The soul of a Mother.

Mothers' Day Cake crop

Mothers’ Day Cake crop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scripture tells us that God loves unconditionally because He is love and nothing can separate us from His love which is great. Now let me tell you of another unconditional love which is a mothers love.   A mothers love is a rare kind of love because they stop at nothing to love their child and I know this to be true because my mother stopped at nothing to love me. Its only by the Grace of a loving God and her kind and loving soul that I’m even here today, with that being said, this post goes out to my mother, and all mothers who will stop at nothing to love their child.

To the one who gave birth and sacrificed everything for me; To the one who loved me through the good times and the bad; To the one who worried about me when I didn’t come home or bother calling; To the one who prayed for me to come home; To the one who not only brought me home, but gave me a home; To the one who saw me getting baptized, Happy Mothers Day!

The Lord, my mom and sister, and my nephew have been my all in all since I started this journey, without them I wouldn’t be here telling my story. I was that kid that hated his mom growing up because she made me do things I didn’t want to do, like get good grades in school or wash the dishes after dinner, nor would she let me hang out with the wrong kids, which I wanted to do and did. She loved me and supported me at all times, through the hell and recovery, she loved me. She held my hand in court, and cheered when I decided to do to school. She cried with me when dad passed away and jumped for joy when I celebrated 5 years of sobriety.

So to the one who may read this hating their mother or not doing what your mother says, stop for a minute and think; what are you doing to make the situation better? What part are you playing in the scheme of things? I do understand there are some mothers that are unfit and unloving, for those I will pray for. But for the mothers that work day in and day out, sacrificing everything for your child like mine did, I salute you and my hope is that your children will understand that what you do is priceless.

Thanks for reading!!!

Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!