God to give us the strength to be able to do this, because we are weak humans and we need His help and guidance more than anything.

Do you need to “Live and Let Live” today? Do you have resentments from years ago that is impacting your life more than the offenders? Christ said “take my yoke, and cast all your cares unto Him”, will you cast your cares unto Him today?

Thanks for reading!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!

If you don’t drink, you won’t get drunk.

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You can almost imagine my facial expression when I heard this one. “If you don’t drink, you wont get drunk,” and their i sat pondering this novel idea as if it were some new aged idea that was just seen on Oprah. I felt a little overwhelmed at the whole idea of “not drinking” that all I could do was think about drinking. But this little quote has deep meaning and has impacted the life’s of many.

Not drinking  in my opinion is the easy part, it’s the blood, sweat, and tears after you put the plug in the jug that sends people back out. There’s what we call “sobriety” and then their is the “dry drunk.” Their is a difference. I would be inclined to say that if a man quits drinking without taking a deep look at himself and makes a conscious contact with God, he’s doomed to repeat the futility of life that he once new. Strong words, but true. Alcoholism consumes mans inner most thoughts, it destroys more life’s than anything else, and if your not careful it can reduce any dreams or goals you ever had in life.

Sobriety is when you make an effort to change as well as not drinking. Trust me, when us alcoholics quit drinking, there’s a whole lot of things that need to be changed. We cannot change these things on our own because were weak humans. We need the strength of an all loving God to help us through this process. Our weaknesses are His glory and His glory becomes my strength. The process of change is never easy, especially for us, because we want to do things our own way. We think we can do it all the while messing things up as we go. We need the encouragement of others and the care of God if we are to stay sober

Dry drunk‘s are the one’s that flat out quit drinking, but still no change has taken place in their life’s. It’s called “white knuckling” or obsessed thought process, however you want to say it. Their the ones that are not happy drinking or sober and adding alcohol is like adding kerosene to a fire. All they can think about is taking a drink, or drinking, but no they can’t so they become bitter and indigenous. These are the one’s that don’t think they have a problem and hence, don’t try to change or even think about going to get help. Dry drunks think they have everything figured out and in reality their life is in much despair.

The only hope I believe is God, period. he is the one that put’s our feet on the right path, and brings people into our life to help and encourage us. That’s how we get sober and that’s how we have life. Anything less is just existing. Sobriety is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but it’s been the most fulfilling life events that I’ve ever experienced(accepting Christ has been the ultimate fulfillment though).  There has been times that i have wanted to give in and through down a few, but then i realize that life was only fantasy and pain. I’ve had my ups and downs, I’m human, I just remember were I came from and were I don’t want to go again. I remember my last drunk and it was painful. Painful enough to bring me to my knees and call out to a loving God for help.

Let me ask you my friend, are you in pain today? Has alcohol beat you bad enough that you can’t see straight? There is help, I promise you there is help. Millions of people have sobered up from this monster disease and you can to.

Take my hand, hold my hand, shed some tears with me and let me introduce you to “LIFE of the better kind.”

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!


“If you hang out in a barbershop, you might just get a haircut.”

and Duane outside Clarences barber shop

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The first time I heard this quote I was about 6 months sober at a meeting across town and everyone there busted out laughing except for me. I had no idea what they were talking about till after the meeting when my sponsor broke it down for me. He said in effect, “If you go to a bar enough times, you’ll eventually get drunk.” Now this was wisdom that I had never heard before and it made so much sense. If I wanted to stay sober, I couldn’t do it in a bar. That was great news for me because the only thing I ever did in a bar was get drunk and chase women, who the heck would want to go to a bar to stay sober anyways?

To answer that question, many people do. Over the past 7 years I have been witness to many people try to get sober, all the while, going to play pool in a bar with “their friends.” Now let me tell you this is insanity but it happens all the time. Then, the same people who wouldn’t stay out of the bar, or give up the friendships that cause a down slide, come back to a meeting wondering why they got drunk. Sometimes I really wish I could smack some sense into them, because it’s the same old story every other week.

