Love only One.

Psalm 118:5-6“When hard pressed, I cried to the LORD; he brought me into a spacious place. The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”

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Sorry my blogging friends for not posting in a couple of days I have had a busy week at work and just haven’t had a thought for a new blog so I needed to take a break. But, the Lord has rejuvenated me and given me a fresh set of   things to blog about so you’ll be hearing from me for a long time!! I do enjoy blogging and this has definitely been an experience meeting other bloggers on this crazy adventure the Lord has us on. The picture of the Easter lily was taken at my moms house, though I cannot remember when it was taken, I do no that this Easter Lily was actually growing out of season for some reason.

From this picture I have learned a few things about being single that I want to share. First off, I do enjoy being single just for the fact that this is were God wants me right now. (after years of meaningless sex and random affairs with woman, one could see why the Lord wants me to be single.) When I was growing up, all I ever wanted was to be with that “someone”, that girl that you would walk on water for and go through a wall of fire just to hold her hand. The one that you  can’t take your eyes off of because God broke the mold with her beauty and the one that you could walk a thousand miles for just a glimpse of her smile. (I’m a hopeless romantic, can you tell?)

When I came to the Lord, he took me and turned me upside down and cleaned me up from the inside out. The Easter Lily growing tall like it is tells me that I am a new creation and the way that I use to have relationships with woman could no longer exist. One night stands and casual encounters with random woman were not apart of the Christian life. That telling a girl that you love them just to sleep with them was not only demoralizing but unhindered stupidity. The Easter lily tells me that I have to stand tall, stand firm, and let my roots grow deep in Christ and He will provide the one I am to love on earth.

With the Easter lily growing at a random time tells me that you’ll never know when Gods going to send the one to share in His word and to multiply. You never no when she will appear or who she is, but I do believe, she is there, somewhere. This tells me to be the man God intended for me to be and to be the man a woman wants to be with. The Easter lily growing in all its beauty, tell me that beauty comes from the heart, which shines through the eyes. The Easter lily tells me that Christ is my one true love.

The Easter lily also tells me to be a true man of God, you can only love one woman and one woman only. (when I was drinking I loved several a week!) This is probably the biggest lesson learned since the times of endless encounters and strange woman is that you can only really love one. That’s it, one. Though my days of chasing woman are a thing of the past, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I would have done the right thing and actually loved one of them. If I would have only hung on to the doctor who told me she would be the queen and I could be the king. The nurse who only wanted to make me smile, or the marketing executive who just wanted to hold my hand. To these woman, I apologize for not loving you right. But I cannot think about the “what ifs” in life, just the “what is”.

I’m calling out all the “men” right now that still do these things, weather single or married. All the so called Men that abuse woman in a variety of different ways and the men who cheat. STOP!!!! God created us all for a reason and He created a woman just for each and every one of. He broke the mold with their beauty and kindness and they deserve to be respected more than your stupid xbox. They are they water that makes our river run and the perfect completeness of a beautiful picture. They are like they saying goes “our better half”.

So, “Men” lets stand up, suit up, shut up, and MAN UP and be the Man God created us to be!

Thanks for reading!!! Be Blessed!!!!!


Place of Comfort.

As you have come to know me, you can see that I love the water. I live by water, and I also work by water. Not necessarily do I do much in the water, but I do enjoy it. Running water in a river tells me to keep going and never give up. Still water reminds me that its Christs peace that lives resides in me. To me water is the symbol of life well lived.

This picture was taken about a year ago right down the road from my apartment. In early spring when it first starts to warm up I love walking by this river. Its very calming and peaceful and gives me a chance to reflect and pour my heart out to God. Sometimes I feel as if I’m closer to God on the river.

When I first sobered up and came to the Lord I spent many days down at the river. Crying out to Him to understand what life is all about. This was a great and important time in my life because this is where I learned to communicate with God other than just in the Church at “prayer time”. I love walking and talking with my Heavenly Father on these cool spring mornings because it brings me bake to reality and it reminds me that God is a very good artist. As i look around at the dew on the grass and the colors of the leaves, I’m reminded once again that He loves us so much, He created all this for us.

