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Good morning all! Its been a wonderful few days just hanging out with the family and maybe, just maybe, next week I’ll get into the job hunt once again. I’m not really concerned though because I know our heavenly father is taking care of every detail. I’m not independently wealth or anything like that, I have financial issues as well(not as bad as the governments) I’m just taking this time to get re-focused and energized for the next chapter in life.

The other day I received a message that my Twitter account had been hacked. I take a look and sure enough it was sending obscured links to everyone, so I had to delete my account. Unfortunately some of my readers also follow me on Twitter and I couldn’t save them. So, if you have a Twitter account and want to follow me @scottcraig76 go ahead, I would love to have you. It’s a secure account this time, which means I will have to approve the follow my self.

I do have a moral to the story though, I didn’t just write to tell about my account being hacked on twitter, it’s not that important to me, but the moral of the story is don’t we as Christians get hacked by the devil all the time? When I created my new account I used a secure network to create it, it has a password I can barely remember, and I have to give permission now to followers. The thing is,this is how God wants us to be with our lives as well, so we don’t get hacked by the devil.

Think of it this way: Prayer is the secure network, our lifeline to God. Prayer if you will, is our social network with God the Father and He accepts all friend requests. The bible, the very word of God is the instruction manual for us to live. The password to get into heaven no matter what Oprah says is Romans 10:9. We need these everyday so we don’t get hacked by the devil or the worlds pathetic philosophies and culture.

I know when I’m not praying and reading the word, or fellow-shipping with other believers, I become vulnerable to be hacked. When we get hacked, sometimes its like a virus that takes its time. Slowly corroding the thread of our very being until were doing something or saying something we shouldn’t. Other times when the devil hacks  us it can be immediate.

So for the Christians out there that don’t think going to church is a top priority, or reading scripture is just another Monday  book and prayer and fellowship are just ways of getting you out of trouble, think again. The devil uses these pathetic excuse to Hack you and your lively hood.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!!

You were Saying?

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When I was a young Christian trying hard to walk with God, I came to  point when my prayers felt like they were bouncing off the walls. Every prayer I sent up, seemed like they were just coming back and hitting the floor.I cried out desperately to God, time and time again and I felt like He had just abandoned me. I felt as if I was back in the street living like a criminal again because He wasn’t listening or, in all possibility, had given up on me. Who could blame Him, everyone else in my life had given up on me so why wouldn’t God?

I kept faithful, kept praying and kept doing the things I felt were right, but I still sensed I wasn’t getting anywhere. This wasn’t the way I had expected sobriety, let alone the Christian Life. I was becoming doubtful and afraid and under it all, was down right mad.” How could this loving God that had brought me from the depths of hell, just hang me out to dry now?” These were the thoughts I had while walking on the river one morning.

As i walked the river that morning I never felt better. My eyes were clear and bright and out of the corner of my eye I seen the sun come up through the dew on the tree. The ducks were talking and the river was crystal clear. As I stopped for a second to look around at God’s wonderful creation, God spoke to me that morning “You were saying?” At that very moment as I stood in awe of His wonder, I realized that those prayers I felt were bouncing off the walls, those prayers I felt were just falling back to the floor, were all heard and received by God. I was just being to selfish and impatient to hear.

It wasn’t just a dream that I had that I woke up one morning and I wasn’t on the streets anymore. God did save me, He brought me from the hell on earth that I lived and put me on solid ground. So, when he said to me that morning “You were saying?’ reminded me of who’s in charge and He always has my back. God does here all of my prayers, it’s me that’s impatient with God and try to do things my way. I believe sometimes we go through seasons like this so God can see exactly were our heart is.

With this society as messed up as it is today, its easy to get distracted and go on our own. If there’s one thing I have learned its to take a step back and listen to whats going on around me. Usually God is trying to tell me something that I’m to ignorant to see. More times than often I fail and miss the opportunity God has for me. This is why I try to slow down and realize He is God. He knows exactly whats going on and He doesn’t need my help.

Oh what an amazing life it is today. Learning and experiencing things that I never did and its all by the direct result of a loving God. God did not bring me here to just drop me off and let me do things my way. Nope, not at all because my way is terrible. My way results in long nights in the local bar and random affairs with woman. This is my way. Gods way is so much better. An everlasting love and the promise of a lifetime, “I will not leave you, nor forsake you.” That’s a promise I have believe in to the bottom of my soul.

Thanks for reading!!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!

Detestable Prayers.

proverbsIf anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable. –Proverbs 28:9

This little proverb hit me between the eyes the other morning and if you understand this proverb you can see why. Throughout the day I usually do a lot of stupid stuff and not even realizing that what I’m doing can make my prayers detestable to God! Never once crossed my mind that what I do hurts God. A fellow blogger commented about this the other day and when you think about it, hurting God, is something most people don’t even realize.

Think about it, how many times do we do things throughout the day, that hurt God? I know I do more than I even know! When i read this proverb the other day I started to weep because I hurt God. Always thinking about myself, what I can get from the moment and not even stopping for a moment to think “could this be hurting God?” Yup, true story, if we turn a deaf ear to what God wants us to do, our prayers are detestable and when God says something is detestable, it hits home.

I think about it over and over and I can’t stop thinking about all the times I have hurt God, my creator, my Abba. This is something I did for way to long when I was sleeping with a different woman every night and drinking until the sun came up. Time and time again I hurt God, hurt Him to the core of His almighty heart and it tear me up inside. After all He has done for me, Him dying on the cross to save this dead man walking and I still have the nerve to hurt God. This is why Christ did what He did to reconcile us to our heavenly father, so I am a forgiven child, but I still hurt.

I don’t want to hurt God anymore. I don’t want to be a disappointment any more nor a failure. I want to be the man of God that he has called me to be, but I fail, and the one thing I have learned is failing is O.K. Just for the fact He knows I’m human and I’m going to mess up, and the rules and regulations that some religions set down are not part of God’s law at all. Just because I sin does not mean I am going to hell, and that’s great news.

I just want to love Jesus more. I want to grow closer to Him everyday and humbly come to Him when it’s all said and done to hear those words every Christian wants to hear “Well done faithful servant,” and rest in His arms. Today is better than it has ever been and its a direct result of Christ. Today, I don’t want to have detestable prayers, how about you?

Thanks for reading!!!! Be Blessed!!!!

Dreaming A Dream.

Read this In silence!.. Thank you Lord for everything . Forgive me of all of my sins.. Heal me from the hurts from my past..I love You and need You!! Cover me with Your precious and Holy Blood, my family, my friends, my life projects.. .Give me Your dreams Lord. Bless and protect everyone that seeks You, needs You and believes In You. If you love God and you are not ashamed of Him, put this on your wall for a day and you will see what He will do.

I copied this prayer from a friends Facebook page, it really touched me and I wanted to share it on my blog. My favorite part of this is where it says “Give me your dreams Lord”.  I never really thought about this until now, but God wants us to have His dreams at the heart of our lives also. He has dreams for us that we could never quite imagine, so tonight I’m focusing on His dreams for me.

This is a powerful unique prayer because the author is holding nothing back, uncensored love and devotion for our Heavenly Father. If you were to tell me 7 years ago that I would be doing what I’m doing now, I would have laughed you out of the bar. Life, today is better than its ever been and its a direct result of Christ. Period.

So tonight friends as I have dinner and enjoy an evening with the Lord let me leave you with this thought:

What if we all came together and took a hold of the dreams the Lord has for us? Think about it.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!