Someone Beautiful.

Growing up I was never really an attractive man. Even though my mother said I was, i guess that’s what she was inclined to say because she was a mom, and parents didn’t lie to their children right?  Well coming from a freckled face chubby kid with hair that resembled a 70″s porn star, woman were not at all impressed. And the chances of a girl ever noticing me was kinda like the Cubs winning the World Series. Seem harsh? It is cause thats how i saw myself and I thought others saw me as well. I always wanted someone beautiful to share my life with, but lets face it, i wasn’t dashing or daring. I wasn’t the “IT” guy. Ya know, that one kid who seemed to have it all, yea, i wasn’t him.

So I made the decision to start a knew journey in my life. Not because I wanted to, but because I knew I had too. This new journey called “sobriety” was something far different from what I was use to. Because being sober made me the ugly fat kid again, and that was someone i had tried to escape. Ya see after years of hard parting you’re body starts to deteriorate. You become more consumed with the fast life and fast woman, you have no time to eat. I lost a lot of weight! And honestly, i loved it because i wasnt that “fat kid” anymore and woman noticed, allot!! So I was scared of this “sobriety” thing, big time, because i new the “fat kid” was around the corner.

So I had this great plan and I was happy about it because for the first time i was going to do something right. But I needed a starting point. Something solid. And the only one solid that I knew, and had a solid foundation was my sister. She was a Christian and I had seen a big change in her life so I knew church was the answer. She agreed and Sunday morning I attended church for the first time in years.

As we walked into church this overwhelming fear took a hold of me like a dog chewing on a bone, and it wasn’t letting go. I broke for the bathroom to wash my splash some water on my face and thats when it hit me.”Im in church, Why am I scared?”  I shook it off and found my sister and nephew and joined them in the phew. Although i can’t remember what the service was about that morning I knew something was happening to me that i wasn’t sure about. “Was God starting to move in me” i thought to myself on the way home. I wanted to tell my sister what I was feeling but i thought she would just think i was on the bottle again so that wasn’t an option.

That night while channel surfing i came across one of the t.v preachers and he was talking about the “Touch of God”. How when he’s bring us to him we can feel a “Touch”. Was that what it was at church that morning” Was I “Touched by God”. All  my life I wanted someone beautiful to touch me. Someone to hold my head and tell me everything’s going to be O.K. Was it real?  That night was probably the second best nights sleep i had in years and it felt good!! I woke up refreshed and happy. Very strange, but i liked it.

If there’s one thing  i can i have learned from some very wise people is just this; God loved me enough to send his one and only Son to die on that rugged cross. His love goes beyond what we can see, feel, or touch. He is that “Someone Beautiful” that I was always looking for. Hes the great lover and romancer that I was looking for in strange woman and bad booze. Will you, let him be “Someone Beautiful” to you?

O.K. So, had i really been “Touched” by my maker? Did he really have plans for my life? Well come check it out next time! Thanks for reading Be Blessed!!!!

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16




6 thoughts on “Someone Beautiful.

  1. Something Beautiful Something Good all my confusion He understood all I had to offer Him was hopelessness and strife but He made something beautiful of my Life….Circumstances in my life are still not good but I have deep inner Joy and a heart full of Love… I do indeed have a beautiful life.

    Wonderful Post Craig my heart was touched with your honesty and your heart passion for The Lord, thank you for sharing I will look forward to your next post thanks for letting me know about this one.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Hi Scott, sorry about the wrong name I’m becomming very confused, only worldy not Spiritually, with all the differant names people use with Blogging, some even call themselves by a few, anyway I will check next time with peoples About, they mostly have their real name.

      Be back soon to read your last post – Christian Love Anne.

  2. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog from another persons blog. I can’t wait to read more of your story. What a great testimony you have shared. So glad you were touched by someone beautiful…He is the most beautiful one and He can help us do anything… For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13
    God Bless you :).

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