Spiritual Leaders we Need, Not Boys.

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Hello all!!! Its been a while since I have posted, I’ve had some much need Godtime, ya know, spending time with Him, and how awesome it is that He loves us!! Just a little update, I am finally working on my résumé and getting it out to some hopeful employers next week. When I was laid off in May I decided to take a couple of months off to just be still and listen to God, and boy has He been speaking. That’s always a wonderful thing when God speaks and we can actually hear Him, but the trick is to do what He says. I have followed the news lately, different news outlets and blogs and I have realized this important truth: This world of ours needs Jesus more than ever. The one thing I am passionate about as some of you may know is  learning how to be a Godly man, a courageous man and put those two together and hopefully a Godly, courageous husband and father.

We just finished up our 8 week courageous bible study and here’s a quote I want to share from the book The Resolution for Men: When you break it all down and track it all back, the key to any man’s success–as a husband, a father, and everything else—-is his own personal walk with God. 

This pathetic society tells us to work hard, go to school, get good grades and you will be a success. Those are all fine and dandy but the one truth that everyone needs to know and understand, if it’s not done for the glory of God, its worth nothing, period. Schools give us an education and training for a career, but who trains us to be a real man and a real father? Who teaches us to stand up for whats right and good and who shows us how to really treat a woman? In my opinion, only the one who created the heavens and the earth. I really get fired up about this topic because I see so many men, who thin their men, but in actuality their only a child still sucking their thumb. How in the hell can you lead your family if your on the couch playing video games all day? You can’t!

When the so-called men in this country, who are actually boys in a mans body decide to take a stand for Christ, and become the men they were called to be and develop their own walk with God, then and only then will we see change. A walk built on Christ, one that shouts out to all the world by your actions alone that you’re a Christian and you settle for nothing less than the best, that’s when we see change. The old “John Wayne” days are over, you cannot pull yourself up by your boot straps because you’re the only one pulling. We have to let Christ live in us and develop a strong walk with Him, then and only then do we go from pathetic sperm donors sitting on the couch playing video games to true “MEN OF HONOR.”

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You Are More.


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The unproductive, disillusioned society we live in today has a way of really hurting people. The biggest weapon is the words that come out of people’s mouths, used by that nasty muscle in our face, the tongue. The tongue has brought more disaster to this world than a nuclear attack, just for the fact the tongue, and the garbage we spew, hits to the soul and the heart of civilization. So many bad things has been brought about by the tongue and no one even seems to care.

Growing up, I was always told that I wouldn’t amount too much in life. Not by mom or sister, but other people in my life, including some friends that I insisted on hanging out with because they were “the cool kids”, it didn’t matter if they called me fat or dumb or ugly, I just wanted to hang out with them for the satisfaction in a weird way, I was wanted. I felt wanted by these jokers and that was all that matter. It didn’t matter if the words they were speaking were destroying my life and turning my soul into a hollow pit, what mattered is I felt wanted. How sad.

But is it? In these days we live in, especially our teens, go through more turmoil and hatred in school than ever before. They are pear pressured to do things they normally wouldn’t do and in the end, have succumbed to the idea that they are worthless, loveless and unwanted and nothing else matters other than emptiness for the soul purpose that it feels good. How can emptiness feel so good in a land of abundance, or are we really abundant at all? Jesus says, “He provides the abundant life,” and if that’s the case, why is their so many not living to the abundance that Jesus talks of?

The abundance Jesus talks about is a life based on Him and only Him and He provides everything we need. It may not be popular or cool, but that’s the beauty of it, its not supposed to be popular or cool!! Jesus was by far the the unpopular guy, and by His death on the cross, He became the most popular, period. We don’t have to be concerned with what the “cool kids” say because Jesus died for us. Yes the words and things people do can be very hurtful, but when we get into the word and listen to what God says about us, we can solidify the fact that He is for us. If He is for us, then who could be against us?

America the beautiful, but how can we be beautiful if Christ has been removed from everything? How can we be the land of the free if people don’t know the only one who can set us free. Prayer has been taken out of our schools and our government, one could understand why theres such turmoil in the country we live in. just the other day I heard about an atheist group trying to remove the cross from “ground zero” in New York because the cross was causing them to have headaches and nausea. Good!!! That just means the cross that Christ died for is working!

You are more than what this world says. You don’t have to have a pocket full of money or nice cars to prove anything. God loves you just were you are and thats the most important thing. He loves you more than you can even imagine and wants the best for you. Yes it may not be popular or cool, but who cares, being popular and cool only brings emptiness and shallowness. In Christ we are royalty and privileged and called to run our race.

So, dear friend, are you royalty today? Come to know the true King and the world and everything in it will fall to the wayside and no longer have to worry about what cool or popular things. Remember, you are more.

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If you take 365 days of the year, plus 24 hours in a day, and there is 7 days in a week, this is how often we are supposed to be Christians. Which, in laymen’s terms, means every second of our lives. Bet you never thought of it this way have you? Were not called to be Christians when we feel like it, or when its convenient,  or just on Easter and Christmas, no, we are called to live the Christian life every second of our lives, no exceptions. In the world we live in and the life’s that we live sometimes, we forget we are Christians and start adapting to the world and the worlds silly, pathetic, disgusting way they want people to live.