  When I’m walking on the river I feel completely at peace which to me, I truly love. Coming from a life of turmoil and raking havoc on friends and family for many years, having a peace that is beyond all understanding is truly a gift from God. Jesus said “I will give you my peace”, and He has. I don’t have the churning in the stomach anymore from not knowing what I did the night before and I no longer worry about any of the silly little “high school” games that this world wants you to believe in. No, Christ has done for me what no human could ever do and thats a an undying love for me.

The river I love so much is His way of telling me how much He loves me and that theirs no comfort in anything other than Him. No love greater than His. He reminds me of this every time I go to the place of comfort that keeps me check when I want to go my way.

So may ask you my friend, where is your place of comfort?

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!

The Man in the Mirror..

 Yup, this is me when i graduated from high school in 1995. Far cry from the attractiveness that you see today(haha joke). I show people this picture all the time just to prove that I had hair once upon a time. Their reaction, “really! Is that you!?” Yup, its me. Reminds me of a washed up 70’s disco king or even a used car salesman trying to sell wash machines! The point I’m trying to make is that guy in the picture, lets just say was always trying to be someone he wasn’t.

Today, I’m very happy with the man in the mirror for one plain fact: Christ lives in me, and he thinks im ok. So, if the King of Kings loves me and accepts me for who I am, than what the despicable nature of the human race thinks, doesn’t matter. Harsh?  Not really. Us humans are mean in spirit, and cold in nature. Only the Lord can turn us into descent human beings, because he’s the only one that see’ our heart.

This world of our’s says if you look like this or have this and that, your “someone”. With the over emphasized “Beauty Campaign” on television, and with Hollywood promoting the outward appearance like it’s the Super Bowl, we hardly stand a chance. I see so many “fake” people today its like shopping for a Barbie doll and the world is the shopping mall. No one actually wants to be their true authentic-self these days for fear of being a fool. Actually, if you took a poll to see where someones heart lye’s,  they would give you a hundred different answers, only to escape the real question at hand: Were has the man in the Mirror gone?

By no means am I an expert, but I observe, and these are just things I see today. Everyone wants to get caught up in the rat race of trying to be someone else, they have all but forgotten the reason God created them. He created us to have a relationship with Him, with other people, and to be ourselves. What a wonderful thing this is. But to often, people miss this and go into hiding, hence, being someone else. Trust me I know, look at the guy in the picture! I tried for years to be someone who I wasn’t only falling deeper into the myth that you need this, or you have to look this certain way, to succeed.

 As I have learned over several years what Hollywood says is successful and what God says is successful totally go against each other. Guess what? Gods right, and Hollywood is wrong, period. He designed us very intricately and with careful precision. He knows every hair on our head, and every thought that come from our mind, so why try to hide? Look at Adam and Eve for example: here was to promising works of art, wonderfully created and they almost blew the human races survival, because the were  ashamed of their nakedness, so they put on fig leaves. Well we all know what happened next and so started the decline of civilization.

Thats why God sent Jesus. To teach us its OK to be ourselves in Him. Because without Him, were just like the plastic figures walking the department stores. Today I’m ok with the Man in the Mirror for one simple reason: God said I was cool, so deal with it! I’m not arguing with Him, if you don’t like me, take it up with God, He created me, not a plastics factory.

So let me ask you my friend, will you let Christ turn you into your true authentic self? Or would you prefer the manikin in the window? The choice is yours.

Scripture and Espresso…

175One thing I have loved doing since I came to the Lord is starting the day off with scripture and either coffee or espresso. In my opinion it sets the standard for the day when we get our thoughts fixed on Christ and let Him guide us.  Starting the day with God in the very fore front of our thoughts gets us focused on the days events and lets us relax and take it easy. I’ve found it rather important to do this for if I don’t that “old self” is highly assessable to waving his face again. And the old self is someone I don’t want around anymore.Annoyed

As you can see I’ve developed a fond taste for espresso. I drink it straight with no cream or sugar because I’m not a fan of those foo foo drinks. All that other stuff kind of waters down the flavor of the espresso. Of course us Americans over emphasize the caffeine rush it brings and miss the rich flavor of what is espresso. 