Let me say something that’s of utter importance to anyone that’s trying to get sober and stay sober, “Those people in the bar, are not your friends, and could careless if you got drunk or stay sober.” Strong words I know, and in the politically correct, sad existence the world has become, were everyone thinks everyone is there friend, I would be booted right out of anyplace for just thinking it but its true. Your true friends, the one’s that are by your side through thick and thin, who don’t gossip about you and who don’t hit you up for money at every turn, those are the ones I want in my life today. Not the guy under the bar stool or trying to steal your girlfriend, those people are gone from my life for good.

I’ve seen some amazing things since I have been sober, but nothing compares to the friendships I have made. Nothing compares to the bonds I have made and nothing compares to the sweet love of God. These things I never found in a bar, drug house or a sex shop. But why do so many people think that “if I go to a bar and hang out with my friends, I can have a coke or a water.” Not to sure, but my guess is their not ready to give up the lifestyle of long nights and empty bottles, let alone the misery that follows.

I was ready that’s not a question. I was ready to end the starving of my soul and endless chatter with meaningless people. I was ready for the pain to go away and the hangovers to end. I was ready for a change and a change had to be made, for I lost my all in the battle, and I was ready to dabble in something better. With my I’s dotted and T’s crossed I set out on this ship of sobriety setting sail for new land. And in the end I have found “If I keep doing the same thing, I’m going to get the same thing.”

My friends, I’m glad to say that I don’t hang out in barber shop any longer, because I don’t need a hair cut. How about you? Do you still head to the club to hang with “friends”, are you still “hanging out in a barber shop?” Their is hope, and lots of it, and it’s not found in any of those places. It’s found in the loving arms of Christ, were he cares for our every need.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!

Changing seats on the Titanic.

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“Changing addictions is like changing seats on the Titanic,” was one of the first quotes I heard when I sobered up and the place busted out into laughter. I really didn’t understand this as I was fresh off the streets and in the beginning stages of the D.T.’s so you can see why I was the only one in the room not laughing. The speaker, however, did make a very good point, there’s no difference in one addiction to another.

I have seen many people try to substitute one for another and say their sober, well it doesn’t work that way. There’s more to being sober than being sober, we have to work hard at it everyday. One slight move and it can be all over for us drunks. Sobriety is living a different life than what we’re used to, and that means old ideas and even old friends have to go. The road to true success in sobriety is not the quantity of years that your sober, but the quality.

Too many people know they have a problem, but they don’t want to do anything about it, just for the fact that sobriety means complete abstinence. No booze, or drugs. But switching from booze to drugs or vice verse is only one of the ways I have seen people switch. Pornography to alcohol or the opposite is just the same. Not to mention obesity, gambling, or anything that takes your focus from God.

I know in my life i have struggled with pornography more than once. Late nights at the video store, running fast to the check out and driving frantically to get home. These were things I did even after I had sobered up, but I was switching from booze to porn, no difference. Then came the day I was asked if I wanted to serve God whole heatedly that things I used to do, had to go. I gave up porn for the fact it serves no justice to anyone. And today I’m grateful to God for seeing me through another addiction.

I’m not saying I’m perfect by no means, all I’m saying is sobriety consists of a new life found in Christ. Period. Without His gentleness and forgiveness, I wouldn’t be here telling my story. He has made everything possible in my life that I am doing now. Today, I have chosen to serve God and not any addiction the world says is O.K. But the most important thing is helping others who have the same problems.

Thats what we’re called to do in life after God has cleaned us up, were to share with others how He did it. It’s my mission in life to help as many addicts or alcoholics that I can. Thats one reason I started this blog with the hope of some poor soul on a late night binge or looking for the next fix, may come across this and have an experience like none other. There’s no better felling in the world than watch someone’s face light up when you tell them there is a way out.

Please blogger friends, if you know of anyone that is struggling, put this blog in front of them. If not this one, something else to help them, because everyday at least 156 people die of addiction, I really don’t want to see that number go any higher.

Thanks for reading!!!!! Be blessed!!!!!!!!!