I started thinking about this not long ago when our pastor delivered a sermon about being a Christian means full-time, and not part  time. I started doing a little research with numbers and finally came up with 396. It really hit home because this is full-time, our lives devoted to Christ full-time while were on this earth and after. Which in my opinion is great news because let me tell you, the world with all of its idiotic views that everyone  can do what ever they want, just don’t get caught, is sad. Trust me I know to well what the world is like because I was a part of it for  a long time. Trying to be someone I’m not and taking advantage of others to glorify my self, that was the sad way to live.

Today’s society is the most selfish I have ever seen it. Baby’s having baby’s just to collect money from the state, sari law being implemented into the United States because we don’t want to offend the Muslims, which by the way, Muhammad is dead, Jesus is still alive so deal with it, opening doors for strangers have become a thing of the past and slamming doors in people’s face is the way to go.

With Christianity getting banned practically from all public places and God getting kicked out of schools and government, one can see why its hard be a Christian full-time. I mean Peter even denied Christ 3 times before he realized what he did, so it’s no different for us. We go on about our business forgetting why were here and doing things were not supposed to be doing and wondering why the Church of God is dwindling and not growing.  Because Christians are not standing up for Christ anymore that’s why. It’s all fine and dandy on Sunday mornings, with our Christian face on, you know, the fake one we tend to put on when were around other Christians, then come Monday morning were back to our self indulged life of pathetic behavior and self-destructive life style.

My hope through this blog Is God uses it to prick the hearts and minds of his people to stand up for Him. I’m doing a little refurbishing of my blog and writing about more important things, I hope you don’t mind. The first half of my blog was about my life, every dark cranny of my life before Christ is in here so that way there’s no chance of fraud or gossip.   When people ask me if these things really happened to me, I smile and sometimes laugh, because it’s all true and I laugh about them because I can today. There was a time that every thing I did I was ashamed of and felt guilty about, not today, for I don’t fear what has happened because the past is the past and I try to learn from the past.

Today, I want to know Christ, I want to learn from Christ and walk with Christ. To know Christ is to live extravagantly in His love and

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breathe the air He gave us. To know Christ is to shoot for the stars and not settle for ordinary. To know Christ means there is no such thing as impossible, but everything is possible in Him who give me strength. To know Christ is to know Him every second of our lives because we want to, because He first loved us. To know Christ is, 396.

Lord I pray to glorify you in all things, every day, every second of my life. Fill me full of your spirit Oh Lord because I need you Lord. Turn this pathetic existence into a glorifying plan of God. Lord teach me your ways because their better than anything the world has to offer. Thank you Jesus for believing in me, Amen.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!


“If you hang out in a barbershop, you might just get a haircut.”

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The first time I heard this quote I was about 6 months sober at a meeting across town and everyone there busted out laughing except for me. I had no idea what they were talking about till after the meeting when my sponsor broke it down for me. He said in effect, “If you go to a bar enough times, you’ll eventually get drunk.” Now this was wisdom that I had never heard before and it made so much sense. If I wanted to stay sober, I couldn’t do it in a bar. That was great news for me because the only thing I ever did in a bar was get drunk and chase women, who the heck would want to go to a bar to stay sober anyways?

To answer that question, many people do. Over the past 7 years I have been witness to many people try to get sober, all the while, going to play pool in a bar with “their friends.” Now let me tell you this is insanity but it happens all the time. Then, the same people who wouldn’t stay out of the bar, or give up the friendships that cause a down slide, come back to a meeting wondering why they got drunk. Sometimes I really wish I could smack some sense into them, because it’s the same old story every other week.

Let me say something that’s of utter importance to anyone that’s trying to get sober and stay sober, “Those people in the bar, are not your friends, and could careless if you got drunk or stay sober.” Strong words I know, and in the politically correct, sad existence the world has become, were everyone thinks everyone is there friend, I would be booted right out of anyplace for just thinking it but its true. Your true friends, the one’s that are by your side through thick and thin, who don’t gossip about you and who don’t hit you up for money at every turn, those are the ones I want in my life today. Not the guy under the bar stool or trying to steal your girlfriend, those people are gone from my life for good.

I’ve seen some amazing things since I have been sober, but nothing compares to the friendships I have made. Nothing compares to the bonds I have made and nothing compares to the sweet love of God. These things I never found in a bar, drug house or a sex shop. But why do so many people think that “if I go to a bar and hang out with my friends, I can have a coke or a water.” Not to sure, but my guess is their not ready to give up the lifestyle of long nights and empty bottles, let alone the misery that follows.

I was ready that’s not a question. I was ready to end the starving of my soul and endless chatter with meaningless people. I was ready for the pain to go away and the hangovers to end. I was ready for a change and a change had to be made, for I lost my all in the battle, and I was ready to dabble in something better. With my I’s dotted and T’s crossed I set out on this ship of sobriety setting sail for new land. And in the end I have found “If I keep doing the same thing, I’m going to get the same thing.”

My friends, I’m glad to say that I don’t hang out in barber shop any longer, because I don’t need a hair cut. How about you? Do you still head to the club to hang with “friends”, are you still “hanging out in a barber shop?” Their is hope, and lots of it, and it’s not found in any of those places. It’s found in the loving arms of Christ, were he cares for our every need.

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!