Royal Priesthood.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. 1 Peter 2:9-10.

     Take a close look at this scripture, do you see it? Royal priesthood, God’s special possession, me? Yup, this is the truth and why He has such love for me is beyond conception, but I’ll take it. ya see its nothing I ever did, or have done that makes me special, it’s what He has done that makes me royalty and how awesome it is to have a stake in the most majestic family on the planet.

     When Peter says in this verse “that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light” brings me to tears and fills my heart with joy because he brought from the darkness, and His light is wonderful. His light goes beyond all the flames of hell and there isn’t and angel in Satan’s army that can put it out.

      To think, that I at one time sent hearts afire and did what I wanted to do because that’s all I knew how to do. I didn’t have a care in the world because I didn’t no how to care. I didn’t understand life and life didn’t understand me. I was crying out from the inside, all the while putting on my mask and saying everything will be OK. The darkness was on my side and the light was the enemy. Anything good and moral I turned and went the other way, while deep inside my soul I wanted to be in the light, but was afraid of the light because all our sins are found in the light, and I didn’t want that.

      This bit of scripture hit me this morning because how often do we forget that we are royalty, that we are God’s special possession’s. Why do we as Christians, the holiest of people forget, or should I say, disregard this truth? The truth that we are royalty, and we do have a purpose, yet so many Christians are defeated. Remember who we serve, the King of all Kings, the majestic Jesus Christ has already won the battle. We are no longer defeated but free indeed!! how awesome!

     The Anthem written by Jake Hamilton is a great song and I hope that it shakes your world by telling you are “ROYALTY!”

  Thanks for reading !!! Be Blessed!!!!

The worst!, And one of the best!

Slam!!!! That’s the sound of the cell doors shutting when you go to jail. Not the greatest sound in the world, nor is it the quality music you listen to when you’re romancing you’re significant other, but none-the less a damaging sound. When i heard it the last time, i kinda figured i would be their for a bit this time seeing how i had been in that same place 4 or 5 times in a month! Yup, the jail guards even new me by name, not really the place i wanted to be known as a regular at! (by the way, everyone at starbucks know’s me by name, but thats way better than the jail guards!)

Remember i had said it was one of the best weekends ever, well it was also the worst. Ya see things always gets worse than they do better, and by far, at this point, if there was a light at the end of the tunnel, i had all but missed it. That weekend in jail my world fell apart, not that i had much anyways, but what i did have, was gone. I sat on the cold steel bed in my cell for a few minutes trying to figure out who to blame.(don’t we all do that when things fall apart, blame game!!)

I felt empty, no remorse, no feelings, nothing. At this point i kinda figured that this wasn’t normal, so i started to pace back and forth, because, well thats the only thing to do inside the “Day Spa for Criminals” and it flat out sucked! The biggest thing that was coming to my mind was i needed help and didn’t in all reality feel as if i deserved any help. I mean really, i was a 28 year old failure in more ways than one, who would want to help me? Right?

As “lights out” were being called that night i tried to get comfortable on that massive steel bed, it hit me, i knew someone who would help me! Remember that cold night about a year pryor when i called out to God in the middle of the street? “Yes!!” That’s my answer as i stumbled hard to my knees. I got into position and knew what to say. But something strange started to happen, i couldn’t talk! (if anyone who knows me i love to talk!) So i tried again and this time i started crying out of control to the point i thought the guy in the next cell was gonna wake up, and i really didn’t want that because he was a really big dude!

I didn’t even feel worthy of asking God to help because i figured he had better things to do. So i pushed back the tears and said something like this “Lord, if you’re there, i need help”.( I think their was more to it than that, but after seven years or so, honestly, i kinda forgot.) After i said my prayer, which i still do to this day before going to bed, and many times through out the day, i slept like a baby! Yup thats right, on that massive chunk of steel the county likes to call a bed, i slept like a baby. That was the first indication that God cared about me.

If theirs one thing iv’e learned since iv’e been sober is  that i do believe God has a soft spot for the drunkards, more than we could ever know thats for sure. And unless were entirely ready to give complete control to Him, all is lost.

OK, so, you kinda get the picture of what im writing about in my blog don’t ya? yes its the story of my life, pryor to the Lord and since this knuckle head came to the Lord. My intentions are just this, to share my experience, strength, and Hope. And i hope that what i write may touch the life of one person, or two, that would be kinda cool also. I don’t claim to be a geru or a prophet, im just sharing the good news,, So if you like it, i hope you check back next time to see whats going on, if not have a bowl of ice cream.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”-Philippians 1:6

When i grow up,,,,,,,?

When i was growing up, i always admired the “old west” The cowboy hats, boots, spurs, the old town saloons, gun fights! And i always admired Billy the Kid. For the one known fact, that he was a leader. Ya, know, the guy everyone always wanted to be around. Great charisma and actually fairly intelligent. From the very first time i seen a Billy the kid movie, i knew thats what i wanted to be when i grew up. Not necessarily the killer cowboy, but the leader.

As i laid there in the middle of that ice covered road that night these are some of the things that flash before my eyes. “Well it doesn’t look like im gonna be any kind of leader, much less a cowboy” i thought to myself. All i wanted to do was be successful in life and i turned out to be just another drunk on the side of the road. Not very appealing to say the least, and this is what i thought my life was to be.