Espresso is a coffee beverage and brewing method, it is not a specific bean, bean blend, or roast level. So the only thing really special is that its steamed. Coffee pressed and steamed which produces the syrupy content of espresso. I my self enjoy it in the mornings when reading because for me it brings a whole knew experience. Actually it helps me to relax, but of course an over abundance can make one jittery. But what I’m really trying to hit on here is the “watering down” of this spectacular beverage and what it has in common with they way Gods word is watered down.

True is the fact that I do not like watered down “Fake” testimony of what God has done in peoples lives. To often we see this in the lives of Christians who want to put on their “church” face on Sunday when the rest of the week their giving in to the pleasure’s of the world.Angel I see it every day people who claim to be Christians, their at church religiously, but, their hearts are cold. Jesus tells us about these people in Mathew 15:8-9. Not very appealing if you ask me. These are what we call “two faced” in America and I’m sure it’s the same anywhere else for that fact. I myself try to stay away from these types of people because they bring more harm than good and considering the kind of life I use to live(this is the part were you go check out the rest of my blog to see what I mean) its better that way.

Now once upon a time in my life I would gravitate toward these kind of people so I could feel better about myself. Sick isn’t it. I loved hearing what they had to say because they sounded so loving and kind, but behind your back they could careless about you. Now something always  told me not to listen to some one preach the word of God while tipping back a fifth of Jack Daniels, but who was I to judge. I met many people like this during the years I spent in the bars. You no,the one claiming to be Christian, imposing a self-righteous holier than thou attitude, all the while falling down in a drunken stupor. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.

Now I don’t judge people by no means, that’s not my job, but I do observe people allot and this is just my way of saying stay away from them at all costs. From personal experience they just lead you into a dark place and that’s not something I want to see happen to anyone. So by starting the day in Gods word, gives me the knowledge I need to stay away from these kind of people. My pastor once said if their not preaching from the bible, its not preaching at all. Today I’m grateful that I understand these things.

128So this is a little bit more about me. The once drunkard transformed by a loving God. Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!!Smile

Kreativ Blogger Award and “About Me”.

As I was watching The New Years Celebration last night live from my living room, I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. All I can say is “Wow” with a capital “W”! Theres some things I have to do to receive this award so stay tuned as I have to go through the bloggers I follow and nominate a few. Thanks Eric!

But as I was going through my blog  last night reading and reply to comments and after reading several other blogs I realized I didn’t have an “about me” page, or category. Sure I’ve told my story(If you’ve been reading my blogs you would no that, and if you haven’t shame on you!) but I have failed to share anything about me today. The life I live today thanks be to a loving God.  So as you’ll notice I added another category titled Hi! My names Scott. This will be basically an “about me” category. I like the idea of a category because as the Lord has shown me over several years theirs many perplexing things about me, and that good!

So let me start things off:

  1. Age 35
  2. Height- 5’10
  3. Weight- maybe 200 lbs, maybe more, you’ll never know! haha!
  4. Eye Color- Brown
  5. Hair- Bald. By choice, I shave every day.
  6. Relationship- Jesus. (Christianity is a relationship, not a religion, deal with it.)
  7. Relationship #2- Single- never married no kids.
  8. Sports- Michigan football: and pretty much any other football game thats on
  9. Book- The Bible, C.S. LewisMere Christianity.
  10. Goal for 2012- To grow more in the image and likeness of Christ.
  11. Favorite Movie- Several, im a movie buff!
  12. Job- Chef.

So this is just tipping the ice burg, but its a start stay tuned in 2012 and I’ll be sharing some more crazy and perplexing things about me.

Thanks for reading!! Be Blessed!!!!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,  but fools despise wisdom and instruction. -Proverbs 1:7