Boy was i wrong(for i’m sitting here 7 years later telling my story, and all the praise goes to my Lord Jesus Christ). God heard me when i cried out for help by simply increasing my body temperature just enough so i could stand. I adjusted my eyes and there before me was the most majestic of  a place! Lights lit up the night sky like the forth of July!!! It was a “HOTEL!” i screamed out of  desperation.

Now i know youre sitting there reading this and think ” Why in the world is this guy getting excited about a hotel?” And i can understand why one would think this, i know i would be! But, remember in my last blog(now this is the point were you go and read my last blog), were i said i was drunk, freezing, been kicked out of my apartment, broke back into my apartment, almost got arrested, and at this point had a full body ache from hitting the icy road? So yes i was extremely happy to see that good ole hotel.

Over a series of events over the next year, i found a new place to live, got kicked out again, went to jail 5 times in the matter of a month, and lost a job. The last time i was in the county hotel was my birthday weekend , November 20th 2004-November 24th 2004. And that was a great weekend!!!!! Now, for all of you who are interested in finding out how this could be such a great weekend,, well ,, ,,,, you’ll have to check next time!

Falling Down saved my Life,,,,

You can call it a story, or a journey, a path i have even heard it called before. Whatever you want to call this thing called life is about as easy as pulling nails out of a 2*4 with you’re bare hands. It’s hard and difficult sometimes the things we find happening in our lives, that we just sit back and scratch our heads.

Well i like to call it a journey if you don’t mind because that’s what i feel every morning when i wake up and thank God for another day. Ya see it all started about 7 years ago when i fell face down on an icy road in the middle of the night and just gave up. Thankfully there wasn’t any cars coming at the time! I’m a recovering alcoholic with a little over 7 years of sobriety, and i know just as much now as i did then.

I by no means am writing this for any other reason to share my experiences and just maybe save a life. I know when i fell down, in the middle of a busy road, it saved my life, because that was the very first time i ever called out to God, sincerely asking for help. The year was 2004 in late January and i was on my way home from another drinking extravaganza when i got home, i realized that hours before, i got tossed out of my apartment(yup, that really sucked!).

So what does any good drunk do? I break in to my own apartment!!! Yup, thats right, i broke in to a place where i used to live, just to sleep off the booze and then head out the next morning in search of a place to lay my head down. Unfortunatly, before i past out, the cops were standing in my room ready to take me on to the county hotel for a while. However, by a graciouse ex-lanlord, he didn’t want to press charges, he just wanted me out. So the cops gave me a ride to the city line and then told me i was on my own.

Now that was the first time i had been on my own in a long time. I thought i could handle it, get to the hotel, pass out, go to work the next morning, and do it all over again, right? Well i started the walk and i got about half way there and i found myself starting to slip. “oh no!” i thought then SMACK!! Right into the ice covered road. That hurt! Especially when youre drunk! I layed their for a few moments, and in all honestly i was hoping for a truck or a car to come along and “not see” me and just take me out. I was done.

Tears welled up in  my eyes as i pondered the silience  of that cold january morning. My mind was racing and all i saw was flashes of failures and disapointments. everything i ever attempted to do i failed at and i figured the world would be better without me. In one loud cry i called out to God that if he was there that i needed help and now!!

Well thats half the story folks, as you can see im alive and well, and yes God did hear my crys, but thats all i have for tonight. I do hope that by reading my blogs and stories it gives someone, somewhere, just a little hope.

Another failed BCS National Championship Game

French Quarter in New Orleans the day of the B...

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As the final weekend of college sports wraps up, all i can say is JOKE!!!!! The BCS system is a failed and corrupt system that should’ve been done away with the day after it started. To prove my point the “system’ has put #1 LSU vs #2 Alabama in the national championship game. Now, in a perfect world, this would be a great game. Unfortunately as we all know this is not a perfect world.

LSU beat Alabama on Nov 16th with a score, are you ready for this, 9-6 in O.T.! “The Game of the Century” as it was being called ended up resembling to sow’s wrestling in a mud pit for hours. The only excitement during “The Game of the Century” was,,,, hum,,, let me think about that one…… Oh yea, there was no excitement!!! it was all field goals, thats it, period. Alabama didn’t even win their conference, heck they didn’t even win the division, but still all the media says “who can play LSU  for the title?” So put the southern boys in a title tilt against the Louisiana swamp rats and see what happens.

So, my question is this, if Alabama was to beat LSU, and be honest here, who would be the National Champs?? In all fairness, they would have to play a tie breaker game to see who would become National Champs, right? So, a system that was brought in to represent fairness and equality among college football, to determine an out right Champ has just lied to the American People.  Hmmmm starting to sound like washington a little bit huh?

In my opinion theres several teams that could “hang” with LSU if not beat them. Just to name a few.

  • Oklahoma State- The most prolific offence in the country
  • Stanford- Lucks not going to be the Heisman winner and first round pick for no reason here people!
  • Boise State- Kellen Moore is the all time winning-nest QB in NCAA-1 football

And these are just a few that could play a great game against LSU, and just possible win. So Basically it comes down to conferences in so many words. The SEC and the ACC seem to be the only ones that can play football, well in the eyes of the BCS anyways. Well,thats not exactly true, theres alot of other great teams out there and great conferences that deserve attention and recognition, not just the ACC and the SEC.

So, would a playoff system work, well stay tuned and this blogger will give you One Mans Opinion.